Season One: Twisted Tales

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  1. Premise:

    Those stories that you watched as you grew up; like Friendship is Magic: My Little Pony, and Naruto, those were fables that were spun upon a wheel of lies. However; they weren't the only tales that were twisted. All stories you have heard have been lost in translation; and molded into false tales to fill the minds of anyone who would listen. But now; those tales are being unrivaled, for the truth is coming to our world.

    Once a powerful and chaotic God; Discord ruled over Equestria. His intentions were unknown to all; for his rules were what he wanted, and no one could stop him. That was until Princess Celestia and Princess Luna arrived. Using the Elements of Harmony; the sisters were able to imprison Discord. Peace rained over Equestria for a short 75 years. When the sisters connection to the Elements were broken; Discord managed to break free from the prison and find his way to Princess Celestia, killing her. With her dead, and Discord on the run; Princess Luna recruited a team to use the Elements of Harmony to track the God. Not knowing why; Discord's magic was finally hitting its low point, causing the God to use a last resort tactic. Using the last of his magic; Discord ripped open a passageway to another Realm, fleeing to the human world.

    Unknown to him, but the passageway opened up doors to hundreds of other Realms.

    This Conflict was only just the beginning.


    1. Twisted Tales will be a seasonal roleoplay. This means each season will only last two weeks, and contain a arch. After the season ends the roleplay will be closed and a new sign up thread will be made for the next season. I have this system in place allowing for people to create, kill, and move, previous character(s). This also allows for me to move ahead time in large amounts.

    2. If you have seen Once Upon a Time; this Roleplay will be similar to that. All stories and TV shows are allowed in this, but any character from it must have a altered past. Basically; you can add or subjects or alter details of a characters history.

    3. Season One of Twisted Tales will be taking place in a medium sized town of "veel-los" in the human world. Just a mere 2 weeks after Discords arrival.

    4. Whatever character you chooses to play has to be affiliated with one of the three sides; Discords Followers, Moonlight Royal Guard, or natural.

    5. Discords Followers are believers of Discord; thinking that as a God, he should rule Equestria. Moonlight Royal Guard are followers of Princess Luna; believing that she is the rightful ruler of Equestria. The neutral affiliated are people who do not side with either of the sides; may it be for personal reasons or anything else.

    6. All though I am the GM; I am not going to be the only one world building. I dont mind you creating NPCS(none important ones) to fiddle around with. I also dont mind you making locations(none important ones) to go to. This also includes organizations.

    7. Please; if you have a idea for a major plot point, shoot me a message!

    8. Characters may have their powers in the human world; but it must be connected to a object that rains from their home Realm.

    9. No meta or god modding.

    10. Please; if you have a idea for a major plot point, shoot me a message!

    11. All characters must be in Veel-los for a reason. May it be what you choose; or due to what affiliation they have.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Their name

    Age: Their Age.

    Appearance: A written description is fine; so is a picture.

    Canon: What show/movie/ect their from.

    affiliation: Pick one of the three sides; Discord Follower, Moonlight Royal guard, or neutral.

    powers & abilities(optional): what are their powers? What kind of abilities can they use?

    Bio: Please write at least one paragraph.

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  2. Name: Percy Jackson

    Age: 18


    Canon: Percy Jackson Series.

    affiliation: Moonlight Royal guard

    Bio: Percy Jackson's life was always hard, being a Demigod outside of Camp half Blood was rare; and extremely dangerous. After the arrival to the camp, and three quests; Percy watched as the Titans clashed with the Greek Gods. The battle lasted for two years; and all Demigods who did not fight in the war went into hiding, especially after the fall. The war ended with the destruction of both the Titans and the Greek Gods; leaving only their children in their wake, and the raging monsters that still hunted the lands. Having no protection from his father; or from any of the Gods, Percy fled from his lover and friends, traveling to avoid attention from any monsters. ​
  3. Name: Magnus Bane

    Age: 400+ years

    Appearance: Magnus is half Dutch have Indonesian and has black hair and looks fairly normal except for his unusual amber/green eyes that are almost catlike. When he uses certain types of magic his eyes glow other colors ie: blue, green etc. He also has the mark of a warlock somewhere on him.


