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  1. So I wish to do a throw back to a genre we have probably all done in our early days in role playing. I know I spent far too many hours in these... "What could this genre be?" I can almost hear your anxious cry.

    The genre is wolves. A pack of wolves.

    The plot is simple, survive. Be wolves. I as game master may throw things at you but I want this to mainly work as the role plays of old (or at least those who spent too much time on neopets as I did) went, naturally. Also, no wings, no special powers... please.

    I will personally be playing a female alpha and her brother, a male omega.
    Character sheets!
    (A note on ranks:
    Rank: (Beta, Omega, loner (don't all play loners for Pete's sake!)
    Noteable qualities: (Good hunter, blah blah blah, what makes you speshual)

    So come, join me in the grand adventure that was our probable youth!
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  2. Oh man, I used to roleplay wolves all the time on neopets, it has been so long. I'm going to put up a CS for two, is that alright? I want to ask your permission to be Beta.
  3. Yep! Is perfectly fine!
  4. Name: Salem
    Age: 3 Summers
    Rank: Beta
    Personality: Salem is very calm, he tends to be extremely careful around others that are not apart of the pack. He is very happy and loves to be around the others.
    Noteable Qualities: Execellent hunter, tracker. Has a large scar across chest. Brother to Laefe.
    Appearance: Art_Rexanne_Chadwick_Gray_Wolf_Drawing.jpeg

    Name: Laefe
    Age: 3 winters
    Rank: Caretaker
    Personality: She tends to be very caring and loyal. She is not one to leave a wolf untreated. She can be hyper and loves to play with the pups in the pack.
    Noteable Qualities: has a noticable limp from being attacked by a bear. She is the sister to Salem. Has a very good knowledge of healing herbs.
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  5. Name: Luna
    Age: 3 winters
    Rank: Alpha
    Personality: Kind, loving, has a cold streak to her however.
    Noteable qualities: She is blind but has excellent hearing, is supported fully by her brother who acts as her eyes and fangs.

    Name: Mako
    Age: 3 winters
    Rank: Omega
    Personality: Stern, just, has a sweet spot however.
    Notable qualities: Is Luna's opposite, always doting over his sister as he is the only reason she has survived. He acts as her emissary, willing to kill for her at an order.

    Their combined appearances, Mako on the left Luna on the right.
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  6. I found a good rescource site for ranks if you are interested. I think it would be good for people who are a little confused or need a refresher.
  7. Feel free to post it here or link me and I'll add it to the first post! Also invite people!
  8. I must say I've never played a wolf and I must be showing my age because I've no idea what a neopet is. I'm a little lost obviously, but intrigued and would very much like to join...if you will accept a newb in your mix?
  9. go there and lose much of your life.

    Yes I am more than happy to welcome a noob. :3
  10. [​IMG]

    Name: Thyrunya
    Age: 1 Winters
    Rank: Omega
    Personality: A daydreamer, cannot concentrate long on anything, and maybe just need to gain more confidence.
    Notable qualities: She has been mostly doing “pup-sitting” duties, but she is a good scouter, and loyal to her pack.
    Appearance: She is a short-coated she-wolf of dark grey and red pelt, with vivid golden eyes and a long, graceful tail.
  11. Accepted! I'd like one more male before we begin.
  12. I'm trying to get my sis to join too, but I havent heard anything yet.
  13. Not sure if I shall be joining this but I just wanted to say...

    jdkaljfkdaljdkfsla; I used to RP on neopets ALLL the time and when it died out that's when I went searching for other sites and eventually ended up here.
  14. Neopets, the gateway drug.
  15. Hmmm, I think I will make both a boy and a girl for this.
  16. My sistuh, lol, is here. Huzzah ausriasan!
  17. Also, feel free to set up already mated bonds, I will not dictate that you have to suddenly find your mate now.
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