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  1. Hey everyone back to roleplay and I'm looking for some new rps I have some ideas and would be more than happy to share.

    I like to say I'm intermidate to advanced I'm not so much a grammer Nazi as long as I can understand I don't mind

    Police officer x criminal
    Bodyguard x protectee
    Kidnapper x kidnapped
    Tutor x student
    Celebrity x fan
    Band member x groupie
    Band member x band member
    Dad x daughter
    Brother x sister
    Mother x son
    Sister x sister
    Mother x daughter
    Cousin x cousin
    Human x neko
    Neko x neko
    Best friend x best friend
    Friend x friends brother
    Detective x murder
    Subcubess x human
    Ghost x human(might have a plot)
    Lust x innocent
  2. Can we mix Dom x sub and tutor x student?
  3. Sure send me a pm and we can discuss it further
  4. Hi I'm interested in
    Bully x nerd

    Celebrity x fan

    Pm me
  5. I am interested in:

    Neko X Neko

    Human X Neko

    Tutor Student

    Dom X Sub

    Best Friend X Best Friend
  6. Ok send me a pm and we can discuss further
  7. I'd be interested in sister x sister as never done that before.
  8. OK pm me and we can discuss plot
  9. Still looking
  10. Can it be Human/Servant(Me) x Neko/Master(You)? Please?

  11. The band member x band member theme is interesting.
  12. Yeah I guess :)

    Both of you send me a pm
  13. DomxSub
  14. Looking again :) pm or post here
  15. Interested in master x slave
    Neko x human
    Innocent x lust.
    Dom x sub
  16. Send me a pm and we can discuss further

    Still looking
  17. I'm interested in the Murder x Victim RP. ^^
  18. Coolie send me a pm and we can discuss further^^
  19. Bored and still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.