    Canon: The Mortal Instruments series as well as the Bane Chronicles

    affiliation: neutral af

    powers & abilities(optional): Magnus is the High Warlock Brooklyn. He has many different abilities depending on what kinds of spells he can cast. He has been known to pull memories from people's minds, set his own father ablaze as well as teleport using portals within his world.

    Bio: Magnus Bane is an immortal warlock that currently resides in New York. Originally he was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in the late 1600s but has bounced around a lot in his 400 years. He's lived in Peru, London and many other places finally landing in Brooklyn, New York in 1929, where he ran a speakeasy.He had been secretly dating a Shadowhunter named Alec Lightwood, whom believed that he was in love with his adopted brother Jace Wayland, had trouble coming to terms with his sexuality. Unlike Bane, who is openly Bisexual. While Bane and Alec dated secretly they fought together against Valentine who wanted to control demons and kill all Downworlders(everything from werewolves to vampires to warlocks) so that Shadowhunters (Angel/Human hybrids) could rule over everyone, including Mundanes (people without supernatural powers). During a particular battle Magnus had been angry with Alec because he still hadn't told his parents about their relationship and while he loved him, Magnus assumed that Alec was in love with Jace (this is the first time either of them confess love to each other) and wouldn't be with someone who loves him "the way [he] does." Shocked that Magnus had directly told him that he loved him, Alec made a deal with him; if they survived the battle, Alec would introduce Magnus to his whole family (including his parents) to which Magnus, while grinning in happiness, agreed. Sadly neither of them got that chance, because halfway through the battle one of Valentine's Demons kill Alec and in the process shattered Magnus' world. So he vowed that he wouldn't intervene on anyone elses battles, wars or otherwise, because it would only bring him grief and heartache.
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  4. Name: Hei

    Age: 22.

    Appearance: Masked -
    Unmasked -

    Canon: Darker than Black.

    Affiliation: Neutral

    Powers & Abilities: Molecular Manipulation - In other words, he can generate electric like energy that can be fatal to anyone he makes contact with, or non-fatal, which he uses to knock people out. As well as intense training allows Hei to be in peak human condition. Enabling him to run faster for longer periods, perform almost legendary feats of agility and acrobatics, and move/react faster than most people. As well as be quite deadly in hand to hand combat.

    Bio: Hei is a Contractor. Someone who possesses near super human power from a false star, at the main cost of their humanity. But, in order to use said power, the Contractor has to "pay the price" after every use of said power. It can range from harmless tasks to the point some even have to break their own fingers. Hei doesn't have to do these things. Since his sister. Pai was a contractor instead of him. But, something happened that caused Hei to gain her power, but retain his humanity. And so, Hei became "BK-201" or "The Black Reaper." And worked for the Syndicate, so he could find out what happened to his sister. [Hope this bio works.]

    2nd Character

    Name: Delsin Rowe

    Age: 24


    Canon: Infamous Series

    Affiliation: Moonlight Royal Guard

    Powers & Abilities: Power Leech. In other words, he can absorb and use other Conduits' powers via physical contact. These powers include: Smoke, Neon, Video and Concrete. He is also a skilled Parkourist.

    Bio: Delsin was out spraying art of his brother, Reggie when the person he was slightly making fun of, shows up. Forcing Delsin to flee to the Akomish get together. But, that fails as Reggie was waiting for him to show up, before apprehending him. After a prison transport crashes right outside of the Akomish get together, Delsin learns he is a Conduit after leeching Smoke off of a convict that was about to attack his brother. Delsin chases the conduit in hopes of reversing what happened to him. But not before DUP forces capture the convict. However, a DUP director named Augustine gets suspicious, she tortures Delsin. Who attempts to confess he is a Conduit. But Augustine assumes he is joking or lying. She then tortures Betty. [Who is like a mother figure to Delsin and Reggie if I am not mistaken.] And the rest of the Akomish. All of whom don't rat out Delsin. Upon learning that the Akomish are dying because of the concrete shards sticking out of their bodies can only go away is the way they came to be. So Delsin and Reggie set out to save the Akomish. And be a "Superhero" along the way.

