Seas of Silent Hope

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  1. “And is 5:30 on the east coast! And the day couuuuuuuldn’t loooook any better. Am I right or what?” Yelled the radio of the car. With a sigh, Kestreel turned the volume down, and continued driving across the streets under the afternoon sun. The streets were filled with cars, cabs and trucks. ‘God I hate this place... Well, at least is not Europe...’ thought him, looking at the slow traffic move. ‘At this rate, I’m going to get there tomorrow...’

    And a couple of hours later he finally made it. An apartment building on the downtown, it looked really old. Well, the whole downtown looked pretty old and wasted. The people living in there were all poor people, looking in the garbage for something to sell, or even to eat. Gangs of foreigners looked at each other, like if they were about to start a war right there, in broad daylight. And Kestreel, Kestreel looked so different. He, always dressed in a perfect suit, covered from the cold with a trenchcoat, and from the light with a dark glasses. He looked like he came out of a intrigue movie. In the end, he came from the government, which in some cases, wasn’t all that different.

    Kestreel walked into the building, there a poor couple hiding in a corner looked at him, hoping that well dressed man wasn’t there to hurt them. Kestreel sighed and continued his way up to top of the building. ‘This is all government fault. Focusing too much in all the DNA mutations, and not giving a shit about society.’ Deep in his thoughts, Kestreel made it to where he wanted to, and knocked roughly to the door. The door slightly opened, and a woman could be seen. “Who is there.” Asked here. “GDA. Open the door please.” But the woman just closed the door and ran into the apartment.

    Kestrel sighed. ‘Why they never surrender...`His hand started to bright in a dark blue glow. Then, with a kick of inhuman strength, he broke the door, taking it out of its hinges and leaving it on the floor. “Mr Ortman! Surrender! Don’t make this any difficult!” But people usually liked it difficult. A tall guy, of strong figure came out of the bedroom, tossing fire and lava from his hands. Kestrel quickly disappeared, leaving a dark blue line on the air, aiming directly at Ortman. “Surprise motherfucker!” Yelled Kestrel from behind him, now with the dark blue glow up to his shoulders. Ortman didn’t had time to react, and with a sudden move of Kestreel, Ortman was tossed against the wall, leaving a painful breach on it. “For the 5-4-2 Regulation! You are under arrest, for the possession of modified DNA and, or, the illegal use of it against a government agent!”

    But yet again, Ortman wasn’t persuaded to give up and attacked Kestrel again, burning the whole building if it was necessary. It looked like government agents wasn’t well greet on this lands... This time, Kestreel rose wis arms, and with a effort shout, he turned into pure negative mass. His body was just a deep black shadow that swallowed all light around him. Then, Kestreel shoot himself against Ortman. A dark flash, and not a millisecond later, Kestrel appeared again just in front of Ortman. The sudden change to positive mass, generated such energy that Ortman was trow outside the apartment, breaking several walls on his way out.

    The woman was hiding behind a sofa, looking at Kestreel with fear. But he just walked at slow pace towards the hole on the wall and looked down. Ortman body lay dead on the street, swimming in a pool of his own blood. Gravity is a force nobody can avoid... Kestreel just disappeared, leaving a mild dark blue glow in the air that quickly disappeared.
  2. Anna-mari Summerlynn,Ri for short, was twenty years old and fresh out of college. She had skipped a few grades always making her the youngest in her class. Today though she was searching for an apartment to live in. She had heard of one downtown on the poorer side of the city. That was fine with her since she didnt have much money to start.

    She pulled her peacoat closer around her as she walked towards a large crowd of people. They seemed to be gathered around something. Getting a closer view she saw a man laying on the ground with his blood pooling around him. Guess this place is a definite no she thought.

    Ri turned and caught a glimpse of a fading blue streak from the apartment where the man apparently fell from. It trigered something in her memory but she couldnt remember what. Ri started walking away from the horrible scene. "Back to square one." she said to no one in particular.
  3. "You are supposed to bring them back ALIVE, Kestreel." Said an old man back in the agency. "THe subject refused to give up, Sir." Replied Kestreel. THe old man sighed and looked trough the window of the office. Being in one of the tallest buildings on the surroundings, the whole city could be seen at their feer. "Something tells me that you didn't put all your efforts in convincing him." Said the man. "With all due respect, Sir; if the GDA sent me was because we knew the subject wouldn't comply." Said Kestreel. The old man sighed again and looked at Kestreel. "Yes, you may be right... Still, next time try... Nevermind. You can leave, Captain." And with that, Kestreel noded and left. As he walked to the lower offices a young girl dressed in a manly dress interupted him. "Getting in troubles again, Kestreel?" Said the woman. "You know what the rookies say? If you can't convince them, then send Kestreel." Said the woman with a chuckle. "Nice to see you too, Sandra." Said Kestreel with a smile. "Yes, yes. By the way, you have a couple of files you should take care of in your desk." Said the woman and then left. "See you around." Muttered Kestreel.

