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Ok i just saw Mission Impossible, and dear lord Jeremy Renner had me drooling THE ENTIRE TIME. While watching i thought how cool it would be to do a role-play where Jeremy aka William Brant falls in love with one of his agents. I would play Brant and be the dominant in this role-play. I post anywhere from several times a day to once a week, it really depends on my schedule.

So i want to do a role-play where YC is an agent in the IMF and Jeremy is your handler. He recruited YC, he trained YC and along the way he fell in love with YC. He kept this to himself however since having a crush on an agent of his, lt alone a male agent would completely destroy his career. It was hard but he was managing to keep his feelings to himself until during a mission something went terribly wrong and YC was badly injured. He was rushed to the ICU and fell into a coma. Brant stayed by his side, refusing to allow anyone to pull the plug for nearly a month until YC finally woke up. YC needs a place to stay during his recovery and Brant offers his home to him, as a strictly professional arrangement. However it get increasingly hard for Brant to hide how he feels as he is almost constantly in YC's presence and soon his desires get the best of him. Thus ensues their secret relationship that no one could ever find out about unless Brant wants his entire career to crash down around him. (eventually YC will want to go back into the field and Brant wouldn't be able to stop him but he wouldn't want him to due it in fear of him getting hurt again)


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