Seaside Monsters

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  1. Elly stepped up onto a large rock to get a better view of the beach. She was looking for signs of anything unusual nearby. At this point in her search, she would have taken an unshapely piece of driftwood, or an overturned stone. Unfortunately, the beach continued to be at peace. No sign of anything remotely unusual. She sighed heavily, and began to head for the parking lot she had stashed her equipment at. As she walked she pondered what she was going to do next. Her team had covered every section of beach within ten miles, but hadn't uncovered anything since they found a scale over a month ago. Thankfully, that was enough to maintain funding for awhile longer, but she was worried that soon she just wouldn't be able to continue looking. She was confident they were close to uncovering whatever was happening. There was definitely something strange happening at this beach. Over 10 people claimed to have seen a large shape moving along the coastline. Far too many to ignore. She sighed again. If only her employers felt the same way. Sand gave way to concrete, and Elly realized she had walked the distance from beach to parking lot and not even realized it.
  2. Leaning on the fence that dotted the divide between the beach and parking lot was Maya, arms crossed and looking disappointed, "Can't believe we struck out again." she sighed looking to her partner, "At this rate they're going to pack us up and move us back to HQ." rubbing the back of her head she stared out at sea. It wouldn't be long at all until their assignment was canceled due to lack of fruitful results. "Should we head on home?" Maya asked, pushing her glasses up. At the beginning of this excursion she had been one of the most excited team members, but now she had wilted into a rather sorry looking researcher.
  3. Elly walked over to her friend to join in on the sighing and leaning. She put a hand on Maya's shoulder. "I'm sure we'll can do it. I know there's something here. I can feel it. We'll just have to work twice as hard!" She paused, and leaned back to admire the setting sun. The beautiful changing colors she saw at the beach every night almost made up for the sand constantly getting into every piece of clothing she owned. "So, tonight's the stake out. Did you get everything we need ready? I found a spot behind some rocks we can set up at. Only 20 or so feet away from the spot we found that scale".
  4. Pushing herself off the fence Maya's smile warmed a little, "I know what you mean, I feel it too." she replied placing her hands on her hips. She hoped more than anything that something would show up and make all of this worth the hassle. Give them something to show the higher ups that what they were dealing with was serious. Maya looked back at the bulky black duffel bag and brown paper sack full of food and thermoses of coffee, "Got everything I think. Should we set up now?" she asked.
  5. Elly's stomach rumbled at the sight of food; she'd barely eaten that day, in her search for clues and had forgotten her hunger until now.
    "Sure, just give me a minute" she replied to her friend, and proceeded to stuff half a bagel in her mouth. She gave her friend a thumbs up, and then gathered up the bag full of supplies, walking out to the spot she had chosen to hide for the night. As she strode back onto the sandy beach, bag in hand, Elly found her tired mood from earlier begin to drift away, and new hope rising up again once more. Tonight was the night they would they found what they were looking for; it had to be. "C'mon, slowpoke!" She hollered to her friend.
  6. Laughing at her friend Maya followed quickly in suit, "I know you're excited, but we've got a long night ahead of us." she called out. They had multiple cameras to set up, a base camp to set up, and do that all before night fall. Between the two of them they would get it done quickly, but waiting through the night would be boring and horribly chilly. For the most part set up went easy, though the entire time Maya had a dreadful feeling about it. If they didn't find anything that'd be it, show's over. However what would happen if they did?
  7. "That's why we brought plenty of coffee. I don't know if I'll even need it though, I'm too pumped up to be tired." Elly replied. Seeing her friends worried expression, she added "Come on, Maya, we can do it. We both know there's something here, even if we haven't found any proof yet. At the very least, we can have a fun night out away from the lab, you know?" Looking back, Elly spotted their intended hiding spot. "Come on, it's right between those rocks." Setting down the gear, she started to set up their equipment. Cameras, a pair of night vision goggles, and even an infra red sensor she had plundered from the lab when her boss wasn't looking. She chose a spot, and plopped down, smiling up at her friend. "Better get comfortable, it's going to be dark soon"
  8. "You're going to make yourself tired if you keep that up." Maya teased, though she found her excitement refreshing compared to how she felt. Helping Elly set up the cameras and plug in everything, turning on other things and getting ready to start the long night she took a seat next to her partner, "Let's just hope for the best." she said, admittedly full of new found excitement herself. The sand was cold from the shade that surrounded them, and the sound of the ocean came like a soothing lullaby, but much like Elly she was not likely to get tired tonight.
  9. Elly scanned the beach front once again; and once again, saw nothing. She groaned in exasperation, and handed the pair of goggles to Maya. Her eyes ached from using the goggles so much, and the growing moonlight wasn't helping her now sensitive eyes.
    "Here, it's your turn to watch for stuff, I'm getting a snack." as she bent over to rummage through the bag of food, a necklace fell out of her shirt, glimmering in the natural light. She smiled at it, and took it in hand, thumbing the stone arrowhead. It had been her grandmothers favorite, and brought back fond memories whenever she looked at it. Usually, Elly didn't wear it, in case it happened to get lost, but her grandmother had always sworn it was a good luck charm; and she could certainly use some luck tonight.
  10. Taking the goggles Maya smiled, "Right, you take a break then." she whispered bringing the goggles up to her eyes. Scouring the vast ocean through her goggles she kept a wary eye out. Occasionally she'd see a ripple in the water, like a seal or some other large aquatic mammal, but nothing to note. Sighing she dropped the goggles for a moment, andreached over into the bag and pulled out a powdered donut, placing it between her teeth before putting the goggles back up to her eyes. Just then she caught a small glimpse of something going back into the water.
  11. Gardock dove back beneath the waves, and began swimming towards the shoreline. The beach had appeared to be abandoned when he surfaced for a glimpse, as usual. He hoped that was the case; dealing with surface dwellers was bothersome, and often lead to trouble down the line. This beach had proved to be an ideal location for trips to the surface, and he was not eager to relocate anytime soon. Tonight his goal was to travel far enough to salvage more scraps of metal for examination. Metal fascinated Gardock. There was nothing nearly as solid or heavy in the sea, and he wanted to learn all he could about it. Unfortunately, obtaining metal required trips to the surface. It was a very slow process, sneaking up to the surface every night, and attempting to find scraps of material small and light enough to easily carry underwater. Well worth it though, if he managed to find something new that he could add to his collection. Unfortunately, such trips required help, and communication with other intellligent life; something he tried to avoid if at all possible. Too troublesome. Speaking of which, where was his companion? She normally appeared around this time.
  12. Swimming against the current, the woman with long brown hair sidled up onto a rock near Gardock, sitting on it and crossing her legs, "We going to the surface again?" she asked him gruffly, she hated going on the surface, it was too dangerous and not worth the risk most of the time. She questioned Gardock's motivations for such unnecessary danger but she certainly was never bored around him.
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