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  1. Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you think that it's possible to fall in love with the same person but also different at the same time?

    Yuna and Matthew were childhood friends. They grew up together, eat together, play together, and even sleep together. They do things together always as much as they could. One day, a pleasant surprise happened where Matthew proposed to Yuna which she gladly accepted. Everyone was happy for them but no one was as happy as the couple. It was a fairytale come true as Yuna stood donned her wedding dress. It was a nightmare when someone called her and learned that Matthew had been in accident and that he died in it. They were 18 then.

    5 years later, heartbroken, Yuna swore never to love again. She dedicated herself to an eternal mourning. Nothing and no one will ever make her feel happy and loved again the way Matthew did. That was in her mind until she was bumped by someone and she fell in the ground. She looked up...

  2. ((OCC: The male will be named Matthew. He's totally alike with Yuna's fiancée except for the attitude. This new Matthew will be the bad boy/rebel type something like that.))

    "M-matthew?" she said, her eyes starting to blur as tears threatened to fall. Still not getting up, she looked at him with longing and just stayed staring at him. Is this real or am I dead? she thought. She felt a bit of happiness with the thought of being dead because in that way she can finally be with her beloved Matthew. In her logical mind though, the guy that looked a lot like Matthew is super real. She blinked then blinked again. What is happening? the question swirled inside her head.
  3. Matthew looked down at Yuna, his eyes narrow slightly in confusion at how she could possibly know his name. 'Maybe she over heard someone say my name.' He thought.

    He grabbed her wrist and tugs her up to her feet "Sorry about that love, though I gotta know how do ya know my is Matthew?" He said curtly.
  4. She stood speechless no matter how hard she tried. "I-i-I..You're M-Matthew?" she stuttered like an idiot. Calming herself, she took a deep breath before trying to speak again. "Sorry. I mistook you for someone I used to know." she replied softly and a bit embarrassed. She chanced a glance at him and she had to remind herself that Matthew, Her Matthew was dead for five years already. The guy just looked like him. Apologizing, she gave a little bow. "I do apologize. Thank you for helping me. I have to go." she turned away hurriedly without noticing that she dropped her necklace that Matthew gave her.
  5. Matthew watched as the young girl flees as she apologies about confusing him with another being. He looks down and notices the necklace, he knelt down picking up the necklace.

    He held it up to his face examining it. The necklace was very beautiful, the silver chain with a pink gem. He knew he had to return it but he hadn't the slightest clue as to who she was and where she stayed.

    "Who was she?" He pondered.
  6. Her heart was beating wildly as she arrived at her house. Her mind was whirling with questions and disbelief. Was she hallucinating? Probably. She was so lonely that she started to see him. Tears began falling as she curled up in her bed. Her hand came up to touch the necklace he gave her but it wasn't there. Panicking, she rummaged through her bag but she couldn't find it.
  7. A young man with dark hair and seemed to be lost in thought while walking. The world seemed to be non existent at this moment and he was almost in a trance. The young man's name was Harken and the sight of a pretty young lady scurrying her way toward him had caught his attention just in time for him to jump out of the way. "Gosh, I wonder what that was all about...she seemed upset." Harken then looked to where she was running from and saw a man standing there with something in his hand. Moving closer he saw the man had a necklace in his hands and began to wonder if he had stolen the necklace.

    'Hey there pal. That lady seemed pretty upset about something. You didn't steal that neckla...."

    Harken stopped mid sentence and noticed the puzzled look on the guys face..Harken's face crinkled and he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment that he could have jumped to such a conclusion.
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  8. Matthew looked to at the newcomer "Nah, she dropped it...after she ran. It looks expensive probably an heirloom given to her by her old man." He looks back at the necklace then to Harken "Say, kid do you know where she lives?"
  9. She realized she must have dropped it when she fell earlier. If she went back, it's probably not there anymore. Or maybe, the guy who looked like Matthew found it. The problem was she didn't know who he was and how to contact him. She ran her fingers through her hair as she thought of a way to find the stranger. Then an idea came to her. She'll just put up some posters with her contact number. And ask her friend at the police station about it. With that in mind, she calmed down.
  10. Looking at Matthew, Harken gave a big smile and chuckled. "Yea, I think you're right. I wonder why she was so upset though? I guess we could just walk in the direction that she ran in. Do you have anything better to do?" Harken looked down the path and took a quick sigh then realized he hadn't introduced himself. "I'm sorry friend, my name is Harken. And you are?" Harken held his hand out waiting for the man to reply as a small breeze had kicked in.
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