Season One: The VRMMORPG "Los Worlds"

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  1. Premise:

    The year is 3087. Virtual reality video games have finally hit their climax; and Los Worlds knows that. The newest game of virtual reality has finally allowed the players almost complete freedom. With a world of six continents; and billions of skills/spells and forms of defense and offensive moves; that doesn't even begin to hit the games surface. The game allows for a self created race for a player to join as; or allows them to play as a preset race. The game seemed to hit the mark of a VRMMORPG; allowing players to build towns and rule them, or even letting them play as a solo player. However....everything is not what it seems. After the launch of Los Worlds; it seemed the 760,000 players.
    were unable to log out from the game. and those who did indeed die within it; never woke up in the real world. Rumors had it that beating one of the 8 major quests would release you from the game; but none have reached the ending of any of them.

    Character Sheet:

    Real Name: Obviously the name of your character in the real world.

    Avatar name: what they go by in Los Worlds.

    Real Appearance(optional): picture or a written description is fine.

    Avatar Appearance: picture or a written description is fine.

    Avatar Race: What race are they?

    Race description: Please give at least one paragraph explaining your race.

    Character Class: What are they? Witch, Warlock, Gunner, Mage, and so on.

    Sub Class(optional): Do they have a secondary class?

    Weapon(s): What weapons do they have? Or do they use spells; if so just put "spell caster"

    Age: how old are they?

    sex: Male, female, and so on.

    Sexuality(optional): What is your characters sexuality?

    Real World Bio: Who are they and why? Please give one paragraph.
    1. Los Worlds will be a seasonal roleoplay. This means each season will only last two weeks, and contain a arch. After the season ends the roleplay will be closed and a new sign up thread will be made for the next season. I have this system in place allowing for people to create, kill, and move, previous character(s).

    2. Los worlds is not complex. Well; it is. But not the fighting and moving. Everyone moves and fights like they would in the real world; expect for spells and Alchemy. Full metal alchemist's rules apply in this roleplay when involving Alchemists, and spells can vary depending on you.

    3. No meta RPing and no god modding.

    4. Please try to post more then a line; to keep the plot moving a bit.

    5. All though I am the GM; I am not going to be the only one world building. I dont mind you creating NPCS(none important ones) to fiddle around with. I also dont mind you making locations(none important ones) to go to. This also includes organizations and monsters.

    6. The relationship aspect of Los World is like this(please click). Party systems work like this. Most of the Statues Effects that will be used will be on here. and the quest system will be loosely based on this

    7. Please; if you have a idea for a major plot point, shoot me a message!

    8. The class and inventory system. Literately any class is allowed; as long as its not over powered. The inventory system is simple; if you have something its always on you. However, if you did not pick up something or have it before you start a battle or required it during the battle; and I find this out, you will have a possibility of being kicked from the roleplay.

    9. The levels of rarity are these. Common, Uncommon, Famous, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Godly.

    10. The Looting system. You decided what you have; with what effects and enchantments it has; be warned if its OP I will intervene. However nothing can be over the level of famous. I am the only one allowed to give out any other level of rarity.

    11. Weapon/armor crafting will go like this. Enchanting goes like this

    12. Spell creation can vary on the roleplayer; however I dont want easy steps for a powerful spell.

    13. This season will be taking place 2 months after the start and realization of being trapped in Los world. Most; if not all of our characters WILL be in the same guild. If they aren't, they will be invovled in one way or another.

    14. Please; if you have any questions shoot me a message or ask me here.

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  2. Real Name: Brian O'love

    Avatar name: Ty'les

    Real Appearance(optional):

    Avatar Appearance:

    Avatar Race: Demonfused

    Race description: The Demonfused was a race that were once very powerful; ruling the island of "Flo'ros" the demonfused killed all who stood against them. Welding incredible magical capabilities; the demonfused swiftly destroyed their enemies the island. With the war over; and having total control over the island, the demonfused quickly fell into taboo magic. Using a nationwide spell; the demonfused spliced both their demonic traits with most of the wild life on the island, creating a new and more powerful version of themselves.

    Character Class: Summoner

    Sub Class: Mage

    Weapon(s): A rare enchanted Staff; and five summoner books.​

    Age: 22

    sex: Male

    Sexuality(optional): Bisexual

    Real World Bio: Brian is a young and bright inventor. At the age of six he invented his first voice light. This invention turned on to his call, and off when he asked it too. At the age of sixteen; Brian invented his first mmorpg. At the age of 19; Brian was the CEO of one of the largest video game creators in America.​
  3. Real Name: Tokio Seyfield

    Avatar name: T-K

    Real Appearance(optional):
    Avatar Appearance:
    Avatar Race:Human

    Race description: One most weakest if not easiest race to use in the game, their balance stats are way below the others but their luck and potential make up for the lost. Human was one of the least used race in the game due to their low start stats game. Due to the unpopularity of the race, the developer finally patched the game so that it would attract more people. So far human are evenly spread out through out the 6 continent.

