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  1. I have only two rules when we mature role-play:
    1-I'll do all sexytime or I'll do plot. Please, if you do plot, make sure that sex is only part of it. If it's all sexytimes I update less then if there is a good plot.
    2-I don't do gay :/ I tried it but the closest I'll do is lesbian.

    TeacherxSTudent: (I'd take the teacher) A student is angry at the teacher for slowly pulling more work then he can handle. He rapes her in her office and blackmails her into altering her curriculum for him, then starts to invade her personal life.
    Arranged Marriage: (I'd be either role, preferably male) My character is mentally scarred after an incident yeras ago when his father died. He is married off to you, in order to pay the bills, and is proced to lie with you. You end up becoming his boss and telling me what to do, when to eat, ect. But after a while, you realize that there is more to me than what meets the eyes.
    Nekos: Two nekos are both sex salves sold to owners that live next door (we'd play the other's owner). After a few week,s they meet and it's instant attraction~
    Slave and Master: I am a slave that is sold to you. You're a machonist. Evily dominant. One who wants to break into my mind and bend me to your will forever.
    Prostitution: I am a prostitute that you call over. But, unfortunately, you have no intention of letting me leave.
    Abused child: I am an abused child. You meet me at school and we grow closer, but I always push you away when you advance. But oneday, I am shot in the leg by my father and you ahve ot take care of me, and I can't hide it anymore.

    Anypony wanna role-play?
  2. I'll do the TeacherxStudent
  3. I'll do the prostitution one.
  4. I'm interested in the abused child one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.