Season One: The VRMMORPG "Los Worlds"

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  1. Los worlds was advertised as a amazing and newly created way of playing virtual reality games. More importantly it was said to be the best VRMMORPG; all this was true. When beta testers were selected for the first year of the game; the 3,000 slots were open for a mere 48 hours before they were filled. The game went on to have many problems, but most of them were quickly fixed by the games head programmer, Ryan Forgold. It was also proven to have the most realistic visuals; allowing players to see what monsters would look like in the real world; and letting them experience day and night alongside a forever changing weather system. It even allowed players to experience the normal sense of tiredness. With all its basic programming; it was conformed for it to have the ability to allow players to taste food and liquids, feel pleasure and pain, even allowed them to small. The game saluted itself for its uncanny resemblances to the real world. This just attracted more players; until the Ryan Forgold announced that they would be remastering the sever to allow more players to fit. Due to this; Ryan Forgold allowed 760,000 players to get trapped. No one knows if he was the one who caused this; and not many care who did, all they care about is trying to get home.

    When the launch day came; and everyone realized no one could log out, massive panic hit the streets. Many attempted to log out through the permanent death system; but one one knew if they managed to wake up in the real world till weeks later. The discovery that no one woke up; but instead died or went into a permanent coma caused the population to take the game far more seriously. Many refused to leave The Land Of Beginnings, the lowest and first territory everyone spawned in. Others saw it as a way to a new life; and went on their own path.

    Four months later one group of people saw it as a prison, and a trap. Forming a guild they started calling themselves "Sliver Claws". They wished to start one of the Eight World Quests. You are somehow affiliated with this guild.

    The large six room guild building was located in a small village; the village only held 40 building in total.​


    Ty'les and Tessa/Guild Dinning Room/anyone

    Ty'less leaned against a long narrow wooden table. He was standing in the dinning room of the guild house, reading through a new summoning book he managed to collect through a raid. The book was said to be rare; and allow the summoner to summon a demon based familiar(s). However he was having trouble reading it due to the language it was written in; his managed to learn 3 of the commonly used languages in Los Worlds but this one was far different then the others. Sighing, he closed the black and red book. Opening his small black backpack that sat next to him on the table, he stuffed the book inside. Hearing the front door open then close, Ty'les saw his sister Tessa enter the room.

    "Hello." greeted Ty'less to his sister.

    "Hey!" happily replied Tessa with a smile and a wave. She quickly made her way to her brother and stood side by side with him.

    "So; have you managed to read that book yet?" she asked.

    "No; I think the higher the rarity the more uncommon the language is." stated Ty'less with a concentrated look on his face. Tessa smiled,

    "Why don't you just go into the town library?" she asked; her smile turning into a dumb founded expression.

    "Because I don't even know what to start looking for." stated Ty'less with a sharp tone. His gaze was on the dark brown wooded floor. Tessa sighed; then gave her brother a pat on his shoulder before taking a seat at the dining table.

  2. Ara/Village Outskirts/Anyone
    Ara was bored.
    The majority of monsters were simple, ugly,rough. The world was amazing, but there was only so much to explore. Ara's gaze wandered over to his weapons. They were well-made, and beautiful. Not like the houses. Ara didn't mind the living conditions, it was what would be expected of a small town like this. But they looked so dull. Ara sighed, and closed his eyes and leaned back.

    I wonder if anyone's doing
    anything interesting.

    Pretty soon, he fell asleep sitting against a tree, dreaming of elegant, intricate weapons and statues.​
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  3. Uyie & GP/Outside the Guild Building/Anyone

    Two girls stood outside the front entrance of the guild building. It was a scene played over a dozen times. The girls stood several meters away from each other. Both of them were fully geared out and pulling out their weapons.

    To the left was the Cursed Atlantian Pirate Captain GP aka Gallows_Party.

    This 5'5'' Scourge was the scourge of the seas and owner of the Cursed Ghost Ship, Kitty Hawk which she can call at anytime using her famous ring, Call of the Fallen. Through the ring, she could command her ghastly crew out of thin air to rain destruction on her foes. This added with her Captain's command abilities made her one of the deadliest pirates in Los Worlds. She was recruited into Sliver Claws after she lost a bet. She normally acts independent of the guild when not directly called upon, but if she spots one of her guildies in trouble, she will hoist the flag of Sliver Claws. Though her crew consisted of 3 Cursed NPCs and a skeleton parrot whose souls are linked to the Kitty Hawk, It is not uncommon for this deviant to be followed by her best friend and rival... The crazy short girl in the right corner...

