Second Chances: Starting Anew

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  2. Beni snored. It was an impressive sound, considering her mouth was open - drooling a bit onto the pillow she clutched in one arm, nuzzling happily againt. "Mmm, than'oo... hit me 'gain, willya... an' more o' this drink oo've sherved ush up...?" What came afterward was an awkward-sounding giggle and a turning in her bed, causing her to fall off the bed with a quiet -thud-.

    At first, it might have appeared she was dead - until she let forth another roaring snore, shifting a bit in her new position on the floor. Blearily, she opens her eyes. Mumbling to herself, "Nnnn... floor 'gain..." With a yawn, she sits up, blanket falling from her body. She had, years ago, fallen asleep in the nude - it was the only way she felt comfortable now, but originally, it had been because she always woke up nude anyway, and often with her joints hurting.

    With a sigh, she walks over to her dresser, putting on her clothes before sitting down in front of her mirror - her hair fuzzed out and filled with static. Grabbing a brush, she began to fix it - wondering a bit about the briers and stickers she pulled out. She mentions to herself, "Gotta do this more often..." She was, of course, completely oblivious to the poor sprite that was, thankfully, saved from being smushed by the falling Beni, but now was under the sheets that lay on the floor...
  3. Yvonne was sleeping so deeply that she hadn't heard her mother calling. It was a rude awakening when all of a sudden CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! happened by her ear and Yvonne bolted out of bed to land in the floor with a loud THUD!

    "Good morning, sunshine! I see you slept well!" exclaimed her mother, Denia, looking pretty chipper and all too amused.

    Glancing at the window and giving her mom a bleary eyed glare, Yvonne picked herself off the floor. "You are SO mean. I'm telling dad." Getting some water to splash on her face made the sudden shock a little easier.

    "Uh huh, Speaking of you Daddy, he's decided you can cash in your birthday gift today. One free no-work day, all for you!" at her daughters squeal of happiness, followed by a dance around the room, Denia rolled her eyes with a grin. "After you feed the chickens."

    "The chickens, mom?"

    "The chickens."

    "The CHICKENS?"

    "YES THE CHICKENS." interrupted a booming male voice from downstairs.

    Denia laughed as she left, leaving a mumbling Yvonne alone in her room to get dressed. Seeing as today she got to have a free day, with no chores (except for the chickens), Yvonne decided it was the perfect day to wear the pretty dress mommy gave her for her birthday. She never got to wear dresses, and it wasn't because she didn't like them. It just wasn't practical when you were running around on a family farm and helping your parents do the dirtiest things imaginable.

    Trotting downstairs, Yvonne stopped long enough to kiss her father on the cheek before prancing away to feed the chickens! Tossing feed around, she yawned, thinking over some of the dreams she had before she was so rudely awakened. They were all pretty strange. Watching herself do a million things she had never done before. But it had felt so real. The worst part was that she knew it was her, but it didn't feel right. Left her feel kind of sick to the stomach.

    With the chickens fed, Yvonne skipped off towards the town. A free day meant the perfect opportunity to talk a friend in to an adventure. Beni or William might enjoy playing!
  4. Do you want to do a time skip here? And how far should we go into the semester?
  5. Only problem I can see is the Lady of the Lake thing in Hyland, But I'm sure we can find a work around. XD
  6. William and Griff had stood at the edge of the field as the sun rose, slowly moving through a few of the relaxation rituals Griff had taught the teenager, who had experienced some terrifyingly real dreams after his birthday.

    Dark dreams of running into a night filled with filthy dead creatures and a horrific monster, and head woken with a start after a vivid part of the dream where the monster uttered something in a dark language he didnt know but yet had still seemed familiar.