    Character Class: Magic Knight

    Sub Class: Knight

    Weapon(s): Weapon infused with his magic

    Age: 21

    sex: Male

    Sexuality(optional): Heterosexual

    Real World Bio: A normal NEET at a glance but his actually an anonymous hacker which cause ruckus for the past years, he start hacking at the age 15 where he hack a bank for fun at first but he expand his work to FBI. Now he's on FBI most wanted list without FBI knowing the specific feature of his face.
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  4. 1. How many characters per person?

    2. Are classes of similiar nature to this and this allowed?

    3. Can we create a 'unique' class as long as we explain it?
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  5. As many peeps as you want. The Class system can work anyway you want it too. If you wish for either of those to be how your charchter plays is fine; and you can indeed create a unique class. With me giving you the freedom to do what you want; I allow almost anything; as long as it falls into my rules. A explanation of your unique class would be cool; thank you.
  6. Please take this to me in a private message.
  7. [​IMG]
    "I have to fulfil this mission before the game ends."

    "I'm not the monster... you are... Eldorado..."

    Real Name:
    Erich Wu

    Avatar name:

    Avatar Appearance:
    Depicted in the first picture is Eldorado, Erich's avatar. He is feminine in appearance and a mere 1.5 metres tall. He wears a simple white shirt with some shorts, and a green hood over it to cover most of it. This hood is normally unveiled.

    Depicted in the second picture is Eldorado's Slave. Eldorado refuses to name her because he does not want to be too attached to her, but he secretly calls her 'Anastasia', after his late pet cat. She is 1.7 metres tall and is somewhat flat. She wears nothing but semi-rusty chains wrapped around her body and a chastity belt. On her neck is a metallic collar with a chain leash.

    Avatar Race:
    Frelgarian & ???

    Race description:
    Frelgarians are simply humans from Frelgaria, a rather gloomy, dark town that dabbles in slave trade. They prefer to indulge in the trafficking of 'lesser' races, mostly beast or demon races that have assumed human form. Due to the nature of this race, Frelgarians are male-only while their '???' tend to be female members of varying races.

    The Frelgarians kidnap and violate human women in order to produce children. It is not safe for women to come near Frelgaria. They do this because at some point the Frelgarians were no longer able to produce female offspring and had to resort to such ways. Some say that someone among dem guys wanted way too many male heirs and his wish came true. That must suck.

    '???' could be any race, usually beast race, that has assumed human form, and can sprout into many possible beings. The individual of this race has been enslaved by the Frelgarian, and is intended to be sold as a virgin sex slave. Woah, we're treading into some porn territory! What the Frelgarian intends to do with her personally depends on the Frelgarian's Character Class. Frelgarians can cause these slaves, and potentially others, to submit with their mind-based capabilities, forcing them to cooperate.

    Frelgarians have exclusive character classes, most of these revolving around the concept of duality. These classes include but are not limited to 'Dualpaladin', where the Master uses two swords and the slave uses two shields, 'Kickboxer', where both Master and slave contribute with the former blowing punches and the latter flinging kicks, and the 'Saint Piper'.

    Their default subclass is 'Merchant'.

    Frelgarians generally start their story in Frelgaria. The start of their story generally involves them being given the task of delivering a slave of a very exotic species across the country for a high price. This is actually on their mission tab.

    Frelgarian NPCs are named after mythical places. The village chief is called Camelot. Frelgarian Player Characters that love staying in character follow this.

    Character Class:
    Saint Piper

    Character Class Description:
    Saint Piper is a Frelgarian-exclusive class due to the nature of its duality. This Frelgarian's mind-based capabilities are weak, as such, he uses an ocarina to enhance his capabilities to decent levels.
    He will learn that his Ocarina can inflict status conditions, cause damage and even heal. It's essentially a hybrid of Beastmaster and Bard.

    Like all Frelgarian classes, the Slave cannot take damage to their health bar, but can only feel torment and pain. It only goes down when the Master does.

    Like all Frelgarian classes, at later levels, different 'Slaves' will display different additional abilities. Some may even be capable of transforming into beings large enough to ride.

    Sub Class:
    Merchants can sell items back to stores at the same price they are supposed to be bought.
    Discounts on sales will be doubled as long as the discounts are 40% or below.

    Saint Pipers primarily use their ocarina to offend, defend, and unleash sound-based capabilities, as well as enhance their mind control. They can use other woodwind instruments too. Despite 'Piper' in their class name, they are fully capable of wielding other musical instruments for not only the exact same spells, but perhaps some additional spells.

    All Frelgarian Classes have whips to keep their Slaves in check. Well, that's their intended purpose - lore-based reasons, but then you remember that improvisation exists for a reason.


