Seasonal Depression

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  1. This is a PSA for the depressed, seasonally or otherwise.

    Depression happens at Christmastime, and it's okay

    Well, okay, it's not okay. But don't let anyone guilt you for not feeling "the holiday spirit." Bad days and weeks and months happen in the winter same as any other season. Mental illnesses do not take a holiday.

    If you're feeling depressed this holiday season, please talk to someone. And don't let anyone demonize you for it! You're allowed to struggle, no matter what holiday may be approaching.

    If you're feeling fine, don't guilt others for not feeling fine. Let people have grumpy days and blah days and appreciate that mental illnesses don't stop for Christmas. Be patient and supportive, and stop perpetuating the myth that December comes with automatic happiness.
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  2. Unseasonably warm weather in the south (of the USA) has caused seasonal depression to take a small slip in those who often feel it. According to my school psychologist.

    They suggest a change of scenery or weather (if possible) can do wonders to alleviate the doldrums of December downs.
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  3. I've been beating depression for long enough. There are some seasons where it will be stronger than others. I hate Xmas time except for holidays so you're not alone. I also hate my yearly family gathering where it's like pouring salt over open wounds but I cope.

    As for me I dunno. I've been trying to explain to people what depression is really like and no one understands junk. I'm also a migraine sufferer which leaves me for some days locked up in a darkened apartment to not trigger the pain, they still think I'm crazy and need the mental asylum XD I hate it mostly when people start to blame you for failure. Gosh. There's a kind of anger that's hard to control there. Good thing is that I study psychology so it gives me different ways of trying self-help methods.

    I hope you feel better and have great holidays either way =)
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