Second Chance at First Light

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  1. Casper Hale pulled his bag over his shoulder, and entered the hotel. The seventeen year old had just arrived in London, but he probably wouldn't stay for long, since he wasn't the type of person to stay in one place for too long. Casper was a werewolf, a teen wolf, but he didn't have a pack, which made him an omega, a lone wolf.

    He headed over to the check in desk, and leaned against the counter as he waited impatiently for someone to come. He ran a hand through his hair and glanced around. Suddenly he caught the scent of something unusual - or rather, someone....another omega. His eyes briefly flashed yellow for a moment before turning back to their green-blue colour.

    (Casper- )
  2. Sophia Parker was a seventeen year old girl and had been here for a little time now, she worked in the hotel to get herself money and build money up before moving on again. She was a werewolve but she had always been alone, she never knew who her alpha was and was an omega and lone wolf, she was sort of used to her werewolve side now and had learn how to control it.

    She was making her way to the front desk to help this individual out but she stiffened a little when she caught the scent and she looked up from the papers in her hand to the boy and had saw his eyes turn back to his original colour. She took a breath and put a smile on her face. "Can I help you?" she asked him as she now stood behind the desk.
  3. "Can I help you?"

    Casper heard this voice, and he turned around to be faced with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. He could sense however that she was a werewolf. His mouth opened and closed a few times without anything coming out, until finally he found his voice.

    "Um, hi. I'm checking in? I'm Casper Hale." He spoke, his American accent thick. "If possible, could I have a room with a window facing to the west? I have a personal problem and I need the window facing that way so I can see my...problem. You might understand my problem." He kept his voice low so only she could hear.
  4. [Sophia-]

    Sophia shook her head a little as he turned around and looked at her and his mouth dropping and she raised her eyebrow with a small smile on her lips that was tugging on the corner of her mouth and she nodded her head. "Checking in for one?" she asked him and melted at his thick American accent, seeing as she had a British accent. She couldn't help but smile and laughed. "Mmmm I wonder what problem you might be talking about exactly" she said smiling, of course she knew he was a werewolve.

    She passed him a room key with a smile. "Just don't destroy the room when you go all wolf on the full moon" she said smiling. "If you don't have enough for the room, then don't worry about it, i'll pay for it"
  5. He chuckled. "Full moon was last week, as you very well know. I'll probably just be staying around for a week or two, so I'm fine." He grinned, and took the room key. "By the way, I didn't catch your name - what was it again?" Casper raised an eyebrow.
  6. Sophia smiled at him. "Well, like I said, just don't go all wolf in the room and destroy it but yes, the full moon was last week" she said to him and nodded. "Not staying long then?" she asked and let him take the room key and she typed on the computer that the room was now taken. "Sophia, my names Sophia" she said with a smile.
  7. "Nice to meet you, Sophia. If you ever want to just chill out and talk to someone who actually knows what you're going through, then just come by my hotel room." Casper grinned and winked at her before he headed towards the lift to go up to his room.
  8. Sophia smiled back at him. "It's nice to meet you as well, although I did see your eyes turn gold, sure you were glad to catch my scent?" she asked him and laughed. "I tell you what, i'll stop by later before I go home, I normally work the late shift here, no one seems to like it at night" she said smiling and laughed at the wink and watched as he headed towards the lift. "Hey Casper!" she shouted to him with a smile. "Make sure you are awake later, i'll give you my number as well"
  9. Casper heard her and chuckled. He turned around and called back with a grin, "No problem - I'm a night person, so I'll be awake until quite late." He stepped into the lift and the doors closed behind him.

    That night, he couldn't sleep, so he just sat on the sofa in his room watching tv, hoping that the beautiful Sophia would stop by. It had been so long since he had spoken to another wolf, and he was intrigued by her.
  10. Sophia smiled at him as he turned around and called back to her and she laughed, glad herself to have found another werewolve, she didn't know any others and if she crossed paths with one, she would normally keep going.

    When the night had come, she had changed out of her work clothes and was now in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and shoes, her hair now down instead of up. She put her bag on her shoulder and ran her finger's through her hair as she went to the lift and up to the room that she had given Casper. She knocked on the door quietly once she got there and just waiting for him to answer.
  11. Casper heard the knock and darted over to the door. He opened it and smiled. "Hey Sophia. Come on in." He gestured for her to enter the room. "So, I could sense that you're an omega wolf - have you ever had a pack before?"
  12. Sophia waited for him and heard him come to the door with the hearing they had and she smiled at him. "Hey Casper, thank you" she said smiling and went into the room and put her bag down. "Yeah i'm a omega wolf, no, I don't know of the person who even turned me to be honest, so i'm on my own, i'm not part of a pack or anything" she said to him. "I've been a wolf for two years now and I've always been on my own"
  13. "I was born into a werewolf family, but I broke apart from the pack about five years ago, and I left home, going everywhere around the country. In recent no the, I have started to travel wider, which is how I found myself in London." Casper led her over to the sofa and sat down again. "Are you from London yourself?"
  14. Sophia nodded before looking at him. "Wait you said your last name was Hale didn't you?" she asked him. "Hale family? all of you are werewolves" she said to him before nodding. "So you like to travel?" she asked smiling and sat down on the sofa herself and nodded. "Yeah i'm from London, I got bitten in America though while on a school trip there" she said to him. "So where about in America? don't you go to school?" she asked him and held out a piece of paper that had her number on.
  15. Casper took the paper and pocketed it with a grin. "I'm from California, and I'm emancipated, so as long as I do studying while I travel, then I don't have to go to school. I love travelling, but so far my favourite place has been Mexico."
  16. Sophia nodded her head. "Yeah that's where I was bitten, I haven't been back to California ever since, too scare to go back" she said to him and ran her fingers through her hair before looking at him with her blue eyes. "smart thinking Casper, smart" she said smiling. "so where are you going to go after here, back home for a bit?"
  17. "You were probably bitten by one of my dad's pack." Casper sat back on the sofa. "After here, I might spend some time in Ireland and then perhaps move onto Europe. I don't like spending too long in one place. Do you like having roots here?"
  18. Sophia smiled at him. "That is great to know, may I go to your hometown and kick their butts to whoever bit me" she said to him and leaned back on the sofa and looked at Casper. "I can tell you don't like to spent too much time in one place and nothing really is keeping me here, I live with my adoptive parents, so I don't really have any roots here, I don't know who my parents are or anything"
  19. "You wouldn't kick their butts - your ass would be shot before you found whoever bit you. There's a family of hunters currently living in California where I lived." Casper grinned, "Then if there isn't anything holding you back, why don't you travel with me when I leave London? There's strength in numbers and I'm growing increasingly intrigued by you."
  20. Sophia looked at him and raised her eyebrow. "Then why was I bitten in the first place, that's what I want to know, why me" she asked him and shook her head. "That's crazy, a family of hunters are there" she asked and looked at her hand. "You want me to come travelling with you?" she asked him and chewed on her lip as she thought about it and smiled. "Intrigued by me huh? ahhh why not come with you"
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