    The Relic Berserker Rune Breaker Unyielding aka Unyie
    [​IMG]Coming in at 5'2" Unyie is a rebellious ball of terror. She runs into to battles head on using brute force to end most conflicts. However her class is not some point and swing style fighter. All Relics have the added difficulty of managing their Aura bar and Unyie is one of the best. With her Relics Cannon ( a beefed up famous rune pistol) She can drop her aura levels easily to trigger her depleted mode. In terms of rank, Unyie is top tier for Deplete Style Relics. She entered the guild because she lost the bet. In fact, she was the one who initiated the bet that force both of them to join the guild. Though she is just as independent as GP, she is active in in terms of communication with the guild. She typically rides along with GP assisting in the terror the pirate causes, if only to keep her race from being captured and turned in to Atlantis as slaves. She also is an officer in the Cynical Rebel Faction Cipher. Though she normally does not assist with operations, she acts more as a scout and sends back information and logistics. She also uses GP's ship as a transport for players and cargo... at a price.

    Today none of that matters. The two girls were in a deadlock. Everyone in the town knew to stay back. This was going to be the biggest challenge between the two ever. They both recently retrieved their new respective Famous level gear and it was time to test them out over a dispute.
    "Told ye already, Tis me ship and me rules little guppy. Now stand fast before I blow you out of the water!" said GP with a smile.

    "A pirate preaching about following rules? Last I checked, you owed me a favor. Renege now and taste my foot up your ass." responded Unyie, thought she was not smiling.

    GP pointed her gun at Unyie. "Ye so lucky. I should Shoot..." The sound of the pistol echoed through the village. Unyie was surrounded by smoke from the explosion of the shot. "Oops, accidentally almost cared. FIRE AT WILL!" GP's skeleton parrot Flew off her shoulder and cut the air with its bone wings. A green tear cut through the air and 3 rusty cannons popped out. Green energy seeped through the cut and a hissing noise filled the air. Then the first cannon fired. A Ball of green ghastly energy surrounded the red cannonball. Shortly after the 3rd cannon fired, the second cannon fired. The the cycled continued. The cannonballs shrieked as the dived toward the Relic girl, the shrieks of tortured souls and the cries of misery.

    Unyie fell to the ground after taking the shot from the pistol in the chest. Her Aura bar rose to 30 percent from 25. Normally a physical attack would have no effect on Relic's aura but GP's ring curses her and all her abilities to become embedded with magic. Thus all her damage will always deal a portion as magic. Before Unyie could get up, she was pounded by the ghastly cannonballs from the Kitty Hawk. Her aura slowly rose as each cannonball exploded. Once at 50 percent Aura, Unyie slammed her axe into the ground, blowing away all the smoke from shear force. Her Axe was glowing with Aura. Then she deflected the next cannon ball at the ship which caused it to retreat into the tear and dropping the 3 curse crew members onto the ground. Her aura dropped to 49 percent after the strike but quickly rose to 51 because of the magic in the cannonball. "This Curse status you have, I love it HAHA!" Unyie laughed and started walking towards GP

    The 3 crew members landed on the ground like cats wearing hoods to cover up most of their bodies. One was a huge 7 foot undead hulking beast man. His head looked like that of a saber-tooth tiger. Most of the face was grey with some flesh and bones exposed. Out from on sleeve was a giant claw the other hand was a normal size but decaying hand. He had a skeleton tail with a hammer attached at the end. The one to the left was looked like a grey girl. She was very slim and had 2 pistols at her side and a hump on her back. Upon closer inspection, one could see she was a cyborg. The last member of the crew was a skeleton man holding a blade in his left hand. His right hand was a tower shield which covered half his body and looks to be able to expand. Any part of his body not hidden by the cloak appeared to be burning by a sea green and blue flame. Finally the parrot flew above GP. However instead of landing on her shoulder, the bird squawked. Its voice went from a high pitch cry to a low pitch bellow as the bird grew in size to double that of the man and mutated to a dragon like bird. Its wings started burning with the sea green and blue fire and its eyes sockets were glowing red. "Someone is ready for Halloween. Too bad I have out grown trick or treating." Unyie jumped over the bird and tried to dunk on GP with her Axe.

