Secret of Mars (MxF looking for F)

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  1. ۞ Secret of Mars ۞
    (This will be a Futuristic type)
    In the year 2104, Earth has become overpopulated. Mars has been colonized and science has made a human-made atmosphere for Mars. When it was first colonized, the people had to wear oxygen tanks and import oxygen from earth. Now it is synthetically made and the community on Mars is growing. There is no disease, no insects, nothing that Earth has besides peace and tranquility. How will this all change?
    A recent shipment of goods from Earth has come to the City of Gastria. The first city of Mars and the only fully developed city with over 4 million civilians, soldiers, and the other. There is no police or gangs, only the Military. Companies have begun on Mars, all digging down deep into the crust to find if life really did exist on Mars before. One particular company decides to dig in at a site that seems to have buildings once. This is where the story begins.

    For this roleplay, I would like YC to be part of the Dig Team of this Company. Could be the Chief Engineer, Supervisor, Digger, whatever. MC will be part of the Military that is sent to oversee the operation. They don't believe Alienlife exists, but the company pressed hard for Guards and the Military sent a small squadron of soldiers to watch over the Dig Team.

    Our Two characters will meet and talk, but nothing will really happen in the story until the dig team stumbles across something. Could be an ancient alien, technology, new parasite/disease. Whatever Me and You decide on. From there on we can build the story to Gastria slowly dying, Technology advancing in the future, or whatever. Up to you.
  2. This sounds interesting. I would be willing to play this with you.
  3. o.o

    Fast reply, alright send me a PM so we can work out the details.
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