Second Genesis

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  1. "They must be stopped!" screamed a voice from the glowing mass of angels lining the hall of light. "They are going to destroy Earth!" exclaimed another. He could have been talking about the demons of hell or the humans at this point. 2015: Humans have finally realized the damage they are doing to their own home, what they don't realize however is what this damage has allowed into it. Oil, the substance all of the greediest humans desire, money thrown across countries to buy the black ooze, wars started to gain the rights of drilling it up. Yet this dark ooze that is so craved but the largest corporations in the world is not sought after by greedy men, but instead forces greed into the minds of those it encounters. Demons trapped inside the center of Earth secrete this fluid, tempting the humans to dig deeper, to open the gates of hell.

    A shadowy figure walked up through the contrasting white glow resonating from the other angels. Aragor, the angel of darkness, keeping the demons closest access to the planets surface a safer place. His dark hood flung over his non existent head, floating by the force of the spirit within. He outstretched his thick black wings, those of a raven, and flapped them down, attracting the attention of the other angels. "I believe Aragor wishes to speak." calmly stated Ferouna, the angel of patience. Ferouna was one of the few female angels. Only they had the right to own a physical form, males on the other hand merely wore garbs, floating on invisible limbs, usually accompanied by hoods, though some preferred helmets. Ferouna had long brown hair with streaks of gray running through it. Her face was wise and her eyes showed the knowledge of an age, yet her skin showed not the effects of a day. Her calm blue eyes fixed onto Aragor's dark hood. " I believe we have everyone's attention Aragor." said Ferouna softly.

    "Thank you Ferouna." Whispered Aragor, nodding in appreciation. "We appear to have a problem on Earth. I know many of you are aware of what you think the cause is, but you are wrong." Aragor stated bluntly. "The demons have not broken through the crust of the Earth, they have not freed themselves from the prison we forged." Aragor turned around, looking for confirmation that the always arrogant angels had not stopped listening once he threatened their credibility. "The demon lord Gul'thak, the master of greed, has used the demons weapon for an alternate use. The greed that their oil has brought onto the human race has allowed them to forge portals into the minds of these selfish men. I have watched from the shadows, my domain, and i have seen what these demons are capable of." Aragor once more looked around, staring at the now confused looks in the angels body language. Even Ferouna showed signs of unrest, did she of all people not have time to hear him out. "I see your confused looks, I see your disbelief. 'we have fought them before and we will fight them again' i see you thinking. These are not the demons we have fought before. They do not spread lies and tricks. No, they have been bred for one thing and one thing only. War."

    "If what you say is true Aragor, then we must prepare our best angels for battle, and sadly i know very few angels even capable of lying and you are not one of them." Ferouna muttered out through her stern look of concern. If a second war were to erupt and these demons were as strong as Aragor tells them to be, then the angels will have a hard time defeating them, they already lost so many the last time they fought. Ferouna's look of concern grew. She looked up to see the other angels staring towards her. She let out a brief and forced smile. Sometimes having a physical form wasn't all it was made out to be. "We must keep most of our angels here to defend the heavens. The Earth can be recovered, this can not be. Flynnt, find any willing angels. We will need an elite task force to win this war, numbers are not our advantage anymore."

    "I'm already on it m'am" Replied Flynnt, the master forger of the heavens and the angel of war. "So, any volunteers?"

    RULES: You must be an angel at this point of the story, though you may be able to have human or demon character at a later point.
    You decide what your angel represents, excluding those chosen by others and obviously Shadows,War and Patience.
    If you can, please describe your character in detail or provide a picture. Remember that only females have physical appearances but you can still describe the clothes/armor and the personality/voice of your male character.
    Have fun and try to post regularly!

  2. Azrael, the Angel of Death and Retribution, slowly rose until he was visible to the assembly. His helmet glimmered against the incandescent shining of those around him. His blood red wings were spread wide, slowly elevating him. His black cloak billowed out from behind him, rippling in the draught caused by his flight.