    Male(game), ???(reality)


    Real World Bio:
    'Erich' is an only child. He never really had much social interaction. Any social interaction he had was lost as he moved from school to school during his years, as his family, busy as can be, had to move to accomodate their jobs.
    Erich found interest in MMOs. His family too, was rather busy and had pretty little time to spend with him.
    He found virtual friends that seemed to come and go. He made new ones, but hardly kept the old ones.
    He found 'Los Worlds', the peak of MMOs in every form of existence. He believes that this is the key, this is it...

    Other Information:
    Erich is somewhat obsessed with staying in-character as Eldorado, and will often whisper in your ears 'I'm trying to stay in-character'.​
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  8. Real Name: Merei Tsukami

    Avatar name: Unyielding

    Real Appearance(optional): [​IMG]

    Avatar Appearance: [​IMG]

    Avatar Race: Relic

    Race description: Relics use to be humans from a Magic Mining Island Country. When a great magical battle raved the land, they all went into hiding in the magical mines. The magic from the mines bathed the people as the earth shook, from the war on the surface. The magic gave the people strength and kept them healthy. The people's bodies then became dependent on magic for nourishment. After centuries of living like that, they learned to harvest the magic into Aura and unlock their inner strength. Then they returned to the surface with their new abilities and ended the conflict. Though the mages left and the people were free, they feared leaving the island. When stories of this island and the people spread across the lands, the other races sough to enslave the people. The Relic's who were forced off the island lost their dependency on the island's magic and able to explore the new world. Players of this class will start off as a slave who were freed from their shackles by an entity known as Freedom, an unknown group of rebel Relics who stories of valor are shadowed by their cynical deeds to get revenge on the outside world.

    Their eyes glow brighter the more aura they have in their system. All relic abilities use a resource called Aura.

    All Relics must subclass as a Rune Breaker.

    Main Class: Rune Berserker
    Rune berserk is a melee class that can boosts great power or great defense base on their aura bar. A Rune Berserk can only use their abilities base on how much Aura they have. If they have a lot of aura, they are granted access to their Offensive abilities, however their defensive traits then become locked. When low on aura they become very resilient and gain access to Defensive abilities but lose access to their more powerful offensives traits. Skilled Rune Berserkers are capable of keeping their aura in the medium which gives them access to most of their skills and knowing when to tip into either extreme. When deleted, Berserker's all of their Magic stealing and break skills are strengthening and gain much more range and their defensive traits gain bonus abilities. When Overcharged, Berserkers will enter a frenzy, taking bonus damage from physical sources. However CC has reduced durations, magic break skills are twice as effective and all offense abilities gain traits and skills gain bonus effects.
    To create the most chaos on the battle field, Rune Berserkers specialize in using two-hand weaponry to dish out powerful attacks and AOEs. When low on aura they have access to some CC and are able to booster their defenses till they gain access to more Magic.
    "Mind your magic, you dont want to piss it off..."

    Sub Class: Rune Breaker
    Rune Breaker is what gives Relics access to their inner race abilities. Relics are experts in manipulating and breaking down magic, thus turning it into aura. Their aura cannot naturally regenerate nor deplete. Also when a relic uses all of their aura or exceeds their max capacity for a certain time. They become Depleted or Overcharged thus gaining bonus effects to their skills. When depleted, there Aura bar locks at zero and any aura they gain does not get added till they return to normal. When Overcharged they lose the ability to obtain aura as their aura bar drains back down to 50 percent their natural cap.
    Rune Breakers are very generalize and specialize in no one area. They have many skills which help managed their aura bar and are given every class access to class exclusive weapons, the Rune Pistol or Rune orb. The pistol gives users the ability to use up a lot of aura why the orb gives users the ability to collect magic easier.
    "Your magic is our weapon!"

    Weapon(s): Two hand Axe, Relic Pistol

    Age: 17

    sex: Female

    Sexuality: Bi

    Real World Bio: Merei is a programmer who dreams of being a game designer. She has many single player projects she completed and sold while in high school. She also has a blog on which she talks about her next projects and upcoming games. When Los Worlds came out, she started talking about it every week. She planed everything out and was ready to show everyone what she could do.

    Real Name: Alice Cross

    Avatar name: Gallows_Party goes by GP

    Real Appearance(optional):

    Avatar Appearance:

    Avatar Race: Alantian

    Race description: Alantians are a race of humans who live life on the seas. Most spend their entire lives on the waters without ever touching land. Their country is a giant Battleship, Atlantis, which resides in the Tropical Gale. The Tropical Gale is area in the biggest ocean that harbors the roughest seas around. Alantians thrive on danger and master these harsh waters. Through random storms or fierce beast, they sail on as the best sailors alive. Imperials are great swimmers, can hold their breath underwater for extended periods of time, retain all their combat ability while swimming, and are excellent sailors. They can take control of any vessel with little difficulty. Without assistance, Alantians have invented ways to farm and survive without any outside interference, but those who managed to reach this great warship will reap the reward as the sailors here love to trade for anything different at better prices then most of the world would take. The problem is making it back alive. The Tropical Gale is filled with pirates who would love to pillar any resources that try to make it off the great battleship and returned it without any penalties.

