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  1. Okay, after my last thread decided to have a heart attack, I decided not to list all my genres since that was fricking annoying when it wouldn't let me edit it, and when it did let me edit it, it reverted to the same crap....Anywho! After my little spaz there, i'm searching for partners. XD I play femaleMxF onlyNo incest (including step anything)Romance is a mustIf things get graphic we can move to PMWill rp over thread, pm, or email. Your preferencePost your suggestions or pm them to me and I will say yay or nay. Thanks!
  2. It did it again! Why is formatting screwing me over today! URRRRGGGGG. -_- I give up. Not much jumble there to read this time so enjoy.
  3. Hi there! I hope you see this -- but I am brand new to the site and cannot send PMs quite yet.
    I'm quite experienced in roleplaying and would love to start something up. I'm a HUGE hopeless romantic and I also don't mind playing the male. I am also very active -- on at least once a day, and can post regularly. :)
    Let me know!
  4. I'd be more than happy. What would you like to try? Can you post visitor messages yet?
  5. I'm not quite sure what "visitor message" is. :P Just on your profile, you mean? I think that I am nearly towards being able to send PMs.
    Also, I will look at your list on your other thread and see what sparks my interest! :)