    GP did not move. Instead she nodded her head to the Beast man who jumped and pulled Unyie out of the air with his claw. Then he threw her back in front of the group. "Too bad ye have not outgrown losing!" Joked GP as she nodded to the cyborg girl. Then the girl pulled out her pistols and unleashed barrage of wailing bullets. Unyie rolled on and tried to evade the bullets. However she missed the fact that GP had already moved from her spot and into her path, ready to cut her. Unyie swung at the last minute but GP jumped over it and stabbed Unyie's arm. Unyie's aura rose to 70 percent. Her eyes were glowing signaling she could not use her defensive skills any more. She stopped and took the bullets head on. Her aura rose to 73 percent. Unyie then Growled. Then the bird flew at her with blinding speeds. "That's it. NO FRIEND FOR YOU," shouted Unyie, as she held up her axe. A aura blade grew around it, doubling its size. Then She jumped into the air and sliced the bird in half. It disappeared into flames. The beast man jumped at her while growling. Unyie smiled as her axe returned to normal size. She started spinning rapidly. As the Beast close, it found itself chopped up into little pieces. The girl then started shooting Unyie and GP followed suit by shooting her pistol. Unyie stopped spinning and deflect GP's shot at the girl. The girl exploded and robot parts flew everywhere. Unyie's aura was at 60% now and her eyes stopped glowing.

    GP and the man ran at Unyie. GP fired her remaining shots, one at Unyie chest and one at her feet. Unyie tried to deflect them to the shield man but his shield glowed and deflected the bullets back at Unyie. These knocked over the girl. Then the shield guy smacked her with his shield into GP who launch a furry of swipes. Finally she kicked Unyie into the dirt and proceeded to reload her weapon. Unyie's eyes started glowing as her aura was at 99%. Her HP was at 10% and she has yet to deal any damage to GP. She roared hooking her axe around the shield guy and pulling him to her. With his guard down she Jumped into the air and dunked on him, absorbing his magic. Then her body started shining. She was overcharged. She turned to GP who had just finished reloading. However it was too late. Unyie pulled and proceeded to unleash a barrage of attacks. Aura exploded from each attack and burst through GP's HP. Unyie then Stunned GP before her Overcharge wore off.

    Unyie started panting as the Overcharge was exhausting. She lifted her axe ready to dish out the last blow. GP used ate a orange to break the stun and dodged the strike. Then she pointed her gun at Unyie head while Unyie spun her axe around to cleave GP. They both stop seeing that the other could kill them.

    "A draw?" asked Unyie.

    "Seems so..." answered GP. They both sighed and put away their weapons, "Here ye stupid soda. Hell, hate it when ye 1-up me. Yar suppose to be but a puddle in yar overcharged." GP handed over the soda.
    "Well to be fair... I would have lost if you did not waste all you bullets and try to reload. That gave me the time to come back at you. Though if this was a real fight, I would of just blasted you with my Pistol. I had enough aura to chunk you. Then I would had finished you off while depleted. "

    "Arr, that leaves us... 79-21-63."

    "That is because you have those stupid pets. I was ahead for a while till you got that stupid parrot..."

    "Don't ye know? A Captain is nothing without her Crew!"

    "Captain my ass..."

    Then GP smacked Unyie's butt, "Ye bet I own that booty." Then she winked. Unyie's face went red and she punched GP into the Building. "You are such a pervert! Just like some old man!" Unyie then proceeded to follow the trail of destruction left by the Pirate flying through the building. "Hurry and get up! We are late for the meeting."
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  4. Delacroix Zoltan Scourge Yaruk Sulna
    Location: Frozen North, Venetia Woodlands
    Open to Contact with: Anyone

    "Bend with your back... no your back.... bending with your knees just keeps you from getting injured, bend with your back, monkey!"

    Yaruk got up from under the carriage and glared at the pasty ghost-like figure currently relaxing against a bush on the side of the snow-covered path. The two stallions they had idled passively at the front of the carriage, occasionally sniffing around or shaking some snow from their manes.

