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  1. I'm looking for probably 2-3 people. Not many, I know. I have several characters that I'd be willing to play.

    Soriana Whitebullet (open)

    Currently the only one under construction, Soriana is going to mainly used in modern superhero roleplays. Other genres would include steampunk and futuristic.
    Soriana's background, personality, and ideas are not up yet, but if you are interested, let me know and I'll send a message with that information.

    Zaira Hale (open)

    She's going to be used in medieval or steampunk roleplays.
    In terms of maturity, she will swear and she will make clean kills.

    Claire Ashwell (open)

    She's going to be used in modern-turned-medieval or modern-turned-steampunk roleplays.

    Sasha Valzorin (open)

    A long standing character of mine, Sasha is also open for a limited time. She's only going to be used in the modern world that I have specified in the blog entry.

    Tace Alveron (open)

    Yes, ladies, it's okay to squeal and swoon because Tace is open for a short time. He will not be used in more than one roleplay, even though I have two ideas up there. I would vastly prefer the first idea.

    If any of these characters interest you, let me know. :3
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