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  1. Welcome all the little children and all the child-hearted to my Neverland!

    I turst that you all know the classic story and you can go ahead and throw all that out the window because you wont need it here. all you need to know will be listed below but first lets set the mood shall we

    yay music!

    So this is Peter, everybody say hi.

    Name: Peter
    Age: 15
    Lost boy
    Back story:

    cannon characters needed to start: N/A

    # of characters needed to start: 5

    I prefer nonanime pictures for characters.
    The rules here are the same for this site.
    And have fun! :)

    oh and one more thing we will eventually get to Neverland but we will be starting in london.
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  2. Posting to say I'm gonna join. Lemme just confirm, you need 5 characters, not necessarily the cannon ones?
  3. True to both. I meand I'd like at least one fairy and pirate but I won't be picky with characters. Make Whoever you want to make
  4. By fairy, you mean the pixie kind that's small and jingle-y and glowy? And the pirates are antagonistic?
  5. fairy as in a tiny person with wings. whoever is the first to be a fairy sets the stage for the general idea of what they look like and yes to the pirates
  6. I'd like to apply as fairy! Got a CS?
  7. not really just a name picture and short bit about your sharacter will do though
  8. Can we have just one lost girl?
  9. I never said anything against it. Go ahead
  10. Okay thanks! I just didn't want there to be anymore for literary plot purposes and stuff. Is that ok?
  11. Name: Dakota Rex
    Age: 15
    The Lost Girl

    Backstory: Dakota is lost. Simple as that. Not only had she lost her parents, but she had never known them. She only knew they were very poor because they didn't have wallets or IDs on them when they died. She doesn't even know their names and those who run the orphanage she was raised in refuse to tell her more about those who created her. It was a strange feeling to miss people she had never met, but that's how she was. Floating through life and wondering about her place and what she was supposed to do with herself. She was very quiet and didn't have many friends. But she was very observant and that's probably why Peter made friends with her. He needed another pair of eyes and her chocolate pair has done nicely since they became friends. She's known him since she was seven and they've been very close ever since. Neither of them were adopted and no one bothered to tell Dakota of who she was so she likes to say her last name is Rex. It sounds cool. She doesn't think about things that hurt her when she's around Peter and the other boys. She's one of them. A tomboy they say. Running and roughhousing as much as the lot of them. She would do anything for her friends because they were all she had. And she'd stick up for them to the bitter end if she had to.
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  12. peters shouldnt have been private... it was a movie trailer lol and yeah all the lost kids are orphans
  13. what was it called? so I can look it up. Or give me a link that doesn't saw private?

    So i should just write something about how her parents died and she's known peter since she was little?
  14. yeah joined his gang of orphans or something. if no one takes him ill be hook as well and in london make him like a csregiver to the group... but thats only if someone doesnt take him before we start ill see if i can edit the first post
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  16. backstory done. Is that okay?
  17. Looks great
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  18. bump. anyone wanna be a lost boy?
  19. [​IMG]


    stands about three inches tall with a wingspan of five and a half inches
    looks like a monarch butterfly
    wears a dress of lily petals

    stubbornly doting on Peter and is fiercely loyal to him
    more of a doer than a thinker, endlessly curious
    has mood swings but often means well

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