    "You know, you do have better reflexes than I do..."


    "You're more flexible in that suit of yours..."


    "And could probably get this done faster than me-"

    "Okay," Zoltan held out his hands, "I know where you're going with this... and I don't care, get back on the ground."

    Yaruk grumbled before getting back to finding what was clogging their wheels "You're just lucky you're Anne's brother, or else I'd have to throw down."

    "I am lucky," Zoltan said with a look of realization "killing you quickly like that would be far less entertaining than this."

    "I think I see it!"

    Moments later Yaruk tossed out a large bone, probably after they careened through a haunted graveyard half a mile back and ran over several of its wandering monsters on their way through. Regardless, Yaruk stepped up and patted himself down.

    "We ready to go?" Zoltan asked as he got up and folded his arms "Such a weakling like you shouldn't be outside transportation, drawing the craving gaze of every high level monster within eyesight to your frail but hunger pacifying form. I've already made it clear who gets the honor of heroically sacrificing themselves to whatever comes along just to save me the trouble of euthanizing it myself."

    "Wow, a 'thanks for fixing the carriage buddy!' probably would've made my day right then and there." Yaruk muttered as Zoltan walked by and opened the carriage door.

    "Exactly why I didn't say it." Zoltan stated immediately before entering, then poking his head out and gesturing towards Yaruk with his sheathed katana "Besides, you're the driver. Ergo whatever damaged the carriage was your fault."

    Yaruk watched Zoltan return to the carriage and patted one of the stallions with a sigh, before noticing something he'd been too occupied previously to notice "Where's Anne?"

    "What?" Zoltan called out from the carriage

    "Your Sister? My girlfriend?"

    "Wow, all this time dealing with you and hearing that still makes me want to just slaughter something beautiful out of spite." Zoltan commented before putting his feet up in the carriage.

    "Delacroix!" Yaruk exclaimed "When I started working on the carriage she was out here with you!"

    "Great job keeping watch over your girlfriend there slick."

    "She's your sister!"

    "And unlike you I trust her to wander off without getting herself annihilated in some abhorrent and entertaining way."


    "Oh calm yourself." Zoltan glared at him before smiling "Who knows, maybe she accidentally mounted something while looking around. Maybe If I'm lucky she'll show up with a real man."

    Yaruk realized for probably the thirtieth time since he started this game that he wasn't getting anywhere with Zoltan, then turned to the snow covered forests to begin looking on his own. Thankfully his apparel kept the snow from hampering his progress too much, and eventually he heard the tell-tale sound of his girlfriend's voice through the woods. As he drew closer, he slowed down as her words became more coherent.

    "-Like that don't ya... oooh..."

    Yaruk immediately remembered Zoltan's taunts before swallowing nervously and continuing his approach.

    "...Didn't...could be.... Oh my, sensitive~!"

    Bracing himself for the absolute worst, Yaruk poked his head out of the shrubbery to spy his girlfriend...hugging a tree. Previous thoughts all but demolished at the strange sight, he watched as her tail swished to and fro while she whispered sweet nothings to the piece of foliage. She tapped one of her hooves against the snowy ground, while the glyph above her head lit up randomly with light red color.

    "Um, honey?" Yaruk said cautiously, immediately grabbing Delacroix's attention as she turned to him with a smile.

    "Leo!" Delacroix exclaimed before releasing the tree and bounding over, her large character model closing distance quickly before she wrapped him up in her arms and began knowingly smothering him in her bosom "Aw, did you come all the way out here just to check up on me?"

    "Well, I mean you weren't at the carriage," Yaruk began, ignoring her usual forwardness around him "and I finally got it fixed and-."

    He was interrupted as Delacroix openly dragged her forked tongue across his headgear, "Aw, I like it when you get all worked up and worried about me. It's soooo cute!"

    Delacroix chuckled to herself before letting Yaruk go.

    As much as Yaruk loved his girlfriend, her character model was just... confusing to him. In the real world she was basically Aphrodite in his eyes, and this model had a bonified body too but just had so many weird parts added in. She and her brother didn't seem to give a single damn, but Yaruk never was as experienced in gaming as they were. As he met Delacroix's eyes again he remembered her previous actions.

