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  1. First Name: Ayumu

    Last Name: Makoto

    Nickname: "Taki"

    Age: 17

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6'

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Dark Brown/ Black

    Ayumu is a well reserved young man, though he is the school's resident bad boy. Often found walking around school grounds, seemingly without a care, and at times with a cigarette in his mouth. Though he is indeed strong, being the schools Kendo champion and assistant master as well as the Karate clubs. He was formally the second fastest swimmer in his junior year--a match up he begrudgingly accepts. He was nominated for school president, but turned it down. Needless to say, he likes things a certain way. Not too challenging, but just challenging enough. He's often in fights, mostly kids from other schools causing trouble on his "turf".

    Ayumu is incredibly bright and perceptive; though this doesn't stop him from skipping classes. He's got a strong sense of judgement, even if it may appear to be lacking. He's brave, but kind--polite and honest. Ayumu is severely loyal to those close to him and is bound by honor, a vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth.


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  2. First Name: Aria

    Last Name: Lanta.

    Nickname: Oreo-Chan

    Age: 17

    Sex: Female

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Hair color: Black

    Personality: Aria is known to be a bit..extroverted. I mean, depending on who she's with, she's shy and conservative. Around her friend? She's loud and giggly. People say she's weird- with her constant random cat noises or the way she like to hug people. She's just different. Despite that, she is the sweetest girl someone could know. Teachers love her, well most of them. She might not seem like it- the way she acts, but she always has the highest grades. She'd not popular but she's known to a lot of people. For good things and bad.

    Bio: Aria is American. Her parents moved to Japan because their career company was more spread out there. She moved to Japan when she was 15 so her "American Pride" is still in her. She loves Japan just as much as America but their cultures are so different, that's why Aria never seemed to fit in. In America, you can be yourself; as loud as you want sometimes, to eat whatever, and just be yourself. In Japan, she had to be more conservative. She couldn't always dress the way she wanted and she couldn't be as loud as she wanted, when she was in America, she would be as loud and crazy as she wanted. When she moved to Japan, she didn't want to change. She didn't want to act a certain way for people to like her. When she moved to Japan, she stayed the way she was; loud, excitable, and just lovable to everything and everyone. Not everyone thought the same way about her.
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