    Kestreel sat in his office taking a closer look to the files. Some smart ass male student had been taking advantadge of his powers, allowing him to interact with the computer system of the local college and modify his own grades. First attempts to subdue and supress him resulted in two wonded operatives and half million dollars in police and surveilance material. The subject became self aware of his condition and is now able to control other kinds of technology remotely; such as cars, comm systems and given enough time, satellite arrays. Military grade systems are safe for now. Proceed with extreme prejudice. "Extreme prejudice? That's the kind of orders I like to recieve." Muttered him as he got up and walked out of his office.
  4. Ri walked around town for a while looking for an apartment. So far she had had no luck in finding one. She walked into a nearby coffee shop. She ordered a large frappe and sat down at a table to look over the news paper. She searched the whole thing at least ten times looking for something promising. Ri sighed when her efforts were fruitless. She looked at her watch and sighed. She was suppose to meet her brother at his dorm in a little while. He had something important that he wanted to tell her. Something about how he figured out how to make a new software. Ri flagged a taxi and headed to meet him.

    When she arrived she walked straight to his room and knocked. It took a few for him to open his door. All of the lights were out in his room except for the flickering light coming from several computer screens. "What's going on here?" she asked him nervously. Adam smiled at her and said, "Oh Ri this is so amazing. I've learned how to manipulate technology! Think of the possibilities. So far all i've tried is hacking the school's system and changing grades, taking cars and stuff. Pretty soon i'll be able to do anything." "Adam this isn't something that you should be playing around with. You could get in loads of trouble." she said but he didn't hear her. He had gone back to toying with his computers.
  5. Kestreel was driving to the campus when he recieved a call. "Delta teams are in position; no electronic devices as commanded. Police patrols are warned not to get close. The SA-SAR satellite is in position and ready to fry any electronics on a thousand meter radius in 30 minutes." Said a voice over the phone. Once Kestreel had received all the information he hang up and continued driving, meeting with the Delta teams in the meeting point. Once they talked for about ten minutes they came up with a pretty neat strategy to deal with the subject and then everybody went to their positions.