    "So uh, what was going on over there with that tree?" Yaruk asked hesitantly

    "Just giving her the attention she needs," Delacroix replied with a shrug before moving to his side and wrapping an arm around his back "I think she'd enjoy having more than one person showeringit with affection, what do ya say, sweetness?"

    "As much as I'd love to... get down, with a two story hunk of wood, leaves and snow, we really should get going I left your brother with the carriage."

    That seemed to work, Delacroix rolled her eyes with a sigh before walking back over to the tree and going through her inventory for a moment. She wrote out her brother's address on a scroll before leaving it at the foot of the tree with a wink.

    "Okay, let's go see if my bro made off with our ride." She said plainly before making her way back to the carriage, Yaruk glanced back at the scroll on the snowy ground before turning and following after her. Once they were gone, some time passed before the tree started shimmering. A frosty looking wood nymph exited said tree and hummed to herself in a nervous fashion as it immediately acquired the note and reentered her tree with a blush.

    Yaruk gave a sigh of relief upon finding the carriage right where they left it, with Zoltan still lounging inside "Finally" the elder sibling said with a yawn before making room for his sister.

    "Wow Theo," Yaruk said as he climbed into the driver's seat and took the reins "I honestly thought you'd abandon us here and take off on your own."

    "Drive myself?" Zoltan quirked an eyebrow, "What kind of disgusting savage do you take me for?"

    "Of course." Yaruk said before getting them moving, the stallions took off as the two siblings got comfortable inside.

    "So bro," Delacroix said with some shifty eyebrows while she idly tapped the ceiling with her tail "what're your thoughts on wood nymphs?"

    "Cheap firewood." Zoltan immediately stated with a shrug as they continued on their way.​
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  5. Mysterious Figures/Frozen North, Venetia Woodlands/Delacroix Zoltan Scourge Yaruk Sulna

    A figure stood next to a wolf on the snowy dirt road. His black robe covered his body; his hood covered his face. He was holding his hand out, his palm facing upwards while a black orb floated above it. The orb showed the events that occurred to Delacroix, Zoltan and Yaruk. The figure shook his head while watching,

    "They are foolish." simply spoke the deep and sinister voice.

    The Wolf perked its head up, looking to the figure.

    "What did you expect; they have only lived their new life for a mere few months, we have lived ours for two years." stated the bright, feminine female voice.

    "I do not know what I expected." admitted the figure.

    "Then why are we here?" asked the wolf.

    "Because I wish to capture them. I will harvest their abilities." stated the figure as the carriage came into view. The driver of the carriage would surly notice both the figure and the wolf. The Figure pushed his palm forward, releasing the orb and pushing it towards the carriage at incredible speed. If the orb would hit the carriage; the impact would cause a explosion dealing magic damage. The aftereffect would then be black mist surrounding the impact zone; which would cause suffocation and poisoning.
  6. Delacroix Zoltan Scourge Yaruk Sulna
    Location: Frozen North, Venetia Woodlands
    Contact: @TheColourlessRainbow

    Yaruk narrowed his eyes as he leaned forward, as a marksman he spotted the odd figures ahead immediately once they were in his field of view "Uh guys," he called back into the cab "I see something kind of-"

    He didn't even finish speaking before both the doors of the carriage were kicked open from the inside and the siblings exited from the sides "Oh my god he triggered an event," Zoltan whined as he climbed onto the roof of the carriage "Is there literally nothing I can do to keep you from wasting our time? This is like the sixth stop and we haven't even reached the quest location!"

    "Maybe he didn't get us close enough, maybe we can work our way around it?" Delacroix offered

    It was at that moment the orb burst out of the foliage ahead and flew towards the carriage.

    "Nope. Triggered." Zoltan said before screaming at Yaruk "Damn it marksman shoot it!"

    Yaruk drew a pistol and took aim as the orb split the distance in half, he fired.... time seemed to slow down as the wind blew dramatically.... The bullet and the orb collided!!!

    Shifting it literally 0.5 centimeters to the side.

