Seaside Sunset (A Poem)

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  1. If anyone read the story I wrote about the Performer, Then you already know this poem. Ok, here goes.

    Seaside Sunset
    Blissful blue bows
    Wondrous waves wander
    Docile docile docks
    Cool coasts
    Beautiful Beaches.

    Sunset saunters slowly
    Beautiful blue bows
    Purple pillars
    Red Ripples.

    Marvelous moonlight mourns
    Sad, sorrowful sight
    Sun's slumber.

    But beckon, brother,
    God's grace gives!

    Sunrise shines soon.
  2. This poem is beautiful. Well done, Pepper.
  3. Thanks Fluffy ^.^

    This is a poem I wrote a while back. It's obvious features are it's free verse style and alliteration. The not so obvious features include dropping two lines off of each stanza until only one line is left in the end, and the 3-1-3-1-2-1-2-1-2 words per line that holds true throughout the piece. The dropping two lines per stanza is supposed to be a structural representation of the sun setting as you near the end of the piece. The number of words per line was simply something i decided on doing for no particular reason, heh.
  4. wow, a structural representation of the sun setting! man, ap literature comes in handy!
    do you write poems like this often? with content and structure in mind?
  5. Awesome poem.

    Although I have to say, the one word lines made me read it in Shatner voice...
  6. ^^ Thanks Sakura and Cotillion.

    @Sakura- I have to be really inspired to actually write a poem. Usually, I do not keep structure in mind but I wrote this poem sitting on the ocean in my kayak while watching the sun set lol. Needless to say, I felt that the structure was necessary. As for the content, I like for all of my poems to paint a scene as well as deliver a message. Though all my poems have an underlying message, it's ok if you don't pick up on them as long as you can see the scene in your mind.

    @Cotillion- I totally understand, lol. Thank you for the compliment ^^