    [I do apologize if the bios are a bit. "Chopped up."]
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  5. Ey yo

    Sorry to bump into the thread like this but I recall you from that one Gang RP and was doing some browsing when I came across this

    Nice choice of character though! Hei's a really interesting character/hope you do well with him


    anyway unsure of whether or not I'd send in a CS

    kinda straddled with RPs as is but i'll give it a think

    til then
  6. Nice to make your acquaintance. And nice to see another person who know who Hei is.

    If you want, I can PM you with some ideas.
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  7. Pleasure's all mine, mate.

    Yeah! DTB is one of my favorite animes/has a sick soundtrack lol.

    Actually doing an RP soon that'll have Hei/Carnage show up hence my profile image
    But so uh as not to derail this thread, if you got suggestions for me you can go ahead and PM me I guess lol

    kind of working on posts elsewhere but i'll respond to you ASAP :)
  8. [​IMG]

    Carnage(Cletus Kasady)


    Late 20s-early thirties?





    powers & abilities(optional):

    Carnage (comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Cletus Kasady is a psychopath and a homicidal sadist. He is a deeply disturbed individual with a dark past: as a child, he killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, tried to murder his mother by throwing a hair dryer into her bathtub, and tortured and killed his mother's dog. After the latter, his mother then tried to kill Cletus, and was apparently beaten to the brink of death by Kasady's father when in actuality Cletus had taken out his mother himself and pinned it to make it seem like his father had snapped/gone crazy. Which in turn would see his father put away in an insane aslyum, a fate which amused Cletus

    As an orphan, Kasady was sent to the St. Estes Home for Boys, where his antisocial behavior made him the target of abuse from both the other orphans and the staff. Kasady gained revenge by murdering the disciplinarian administrator, pushing a girl (who laughed at him for asking her to date him) in front of a moving bus, and burning down the orphanage. It was during his brutal years at St. Estes that Kasady acquired his philosophy that life was essentially meaningless and futile, that "laws are only words", and came to see the spreading of chaos through random, unpatterned bloodshed as "the ultimate freedom

    hope that's ok @TheColourlessRainbow
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  9. The Bio is fine, expect it matches his comic book self completely. It needs to be altered; either new fake details need to be added, or some of his need to be removed. This RP is about how the TV shows and things are actually wrong; and that the people who come from them have different stories then we think they have.
  10. Fair enough

    I edited a small detail which I think changes things up a bit/makes Cletus seem a bit more malicious.

    Instead of his father actually attempting to murder Cletus's mother, Cletus killed her himself and pinned it on his dad. All so he could see his dad taken away to the looney bin.
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  11. That works.
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  12. it depends! Discord probably will, but the Moonlight wont. Also depends upon the character.
  13. Gotcha. Rather interesting, so are neutral people allowed to join either side? Discord would definitely say yes to people who "murderize" things.
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  14. They are totally aloud too! Or they can stay neutral.
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  15. I might bring out pyramid head just to test myself. Never played that slow moving silent killer before.
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  16. Question is which side he would be considered being on since he's a manifestation of a person's hidden desires to kill or their sin of committing murder that the person constantly rejects until they admit it to themselves and face what they've done. Neutral?
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  17. It's more or less who he CHOOSES to join.
  18. Neutral is kinda the ppl who don't care about the war, or don't want to be apart of it.
  19. Name: Swiper

    Age: Unknown


    Canon: Dora the explorer

    affiliation: neutral.

    powers & abilities(optional): Claws, and tons of stolen tech/items.

    Bio: Swiper was once a small and normal fox, he searched for food and attempted to mate. That all changed when the Lab found him, taking the small fox into a testing chamber; the scientist tested until they turned him into a biped intelligent animal. However these benefits came with nothing but drawbacks; altering something inside his brain, Swiper was unable to resist stealing valuable things. However, using a fail safe one was able to stop Swiper by saying; "Swiper no swiping!" three times. Swiper was able to escape the Lab's clenches; allowing him to eventually meet the small child Dora, after he kidnapped both her mother and grandmother and sold them into a human trafficking ring. Shortly after he invented a multiverse travel device, and started to steel all across the multiverse.​
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