    Main Class: Pirate
    Pirate is a versatile class who specializes in invoking chaos on the battlefield through dirty tactics and weapon arsenal. Their pistols lack the speed and ammo and rate of fire as a gunner but each shot packs a punch. Their sword grants them great dueling capability in long combat, offend used to weaken their opponents down enough to be finished off with the pistol. Pirates are merciless and will use anything from poison to cheap shots to win a fight. They also love fruit which are capable of making everything K'ay. Pirates are the true representation of freedom.
    "Remember kiddies, never get in between a pirate and their booty. YarHaHar"

    Sub Class: Captain
    Captain is a supportive class that thrive on the front lines. They have numerous numbers of supportive skills which grant the player and their parties bonus. Also, being a captain is no fun alone, so each captain has the ability to summon their crew. At higher levels, people may see Captain walking around with a self made party of recruited NPCs. These crew members are assign certain roles which give the Captain access to their most powerful skills called Reinforcement. Though Captains care capable of soloing, at higher levels they are reliant on having a strong crew. Should a pirate enter a party of players, They can use each player to fill a role thus granting them access to their Reinforcement skill.
    "Captain is nothing without With a strong crew."

    Weapon(s): Cutlass, Pistol, Parrot pet.

    Age: 15

    sex: Female

    Sexuality: Bi

    Real World Bio: Alice was the worlds 5 best LoL Top Laner and number one Gankplank player (Yes the game is still alive) till her team was disbanded due to a disagreement with her teams sponsor. They heard of a new game and wanted representation on it because of how big it was. When all 4 of her teammates quit, the sponsor agreed to pay her the teams salary if she stayed and switch games. Seeing a 4x pay raise, she could not say no. She did research on the new MMO and prepared for the genre by playing a pirate MMORPG. Now that Los World has opened, she plans to explore the world while paying tribute the Character that made her famous.
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  9. I think it is done. If there are any corrections needed give me a heads up XD
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  10. Real Name: Taylor O'love

    Avatar name: Tessa

    Real Appearance(optional): picture or a written description is fine.

    Avatar Appearance:

    Avatar Race: Ma'trace

    Race description: The Ma'trace were once a very simple and weak race. Living on one of the main continents; the Ma'trace lived simplistic lives as they slowly grew in numbers. As they finally hit a population of 14,000; a large futuristic dome was placed upon their city. The dome's origins were unknown; however it seemed to emit a magical mist that quickly infected the Ma'trace. The infection spread like a virus; killing all the ones who could not contain it. However the survivors went on to be able to cast powerful magical spells; and use their magic to tamper with or be infused with technology.

    Character Class: Magical Technologist. Magical Technologist is a form of magic working with technology; which gives her a large span of choices. (more to be found out IC)

    Sub Class(optional): Tech crafter. Tessa is able to make almost any Technology; as long as she haves the know how and the supplies.

    Weapon(s): Spells, and her Tech Dagger(her dagger is infused with magic; giving it a range of abilities).

    Age: 22

    sex: female

    Sexuality(optional): Pansexual

    Real World Bio:
    (This is important to Season One.)​
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  11. 1000 years and the world has only got this far with VR... you disappoint me, humans.

    Anyway, you might want to cut down the numbers that got trapped... 1 billion is, a little ridiculous, considering that your average MMO has a dedicated playerbase of around 15000 players. One of the largest MMOs ever made only has 200-300K at it's peak. Having such a huge player base, even split over every continent, would be far too crowded for anyone to actually enjoy playing the MMO, but that's more of a sociological thing so I'll only go into it if you want me to.

    I'll make a character or two tonight, and I've got the beginnings of a major plot arc figured out as well, which I'll expand today.
  12. I might make more characters too...
  13. I made another character. Cant wait for this RP to start. Crow Want to sail my ship <3
  14. Certainly. Let's rock the seas with the birds and bees.
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  15. Got the support, Tank, and dps in our party. I think we will be unstoppable.

    SO the next question. are we good guys or bad guys XD
  16. bad guys would be way more fun.
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  17. I already have an idea how all 3/4 (if you count your slave) will meet.

    So Our ship will be called Kitty Hawk. Our Flag will be a skull with a bone rope below it that goes up behind the skull. It will be a small ship. Omg I cannot wait XD
  18. wait, slave?
  19. wait... your not crow... I have been tricked XD
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  20. ... we've been in the same PM since last year and you only just noticed?
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