    William had woken screaming as he felt every moment of Wilhelm's death.

    the dream had so shocked him that he was still having trouble breathing when Griff arrived to teach the boy more meditations.

    when he had learned of the dream, the old man had smiled sympathetically and lead William through several familiar mediations instead.
  7. So much in Alola I'm overwhelmed. All I can say is Kukui needs to wait till I answer the damn door.
  8. Astorath said nothing as he stood up. "Let's get you to your sister, Mel-Mel."
  9. "If you don't want to see the world as Melissa does, I can show you a bit of what I can. Just the cat."
  10. I can see Alfheim as being a forest, but not a tropical forest. more like the forest along the Rockies or some other mountain range.
  11. [​IMG]


    Name:Rococo Raux
    Nicknames: N/A
    Titles: N/A
    Blood type: O-
    Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual


    Personality before abduction: Rococo was always a busybody, trying to learn in different ways because of her severe lack of sight, but struggled to maintain with her peers. She found herself to be a loner, dying for attention and friendship though she couldn’t relate to many people. Instead, she explored every last inch of Tullytown, creating a visual replica of it in her mind by touch and listening to the sounds of the bustling city. Rococo, always curious, made acquaintances along the way during her mini adventures.
    Most can say Rococo was a bit clueless to how the world worked and society ran. She had no social cues or skills beside the most basic and seemed to always put her foot in her mouth when she spoke. Those who understood Rococo taught her the best she could.

    Personality after abduction: Rococo always had a bubbly personality even through all the destruction and chaos around the city due to her very poor vision. She imagined her own would without the pain, making her seem very unsympathetic and unremorseful. Rococo is a very curious young woman, her hands always digging around in rubble to find treasure and other trinkets. Her mind is always racing, either by discovering the world around her by sound or touch, or talking to anyone nearby. Rococo is always jittery, unable to truly rest.
    When someone tries to destroy or disprove her imaginary world, Rococo goes on the defensive by raising her voice and debating or simply leaving. While she doesn’t see herself as a loner, Rococo comes across as too much trouble and work, forcing the teen to be on her own.
    Having zero skills in combat, Rococo manages to survive by staying one step ahead by using her incredible abilities of sound. She can only hide and pray that the danger passes her.


    -Lemon cake with tea
    -Crowded locations with plenty of solid objects
    -Peaceful, quiet days and nights
    -Meeting new people and casual introductions
    -Searching for treasure and other trinkets/treasure hunting
    -Exploring the world through the sense of touch
    -Adventures with friends


    -Loud sounds and ambient noises
    -Open, clear spaces
    -Being alone
    -Bugs, rats and other critters that plague the city
    -Vomit inducing smells
    -Overbearing and controlling people


    -Curiosity: Always curious about the world and objects around her, Rococo makes for the perfect student in her personal quest of understanding.
    -Kind, gentle soul: Rococo is one of the few around who has a kind heart and never makes judgement of anyone even when those around do.
    -Brave: Maybe her lack of vision causes Rococo to be braver than the average person since she is unable to truly see the dangers in front of her.
    -Cheerleader: Always cheering for others to accomplish even the smallest of goals.
    -Street smart: Exploring Tullytown alone before the abduction made Rococo very knowledgeable about her environment, where everything is and when something is out of place.
    -Tough: No one can bully Rococo. She will stand up to those stronger and more mature to either defend or protect herself or friends around her.
    -Independent: While Rococo rather be around friends, she’s capable of being and surviving on her own.


    -Curiosity: Rococo is unable to tell the difference when curiosity can be for good or when it can lead to risky situations.
    -Gullible: As long as someone makes their statement sound as fact, Rococo will believe it without a second thought.
    -Emotional cues: Another downside of being visually impaired, Rococo is unable to read or pick up others emotions and moods.
    -Attachment issues: Due to not having friends, Rococo can quickly become attach to anyone that shows an ounce of kindness to her.
    -Personal world: Rococo has created her own world inside her mind that is completely the opposite of the real world around her. Many times she talks from her own world’s point of view, creating confusion to those around her. She will fight to justify her own world, claiming it to be more of a reality than the one around.


    -A dark world in her mind
    -Being forever alone
    -Being able to see like a regular person

    Etiquette: Rococo knows her please and thank you, what not to do while eating, and all the other basic etiquette a human should know.
    Attitude: A loudmouth, chatterbox that doesn’t know when to keep quiet unless something else catches her attention.
    Outlook on Life: Despite everything, she has a happy outlook on life
    Perception: Everything is good no matter how bad.


