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  1. Okay. There are a few things you should know to start off.

    #1) I have a semi-busy life, so typically the most number of posts you will see from me will be 2-3 times a week. That being said there will be times when I have nothing better to do than sit at home all day and if we're both online at the same time you may get several posts a day. I know, I know..crappy for a roleplay partner, but if you can bear with the waits, I promise I'll do my best to make it worth while. ^^

    #2) There may be times when I just don't feel like posting or when I really have no inspiration to push the roleplay forward. However, if you're persistent and can prod me via p.m. or something; chances are I'll drag my but over to a post. I will let you know if I'm having trouble with inspiration so we can talk something out. ^^;'

    #3) I can play both male and female characters, but if you want me to play a male character for you I would appreciate if you would be willing to double with me so that I don't feel so bad. e.e;

    #4) I don't mind description when/if it comes down to sex scenes or violence. (The reason I'm posting this in the mature section is because..well..I have a tendency to prefer description..)

    #5) I prefer MxF pairings...I've never done anything other than that, so it would probably take quite a bit of pushing to encourage me to try for any other type of pairing.

    #6) I'm not normal...also I like to have OOC conversations with the people I roleplay with. :D

    #7) The more "in" to a roleplay I am, the bigger my posts are likely to be. (Sorry, but that's just how I work.) So if I'm really excited about our roleplay and I post a huge amount of stuff; please be able to handle that and not give me one or two lines in response. ;-;

    #8) I really have no solid plot ideas. =\

    Things that I think would be fun to roleplay:

    Zombie apocalypse. -- Okay..taking the nerd factor out of this..I think it would be fun to play a character or a few ('cause yes, I prefer to play more than one character to keep things interesting) who survived the main outbreak of zombies and are now fighting for their lives..not just against the zombies, but also against lack of supplies and possibly other non-infected humans.

    Some kind of supernatural (like some sort of immortal with powers or special abilities) being that..well..hunts the "bad guys" in the supernatural world. This could be anything from a trained assassin to someone who works for some sort of supernatural organization or similar that specializes in like hunting down the "bad guys".

    Possibly something along the lines of those romance novels that are set in medieval times.

    ...That's really all I've got so far. If you're looking for something else (as long as it's not Sci-Fi or anthro..sorry, just not my style...) I'm willing to listen to any ideas you may have..
  2. Hello! I like what you posted and I am hoping to roleplay with you sometime (:
  3. Hello, Kyrie. ^_^
    Well what would you be interested in playing? (:
  4. Hi~!! :D I'm not sure I'll be able to do good on a zombie or a supernatural rp so I don't think I can roleplay those for now. I have several ideas but I don't think you'd like them... D: If you want we can work something out on a medieval romance roleplay?
  5. Now hang on a second. Don't go jump to conclusions. :P
    Lemme see what ideas you have and then we'll decide from there. xD
    I'm not the type to be all "Grr..I'm too set in my I'll bite your head off if you suggest something else.."
    I mean..if you don't want to share your ideas I'm definitely willing to work on a medieval romance idea. ^_^
  6. Wow! :yay:Thank you for being nice! I'd love to share them to you! I need to leave now though, so I'll PM you about my ideas later? :)
  7. I'm a nice person..Or at least I like to think I am. xD
    Alrighty. :D Works for me. I should probably be getting to sleep here shortly, anyway. Lol. (:
  8. Hello are you at all interested in a ghost r.p?
  9. Hello, Pendulum Ghost.
    Oooh. I might be. Do you have a particular plot idea in mind? ^^
  10. I think you are! Anyway, I'm going out now. Talk to you soon! Sleep well!
  11. :D Alrighty! Have a good one! (:
  12. Yes i do not but i have gotten no hits for it maybe its too grahic. Its called "music as a weapon" It is in the mature requests if you're still interested after you read it ill be happy to explain.
  13. Oh wow. That's...epic. :D
    I'm totally interested!!!! ^_^
  14. Ok well my phone is about to die so ill pm you later
  15. Okie doke. (:
  16. Bump...'cause I really still want a zombie apocalypse roleplay, even though it appears no one on this site is interested in such things. ):
  17. I tried to one off the ground,
  18. e.e; I've tried to find people interested in one as a group roleplay several times, but now I'm reduced to trying to find someone to do a one x one with. Lol.
  19. Do you have any ideas? For a plot
  20. Ummm. Not really. I mean..kinda, but nothing really huge.
    I was thinking like a small group of people who were all huge on preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse before it ever actually happened and they managed to survive it and kind of go along from city to city on occasion picking up other people or for supplies.
    For the most part they're constantly on the move and such.