    Yaruk went open mouthed as Zoltan audibly face palmed and Delacroix wrapped her arms around Yaruk "Bail!" she yelled before Zoltan grumbled "You. literally. had. one. job." and leaped into the snowy tree to his side and she hauled Yaruk off as well. Trajectory shifted, the orb didn't hit head on, but it managed to wedge itself under the wheel of the carriage before imploding and sending the horse drawn vehicle spiraling off to the side into the woods. The smoke and mist filled impact area grew as the carriage disappeared somewhere off to the side.

    The mist billowed for some time before Delacroix carried Yaruk out of the woods just a couple yards ahead of it.

    Yaruk was still frozen in shock, his arm outstretched with a look of heartbreak at the state of the carriage.

    "M-my carriage..." Yaruk tried to bite back the tears, but even the musclebound underground dweller was powerless to the surge of emotion that forced itself out of his eye lids.

    "Dear god it was just the start of the event and he's already crying." Delacroix turned to watch Zoltan stroll out of the woods "Don't fret, monkey, I'll purchase you a new carriage. Preferably a shittier one to go with its future owner, ya follow me?"

    "I had to grind for literally weeks to get that thing!"

    "And yet you let it get destroyed so easily, I'm starting to think you have issues with responsibility."

    Yaruk turned to him, enraged "Well how was I supposed to know they would try and blow us up!?!?"

    Delacroix and Zoltan shared a look before glancing at the figures up ahead and then down at Yaruk again.

    "Sorry hon, but have you, like, played a story based game before?" Delacroix asked while trying not to meet her boyfriends eyes

    "Anytime your driver notices something odd, its most likely an attack. Usually perpetrated by either marksman or explosives." Zoltan finished "I mean they did that in literally every FPS for the past god-knows how many years."

    Yaruk tried wiping away the tears as Zoltan turned back to scan the figures ahead of them "Either way you got us dragged into an event, pretty generic one at that, so I hope you feel even a fraction of the disappointment in yourself that I am feeling."

    "Aw come on bro, maybe it'll be fun." Delacroix offered, gesturing towards the figure and wolf "I mean just look at how peculiar they look, maybe we'll find a quest to do after this one!"

    "Bah!" Zoltan scoffed "Any quest that starts off as by the book as this is just a can of let-down waiting to be unleashed upon the world.... AND STOP CRYING BACK THERE!!!"

    The end of that statement, was directed at Yaruk. Still on his knees watching the smoke and mist covered rear of the path with magical flames of green and purple dancing just beyond the cloud of dust.

    "I worked so hard to acquire those horses..."

    As if for emphasis, one of said horses landed heavily to Yaruk's side before shattering into data.

    "Oh my- You know you could bitch about anything couldn't you?" Zoltan said before turning forward again "I say we just cut through the woods and reach the temple, we can try this event later when more important things are taken care of."

    "Aw, where's your sense of spirit?" Delacroix pouted before wagging a finger "We should at least give this event a chance!"

    As Zoltan crossed his arms with a sigh, Delacroix turned back to the figures and called out "Hey! We see you don't take kindly to mobile transport! You kinda blew up our ride and stuff! Sooo... kind of wondering what that was about?"

    "This is literally too stupid." Zoltan stated assuredly at his sister's way of interaction "Literally... feeling the stupidity growing malignant in my cells."
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  7. Ty'les/Guild Dinning Hall/Uyie & GP

    Ty'les was the first to notice the sound of building breaking; and in fact, it caused him no concern. Sighing; Ty'les called out.

    "I'm going to guess its either Uyie or GP who flew into the building," started Ty'les at a loud enough volume for both of them to hear,

    "So can you just hurry it up and get in here?" he asked.
  8. Unyie & GP/Guild Dinning Hall/Ty'les and Tessa

    Unyie strutted pass the the pile of debris over GP while smiling. "Blame GP for living up to her name and being a Giant Pervert." Then dropped the smile, "Also, watch your tone Mage! Don't think I wont send your uppity ass through a wall too." Unyie entered the Dining Hall and sat next to Tessa, materializing her Axe into her inventory. She leaned back in the chair and noticed the mage reading a book. She closed her eyes and rocked her chair back and sigh. "This meeting better be more then some book club."