    Kestreel walked firmly to trough the campus an to the subject room. Once there he looked at the clock, and just twelve seconds later everything with electricity on it just stopped working. "GDA! Open the door!" Yelled Kestreel knocking to the door with his fist.
  6. Ri stood up after sitting on the floor watching her brother. He was so absorbed in his computers that he forgot she was there. She sighed and walked into the bathroom. Just then she saw the room go completely dark and her brother scream out of anger. She walked blindly back into the room and heard a knocking and someone yelling from the door. I knew that something bad would happen she thought trying as best she could to make it to the door. Behind her she could faintly see a strange glow coming from her brothers hands as he tried to fix his computers. She had no time to wonder about it. Ri finally made it to the door and opened it to be greeted by men in suits. "Can i help you?" she asked with more courage than she felt.
  7. Kestreel sight took only a few seconds to get used to the dark, and once the door oppened he could see a girl. Kestreel pushed her aside and oppened the door, showing no respect to her. "End of the line, Adam. " Said Kestreel as he closed his fist and his arm began to glow in mild blue reflections. "Put your hands where I can see them." Demanded kestreel as one of the men of a Delta team aimed a gas powered rubber ball shotgun towards him, and another one did the same towards the girl.
  8. Ri was stunned when the man pushed her out of the way. But even more so when when she saw his arm starting to glow blue. First my brother now him? she thought. Ri tried to go to her brother but was stopped by a man with some sort of shotgun pointing at her. Ri looked over at her brother. She could tell that Adam was about to do something dangerous. "Just listen to them." she told him but no such luck. Adam jumped out of his open window and started running across the campus.
  9. Kestreel smiled and gave a signal to the two men on the room to handcuff and secure the girl. Then Kestreel got close to the window and his whole body started to glow in rage deep blue. "Mistake! BIG! GODDAMN! MISTAKE!!" Yelled him as the mass and the time on him got so distorted he was able to catapult himself towards Adam, leaving just a single blue line from the point he was in to the point Adam was. Once Kestreel returned the strings of the space to the place they belonged Adam was laying on the floor with Kestreel on top of him, kneeling on his chest and grabbing him by the neck, his arm still glowing blue. "A single movement and everything you have ever known is dead." Muttered him as another Delta team got to them to secure him.
  10. Ri was led outside in handcuffs. She felt so confused for she knew nothing of what was going on. She noticed the strange man in the suit on top of her brother.Ri could see him struggling to get away but it was no use. She wanted to help him but knew that these men would kill her before she took two steps. Ri sent up a silent prayer for him and herself. Only i would get in these situations she thought.
  11. The power returned to the place a couple of hours later, but the two of them were long time gone. The girl was taken to a regular interrogation room back to the agency, but Adam was taken to a especial room, isolated of any posible electronic signal for him to control. Finally, Kestreel entered the room where Ri was. "Anna-mari Summerlynn... Where is that name from?" Asked him leaving a file on the table and sitting on a chair. "You look pretty smart. I'm sure you know why are you here... Well, your brother to be more accurate." Said him looking at her. "Tell me; where you aware of the modified D.N.A Adam had?"
  12. Ri stared indifferently at the man standing before her. On the inside ,though, Ri was shaking like a leaf. She knew that whatever her brother had showed her earlier had been a terrible idea. She wondered where they were holding her brother. Ri looked up when the man asked where her name was from. "It's Hebrew. And no I had no idea about my brother having mutated DNA. He only told me that he wanted to show me something. So i went."
  13. Kestreel nodded. "You just went... And it didn't seemed strange? You were okay with the fact your brother could manipulate electronic devices at his will? You felt it was right?" Asked him. "Did you or any other member of your family, besides your brother, showed symptoms or traces of modified D.N.A before?" Asked Kestreel leaning on the chair, taking a deep breath of the cold air of the room.
  14. "He didn't show me how he did it. He just told me of the things he did. I figured he had figured out how to hack the school's system. Adam has always been a wiz at that sort of thing. There aren't any other members of our family. My mom died shortly after Adam was born and my father took his life after that. So it's just he and I." she said calmly trying not to remember those horrible times and being thankful that Adam was too young to remember any of it.
  15. "What a sad past... Well, then it would be such a shame if something happen to your brother. You see, I've been having some... Troubles with him, he is refusing to help us, and I'm sure you know we can't allow him to roam free with his powers." Explained him. "So, tell me, Anna, would you help me? Or should I get rid of both of you?" Asked him mercilessly.
  16. Ri stared at him wide eyed. "Yes i'll help you. Just please don't hurt my brother he's the only one i have left." she said almost on the brink of tears. She didn't know what he needed help with but she knew it wouldn't easy. This was all starting to get too much for her. If she and Adam made it out of this Ri promised herself that they would move far away.
  17. Kestreel nodded and got up. "Come on, come with me." Said him taking her out of the interrogation room and trought the hallways of the buiding. "I assume you know about GDA? Do you know what is our job here?" Asked him as they got inside an elevator.
  18. Ri wondered where he was taking her. Hopefully to my brother she thought. Out loud she said, "Only a little from rumors around town. Don't you follow and kill people who have modified DNA?"
  19. Kestreel chuckled and nodded. "Yes, many people assume that. But no, we don't just 'kill' people with modified DNA. You must understand that having granted special habilities doesn't make you the king of the world. We live in a advanced society, and since nobody seems to comprehend that, is up to us to make things right." Explained him as the elevator reached their destination. "But is also true the fact that many people thinks we are the bad guys, so they fight back." Said him as he lead her to a room with a glass in one of the walls. "Of course, I may not be the best to convince that we are not the bad guys, that is not my place in the agency." said him showing her his brother on the other side of the thick glass. "Now, help me convience him and I wouldn't have to hurt him." Said Kestreel.
  20. Ri ran inside the room and hugged her brother. After checking him for any signs of injury with her eyes she asked how he was and what had happened to him. He answered and sat back down. Ri began trying to reason with him about cooperating with these but he wouldn't listne to her. "Ri i'm not going to do what they want and no matter you say i'm not changing my mind." "Don't be silly. Please Adam just listen to them. I don't want to lose you too." He got up and hugged her but there was something final in the hug like it was their last one. "Adam don't do this." "I'm sorry sis. I love you but I can't lose this power." he told her. Ri walked out of the room knowing that he would never change his mind. Once he got an idea he would never let it go.

    She walked over to the man. "He says that he won't do it." she said sadly.