    Tilting the mask towards Flynnt, he announced in a somewhat sombre tone "You have my spirit, sword and service Master Forger. Let it be known henceforth that Azrael the Crimson Reaper hath declared himself against these foul creatures!"

    A great cheer went out from a few lesser angels in the crowd and a general air of anticipation set about, awaiting the next volunteer and the reaction of the high committee.
  3. Ferouna smiled, she knew that once the first couple volunteers joined, the whole high heavens would want in, which would be great if they needed an army but for now we needed a small number of elite angels, six or seven at max, excluding Aragor who she hoped would lead this task force.
  4. Seated at the back of the meeting was Leo the angel of fury. He wore tattered white robes that matched his scared and almost broken wings. He had a plane mask with two narrow slits as eye holes. He stood up and walked next to Azrael. He said no words but the other angels could tell that he was ready to join the fight.
  5. Aragor nodded in acknowledgement to Leo. "What better to have on our side than the fury of Leo!" Aragor exclaimed. There was a strange air of friendliness between the two angels despite both owning rather negative attributes.
  6. A slightly green light flickered in the back, and a figure pushed itself towards the front of the crowd. This angel wore a robe colored mainly green, with accents of gold and brown, and slightly fairy-like wings flitted behind him. The source of the colored aura was his spirit, an orb which glowed green under the hood of the article of clothing. As he stepped forth, one sleeve of the robe hung by the side while the other seemingly held a great oaken staff, with tangled roots at the tip with an emerald embedded within. His voice was smooth, yet had the pitch of a teenage boys' as he stated,
    I, Nathaniel, the protector of the species of Earth, including humans, would have no reason to battle against the demons outright unless given reason to do so. But if what Aragor says is true,
    The opening of his hood turned towards Aragors' form, then went back to staring at the floor as he continued,
    Then by my Divine Duty I must participate in this battle.
    Nathaniel swiftly brought up his staff as he proclaimed,
    You have my healing, sir and madam, as well as these fine warriors!
    With that, he lowered the staff and he seemed to be glowing a bit brighter with his new-found determination.
  7. Azrael looked to the two other angels, nodding slightly. He settled back down, more content now.
  8. Nathaniel walked over slowly to Flynnt, the master blacksmith, and asked him,
    Would it be possible for you to create those metal human skins? I believe humans call them robots. I have a theory that if us angels needed to disguise ourselves on Earth, we could hide our physical forms and... ah, possess the metal bodies of the so-called robots.
    Looking at Ferouna, he commented,
    Although you wouldn't need a human appearance, would you? You already look like them, save for the wings.
  9. Aragor turned around to face the larger mass of Angels. "This should be enough for now if we have no more volunteers." Aragor boomed. "If any of you desire to join us later, you may find Flynnt in the Armoury." Aragor pointed to the chamber of creation down a long corridor. "All right ye feisty ones, lets head to the training grounds to make sure ye know what you be doing" Flynnt bellowed in his thick Scottish accent. Despite being the "Angel" of War, Flynnt was not an actual Angel he was a Titan, one of the creators of the heavens itself. He outdated the Angels by hundreds of thousands of years, only he, being the last Titan, knew what the worlds were like before their population with demons, angels and humans. He had a small body however and appeared as though he were what a human calls a dwarf. He had a long grey beard reaching down to his waist and his bushy grey hair was covered with a pair of goggles. Hearing Nathaniel's question Flynnt turned to answer. "No. They are outlawed and you of all people should know it. The last time we created those mechanical menaces they tore the heavens apart. They are still locked inside my forge somewhere, though i forgot where exactly." Flynnt let out with a chuckle.
  10. Leo still said nothing, but the tightening of his fists and the lifting of his mask slightly. Signified that he wanted to do some training. Being the angel of fury, Leo spent most of his time on the battlefield. This explained the tattered clothing and the broken wings, he could just about fly. But saw no need in doing so since he preferred ground combat. Leo followed Flynnt silently.
  11. Aria, (though known and referred to as "Mal") the Angel of Malice, was leaned up against the wall, as she rarely ever took a seat, during conferences especially. As the meeting calmed down and came to an end, she pushed herself from the wall and headed in Ferouna's direction. A gloved hand gently and respectfully turned the female's shoulder towards her own direction. Her face, and most everything else, was covered by armor and a dark, tattered cloak. She might have been a female, but there were only a small handful of the others who really knew it, which consisted really only of Ferouna and Flynnt.