    GP finally managed to break free of the rubble. "Unyie ye bilge rat!. nearly sent me t' Davy Jones" She stormed into the dining hall with her Cutlass out. Once she saw Unyie, she pointed her blade at he girl while clenching her teeth. "Ought t' keelhaul ya n feed yer remain t' te guppies." GP stopped with the blade in Unyie face and her hand on the table.

    Unyie snickered and opened one eye. "And I ought to report you for sexual harassment. But you don't see me crying."

    GP stabbed her blade into the table and picked up Unyie by her collar. "Aye, cause ya punched me through several bulkheads!"
    "Cry me a river." She turned her head pretending not to care, "Besides you are making a scene. Can't you see we are about to discuss the the crappy books those two brought?"

    GP's face went completely read. She screamed, dropped Unyie, and then shot at her face. She missed on purpose, creating a decent hole in the ground. "Ya lucky yar me first mate." Then she sheath her cutlass and pistol. She grabbed a chair and slammed it at the table and planted her there. "So wat was so important tha ye had to cut our vogue, land lubbers?"

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  9. T-K/Village Outskirts/@BlueAra

    A samurai man came to an open field of grass and cast a spell, a medium grade one to be precise. "So let see... so I need to do this and..." a surge of light came from his hand and a group of small blue flame disperse surround him floating, "Not too shabby," the man smirked. "Never thought that I seeing this as fun rather than scared, oh doesn't get better in real life anyway, I'm a wanted man." as he was going to rest, he saw a man with dark blue hair, "Hey is there a place free beside you?" T-K approached the man with a friendly smile.
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  10. Ara/Village Outskirts/@GreenSea
    I woke up to the soft crackling of blue flames. As I opened my eyes, they dispersed into the air. I sighed, seeing as they were gone, and my attention focused on the person who created them. A black haired human in armor. He muttered something, and then headed towards me. "Hey, is there a place free besides you?" He asked, smiling. I frowned, there shouldn't be Pking allowed here. "Yes, I'm quite alone right now" I observed him to see his reaction.
    I took a glance at his armour and weapons, not dull or ugly, but not artful. Not like the fires. "Those fires you made were quite beautiful"​
  11. T-K/Village Outskirts/@BlueAra

    He saw the blue hair guy frowned, deep inside he's chuckling that the guy is cautious of his surrounding, "really? I thought it was a little off, I just learnt it from medium tier magic book, not that great despite the book cost." the tapped out his clothes out as he sat beside the blue hair guy, "the name's T-K, and yours?" T-K trying to open a conversation to the blue hair guy as he thought making a friend in here wouldn't be so bad.
  12. Archangel/Dining Hall/Unyie,GP,Ty'les, and Tessa (@TheColourlessRainbow @Unyielding)

    Archangel was reading a book to raise his diplomacy. He found the book pretty interesting. It talked about the different times to use Diplomacy and different situations where you might need to fight.

    Archangel began humming a tune. It was a familiar tune, but he couldn't place its origin, so he chalked it up to 'Outside of the game.' he tapped his foot to the beat. It was a soft song that had an ethereal quality to it.

    He finally stopped when he heard arguing outside. He knew exactly who it was. He rolled off of his chair, grabbed his staff, straightened his cape, and walked to the door.

    He Stood up and watched as Unyie and GP argued about one of their fights. He stepped forward. "It's just a game. Please, can we just work this out? You'll win some and lose some." He said, casually leaning on his staff in the doorway and smiling.
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  13. Unyie & GP/Guild Dinning Hall/Ty'les, Tessa, and Archangel
    After GP finally calmed down, Archangel appeared. Worst, he brought up that fight. GP got out of her chair, "Aye, n if I refuse?" She started cracking her knuckles and smiled back at the player. Now that the Pirate was riled up for another brawl.
    Unyie got up and sighed. At this rate, nobody was going to calm down. Sure she did not care for peace, but she also did not want to be here forever because GP was constantly picking fights. "GP you are making a scene. Calm your tits. The quicker the book club ends, the quicker we can go back to sea."

    GP Turned to Unyie and folded her arms. "Will spare te prissy princess for now." Then she sat back in the chair. "Ye be walkin te plank for this Unyie."

