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  1. GGMara here, I haven't really done one of these, but I am on the search for yet another partner. I'm looking for something along the lines of longer, more story-oriented posts, something we can brainstorm together to make a most epic thread. If that is what you are interested in please post here or send me a pm. I always have ideas in my head, I'll put a little down here.

    I can play either male or female plus I usually bring in multiple characters, whether they are main or sub or minor.

    Looking to have someone tame(or at least try) my vampire Massion De Medich during the Retribution War where Vampire, werewolf, and human alike are all trying to rise to power by any means necessary. Who will come out the victor? Only time will tell. One thing for sure is, Massion does not give a crap.

    I love a good historical fantasy involving kings and queens, knights and beasts, elves, magic(k). Political Intrigue. Arrange marriage or assassination for power. Pairings on this really don't matter.

    Silent Hill story-I have one in mind.

  2. -offers a hand- Pleasure to meet ya, GGMara.
    You and I seem to be looking for the same type of roleplay and I'd kill for a truly epic roleplay about now.
    If you're still searchin' for something let me know. :D I'd love to see if our styles will mesh for some long term awesomesauce.

    - Bluejackalope
  3. Hey. I'm interesting if you still want another partner. This is my second time on Iwaku, and I have been roleplaying since 2008. (About 5 years.) I like to do long term roleplays. Hit me up if you want. :)
  4. If you're still looking for someone to Roleplay with, I would be very interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.