    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 120lbs
    Body type: Boy shape, lean
    Skin: Tan
    Hygiene: Whenever she comes across a hot shower, she will bathe, wash her hair and brush her teeth
    Eye color: Cloudy light brown
    Hair Color: Chestnut
    Hair Length: Short
    Hair Type: Loose, fluffy curls
    Hair Style: Pixie/boy cut
    Scars/brands: N/A
    Piercings: N/A
    Birthmarks: N/A


    Casual outfits: A sports bra underneath a white T-shirt and a gray sweater jacket. She wears cut off jean shorts, black leggings, and high flip flops as she mostly prefers to go bare feet. On her head is a green beanie.
    Formal outfits: N/A
    Combat outfits: The same as her casual but with leather boots, fingerless leather gloves, and sound enhancing headphones
    Accessories: Plastic beaded bracelets along both arms
    Makeup: N/A
    Equipment: Sound enhancing headphones, adapter, couple of batteries, a pocket knife and some matches
    Trinkets: N/A

    Powers and abilities

    Manipulation: Sound, specifically echolocation


    -Crowded, object filled places where sound can bounce off from and return to her, giving her “sight”. Open spaces free of objects will not work as the sound will continue to travel for a far distance to find an object to the point she’s unable to hear it.
    -Loud sounds will cover up Rococo’s personal sounds, making it unable for her to “see” and register the environment in her mind.
    -If Rococo somehow becomes temporary deaf, she is unable to use her powers at all.

    Skills before the abduction

    -Scavenger: Rococo loves to dig through garbage and piles of rubble for treasure and other gadgets/trinkets
    -Gatherer: Unable to cook, Rococo gathered edible fruits and vegetables from parks and other areas.
    -Merchant: Any of her treasures were usually sold or traded for other important items.
    Skills after abduction: No new skills are added besides a better understanding of her power.


    -Aaron James Cross
    -William "Will" Harker

    -Allistair "Albatross" Buchannon

    Enemies: TBD
    Lovers: TBD (pg, teen only)

    -Mom: Missing
    -Dad: Corrupted
    -Brother: Missing

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  13. Morning found Alex kneeling in front of the temple's altar, hands clasped in prayer. He was going through the prayers, each and every prayer he'd learned for as long as he could remember. A prayer for luck, a prayer for business, a prayer for wealth, a prayer for prosperity, a prayer for honor, a prayer for--

    Alex's knees hurt, his legs had fallen asleep, he was cold. He had been praying over and over ever since he had woken up. It wasn't that this was the time he usually got up to do chores like cleaning and cooking before having to do his studies. It was because of the strange dream he'd had, a dream that became more vague as he tried to remember more of it.

    Alex turned at the sensation of being watched but didn't get up. There was a man in his sixties, dressed in priest's robes standing at the door some yards away, past the rows of benches and candles, standing there, studying him. He was thin, tall, long white beard and no hair under his priest's cap.

    It was Father Hendrik. Alex stood once he recognized him and slowly walked over to him. He read the older man's lips. "What are you doing here? You are supposed to be getting breakfast ready."

    Alex's hands began to move in sign language, the one way he felt comfortable talking. "I could not sleep. I had ... trouble sleeping. I came to pray and find peace."

    Father Hendrik smiled and nodded. Then he responded back in sign language. "I understand. But you must remember that prayers can only do so much. Ten more minutes and then report to the kitchen. May you find what you seek and be at peace." He put a hand on Alex's head, nodded and left the boy alone.

    Alex watched him go and then glanced away, looking all the more disturbed.
  14. Yvonne skipped through the town, occasionally stopping to chat with other people in the village. She'd ask a few questions about what they were up to, offer to help, get shooed away, none of which seemed to bother her in the least. Her first stop was to see if William was available, but she spotted him off with his teacher-guy. Probably not a good idea to bother him yet.

    Her second stop was at the bakery where she purchased a couple of those really sweet, very delicious pasteries with the fruit fillings. Last week she had tried a few experiments in making them herself, but... they didn't quite go over like she had anticipated. Maybe she should apprentice for a summer.

    As she walked past the Temple, Yvonne slowed. Yesterday had been Alex's birthday too and she never had a chance to give him birthday wishes. Granted, normally if he caught sight of her, he took off running. She supposed he was shy or afraid of girls or something.

    So, there she went, entering the temple. Quiet as a mouse, she glanced around at the humble surroundings as she walked down one of the isles. Yvonne never got the whole praying to invisible deities thing. It didn't make sense.