    "Yeah yeah, when you stop pretending to be a pirate nub."
    @The Silver Paladin
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  14. Ara/Village Outskirts/@GreenSea
    "The names T.K, and yours?"
    "Nice to meet you, my name is Ara. That spell is pretty, so I guess it would cost a bit more. Do you know if it does anything else?" He smiled. That was a lie. This was a game where everything has a function, a purpose. That's what he knew so far. It was also the reason he didn't particularly like this world. A spell just for being pretty? What a joke.

    (Should we already know each other since we're in the same guild?)​
  15. T-K/Village Outskirts/@BlueAra

    T-K looked at Ara smiling in a deceiving way which he always did in real life. "I can see through your face Ara, you hatred was really transparent from here." he stood up and lend him a hand, "here let me teach you some of the skills I learn, not much but I think enough to survive from this catastrophic world.
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  16. Tessa and Ty'les/Dining Hall/Unyie,GP, and Archangel(@The Silver Paladin @Unyielding)

    Ty'les was tried of witnessing Unyie and GP's none sense; and when Archangel approached the conflict all he wished was that this meeting would be over before it started.

    "Its not a book club for one," started Ty'les. Tessa smirked at this; her words almost like posion when pointed to Unyie.

    "and if it was a book club; we obvoiusly wouldn't invite a illiterate." shot Tessa; Ty'les looked to his sister with a look of anger and frustration.

    "Anyhow.." he simply said; skipping the comment that his sister had just made.

    "We're actually here to discuss that mission. You know; the one where we need to travel through the Frozen Norths Venetia Woodlands?" asked Ty'less. His white hair danced as he shook his head,

    "In case no one remembers; some guy wants us to deliver some items of his to his cabin." stated Ty'less as he looked to the crowed.

    "So, whos coming with me?" he asked with a matter of fact tone; it was clear that the guild was accepting the mission.
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  17. Ara/Village Outskirts/@GreenSea

    I received T.K's words without flinching, and with a big smile on my face. "Hatred might be too strong a word." I took his offered hand and stood up. "I think I'll take you up on that offer." I said, still smiling.​
  18. Mysterious Figures/Frozen North, Venetia Woodlands/Delacroix Zoltan Scourge Yaruk Sulna @GrieveWriter

    The figure and its wolf chuckled; looking to one another they began to speak,

    "They think we're a event." stated the humanoid figure as he repeated what the players had said.

    "I heard; I think its time to show them we're much more than game data." spoke the wolf as the gem in its forehead began to glow. When Delacroix called out to them; the figure took a step forward and spoke in a much deeper and darker tone.

    "You act collected; but soon I will harvest all three of you, and you all will fall into the pit of death." spoke the figure as black mist surrounded his hands; only to then disappear revealing two small weapons in them.

    the blades seemed to be coated in a black mist; but all other details were lost as the figure dashed at Delacroix.

    "I will be the one to send you to the grave!" shouted the figure as it attempted to aim for her neck with his left hand, and her torso with the other.​
  19. T-K/Village Outskirts/@BlueAra

    T-K smirked as he read the book for a second and try to chant it as hard as he can, his sword start to shine and took in another form, a blue one to be precise," not too shabby huh?" he lightly swung his sword around with create a wave of water from his slashing projectile. "Hatred isn't a strong word or at least for me, do mind if we become a party?" T-K scratched his back head and said, "it's kinda boring to hunt alone so will you?" T-K ripped the page that he was reading and handed in to Ara, "here take it, I thought it suits you with all those.." he pointed finger to ara from head to toes, "all those blue..."
  20. Lotus
    Dining Room - @TheColourlessRainbow @Others

    Lotus sat in the dining room, with a particularly sour expression on her face... She had her nose buried in a book, as per usual... However, this one seemed to detail the berserker class; little did people know, it was that same class that she had lost to in a sparring match earlier, which was the reason for her rather down-trodden mood really... It was an humiliating defeat, brought about by mis-judging her opponent's class until the moment it was too late... Though, just then, she caught wind of the conversation drifting around the room, about the mission they were given... Maybe this was it, her chance to redeem herself from that embarrassing loss? At this point. Lotus seemed to stop sulking, even if if was just for the moment "I'll go." she said suddenly, seeming a bit more up-beat all of a sudden, and if one were observant, they could notice a small smile on her face for once, instead of the usual, more gloomy expression... Though, there was no telling how long this would last...

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