    Once they were faced with one another, She gave a low bow, a simple, silent gesture to show her allegiance. After she knew it was acknowledged, She passed by, headed directly for Flynnt, to whom she gave her all too familiar (at least to him) nod. He was one of the ones who really understood her silent gestures and notions.

    In passing, She had happened to notice Leo, who had made his want for training relatively obvious in her opinion. And as the small train of people moved towards the grounds, She followed, ever interested in seeing the other angel's skills, and watching them grow stronger.
  12. As the group entered the great forge they looked around in awe at the huge tools scattered along the walls, behind huge crates are hanging by chains from the ceiling. No one was allowed access to the forge whilst Flynnt was using it and so no one knew how he used these great tools. "Now, when i pull this lever, ye all must show me your greatest fighting technique, okay?" The whole room filled with nodding agreement and with that, Flynnt pulled down the lever. Suddenly the whole room filled with a red noxious fume that seemed to have burst out from one of the many pipes lining the walls. Alongside the thick red cloud came an onslaught of demons. Thick black hides covered most of their bodies and red horns adorned their backs and heads. As they charged Flynnt pulled a huge hammer off of his back and raised it, ready to strike. As he did so Aragor pulled out a long thin black bladeout from the sheath by his right leg. "Let's get to work!" he yelled, charging into the cloud of demons.
  13. Azrael drew his large crimson scythe and began to spin it around his form, picking up speed. He slowly approached the demons as they rushed forward, before slicing low and quick, ripping the first few's legs apart. Keeping the momentum up, he turned on the spot, slicing in a lazy arc across their midriffs and releasing a blade of blood that tore through their flesh before ripping each of them asunder. He stepped back to let other demonstrate.
  14. (( Hey guys, I'm going to be on a lot less often than I usually am, and things will probably stay that way for a while, so I want to apologize beforehand to y'all. I'll still try to get on at least once a day during the week, but weekends will be silent from me. Thanks for understanding, and please be patient if I do take more than a day to respond. ))

    Simply shrugging his shoulders, causing his robe to whisper against itself, Nathaniel continued after Aragor and Flynnt, walking beside the others as they all went to a 'training room'. Staring around the place, he wondered how Flynnt was able to work the great place, but his thoughts were cut off by Flynnt's instructions. Nodding gravely, Nathaniel raised his staff a bit, and prepared himself. As the evil beings began to swarm, Nathaniel backed up, muttering words under his breath as he held out the arm not holding the staff. The gem on the tip glowed green, and the roots seemed to twine more around it, as if securing it. Looking at the things, he aimed his arm towards one and... a vine leaped out! As it protrudes from the hole in Nathaniel's sleeve, it grows pretty long, reaching out to the demonic beings. One imp tripped on the vine, and suddenly it was around the thing, squeezing the breath out of it. In one savage twist, the vine was around the imp's waist, and like a string through clay, squeezed the being until it split in half. Steaming black blood exploded around it, entrails oozing out around it, and its cries were silenced.
    Meanwhile, other vines had protruded, and done the same thing with other dark monsters. But now they were retreating back into Nathaniel's robe, and he began looking around himself for people that might need backup assistance or had minor injuries he could heal.
  15. Leo pulled out a small dagger from his waist. He murmered a few words and the dagger morphed into a giant blade., in a burst of flames. liffted the blade high into the sky, then bought it down in one swoop. The ground in front of him ruptered with the force. The demons standing on it were ethier sent flying or impaled on the rocks. He smirked as he watched the others attempts, he belived hi was the best. But his mask showed no emotion so no one could have told.
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