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  1. 18+ only, please. I have nothing against teen members, but I tend to be uncomfortable when roleplaying with teens. Apologies if that offends anyone.

    I'm looking for probably 2-4 people.
    Not many, I know. The reason for that is because I am the world's slowest poster.

    Actually not really, but I frequently have a build up of work to do and it causes me to sometimes disappear/fall behind on replies. I don't guarantee I'll give you a reply every day, but if you haven't heard from me in a week, poke me and I'll let you know what's been going on. I try to be on top of telling partners if I'm gone for extended periods but I forget.

    I have a list of characters that I'm willing to play in certain settings. All are open (except for the ones marked otherwise).

    List of Female Characters

    List of Male Characters

    If any of these characters interest you, let me know. :3
    My blog is also updated with new characters at random times, so if nothing catches your eye, check back in a few days. I'll probably have something new.

    To previous partners: If you've roleplayed with me before, I'm willing to start something new, but if you're particularly interested in opening an old thread, message me and we can talk.
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  2. I updated my female list and made some changes to other characters as well as my first post. I'm still open. :D
  3. Your Characters Claire Ashwell and Sasha Valzorin interest me. In fact, I can create several characters that are capable of being paired up with them, from Partners In Crime to Love Interests. In particular, I can provide Claire with an Older Sister Figure. For Sasha, definitely a Partner-In-Crime. Please PM me and lets see what we can discuss. I shall send you a link to a few of my own characters to choose from later.
  4. I would be interesting in discussing something with Shaadim and the Imp? Or, if not available, or wishing to know more about my playing style/ideas aside from the resume, my static info post is over here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.