    Once she saw Alex, she stood behind him for a few moments as he knelt praying. It would have been rude to scream his name in the temple (though it would have been really funny) so instead, she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder.

  15. Alex had just returned to praying when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and blinked. Yvonne! He blinked and waved in greeting. Most people found it hard to speak louder without shouting in order for him to hear them. Yvonne was not most people.

    Then Alex remembered that it had been Yvonne's birthday, too. He pulled out his pad and pen and scribbled something down. Then he showed it to Yvonne for her to read, because he knew she could. "Happy birthday, Yvonne."
  16. "Thanks Alex! I didn't see you yesterday, so I came to say Happy Birthday to you too!" Stepped back, Yvonne made a big deal about showing off her new dress. It was simple in design and fell just past the knees, but the fabric was top quality and it was trimmed with embroidery. With long sleeves, a lower neckline, and a cord to tie the corset from the back, it seemed to blend the style youthful spirit and growing older perfectly.

    "Lookie! A brand new dress for my birthday! The skirt is short enough to climb trees or attack somebody. I was going to go wrestle William, but he's busy right now. Hey, why are you still hanging around in here praying? Aren't you usually heading elsewhere by now?" Now that she was done posing, she was blinking at Alex curiously. He looked kind of disturbed - well, more disturbed than usual.

    "Are people bothering you again, because I'll go beat them up if you want me to."
  17. Alex smiled when she started to show off her new dress, especially the part about her climbing trees and attacking people. That was Yvonne to the letter, daring to do things no one else would do because it was too dangerous or people just didn't do those type of things while wearing a skirt. But then she caught on about him praying longer than usual and looking worried and he blinked. Oh, if only she wasn't so observant about these things!

    Alex quickly shook his head. No, no one was bothering him. Well, no more so than usual. But suddenly Kyr and his band of thugs didn't seem so bad. (Eh, he was certain he'd rethink that the next time he ran into them.) Attempting to get Yvonne's mind elsewhere, he scribbled something else on the pad after crossing out his previous entry.

    "Busy?" It read.
  18. "No, I'm not busy." Yvonne replied, leaning forward ever closer to stare at his face. Mostly, because she knew it was intimidating and it seemed like he was changing the subject. "Are you busy?"

    She leaned back again, giving him some relief as she turned away and was poking at one of the wall tapestries. She wondered how they managed to weave the fabric together all thick like this. Let alone tassels. Tassels looked like they took forever to make.

    "Dad gave a chore-free day, so I thought it'd be a good time to have an adventure." she said over her shoulder, but suddenly casting a sly look. "You wanna come play with me? I know you're usually off reading, but we've read every book in Haler's Mill by now. We should build a catapult and see how far we can send a bale of hay flying! ...Or a person. I bet flying would be fun."
  19. Alex looked a little ... worried about Yvonne's idea. A person flying in a catapult? There were a lot of things that could go wrong, so many things. It really wasn't a safe thing to be doing but Yvonne might give him the talk about only living once.

    Only living once.

    "G'morning, Yvonne, Alex," someone greeted. It was another of the priests, the thin but short Father Vehr. He had his hands tucked into the long sleeves of his priest robes. He'd been much rounder once, folds of his skin a testament of that. He had small eyes, wore spectacles and his short hair was colored salt and pepper.

    Alex signed a "Good morning back to him" and then began to apologize for being late to the kitchen to begin his day of chores.

    Father Vehr squinted at that but then he nodded in reply. He still had some trouble following Alex's quick but fluid sign languages. He had learned it slower than the other priests at Haler's Mill. "Y'are keeping him comp'ny?" he asked Yvonne.
  20. "I've come to kidnap him." Yvonne said it with a straight face and such a serious tone, that it might have very well been the truth. All she needed was a sack and a sword.

    She probably didn't even need the sack.

    Putting on her nicest expression, her hands were clasped behind her back as she gave the priest a big wide smile. "I was going to make him play with me. You don't miiiiiind do you? Mary Hallisberd says 'A child should have freedom to enjoy their imagination before they face the harsh realities of the world' and since we're only still 16 it would be a healthy flexing of our youth!"

    Sometimes what people say in idle conversations came back to haunt them. She liked remembering useful tidbits for moments like this. And if the Father didn't agree - Well. She'd just make good on that kidnapping threat.