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It's been an extremely long while since I've last done an RP so please be patient and I accept criticisms as well! I will always write at least a paragraph (and I expect the same) although it could be more depending on what my partner gives me. I would like to think I'm relatively proficient in the english language. As for the roles I play, I can play either male or female (though I mostly prefer to play female at the moment because I'm not sure how I'd perform as a male character but either is totally fine as well, practice makes better!) and do mxm, fxf and mxf.

Additionally, I am not extremely active due to schoolwork and there may be points where I will not appear for a while D: For those who I've disappeared on before, I'm really extremely sorry about it. Although I do try to avoid disappearing but I'm warning you about it anyway so you know what you're getting into. Of course, I understand if the same goes for you because I understand how busy life could get :)

Wow, that's a long intro XD Sorry for rambling and thanks for reading it all, here's a cookie *cookie* (if you didn't then that's fine too).

Just some plots in mind although I'm open to pretty much anything except horror!

A few years ago, a well known villain disappeared for some reason. It could be because s/he simply became tired of the life or had enough of failure. Whatever the reason the villain may have, it didn't matter. Everyone was just glad s/he was gone even if they didn't know that s/he was amongst them with a different identity. Back to the present, a new villain has arose. One that's much more cunning and intelligent than any other villains before. It would take more than the hero to battle of the new villain and the hero knew just who to look for. The retired villain, of course! But the question is, is the ex-villain even willing to help the citizens that had shunned and hated him in the past?

In a city, there exists two heroes. One who is known and glorified by all while the other tends to be less known and prefers to stay in the shadows. The two would sometimes fight common enemies but they never cooperated with one another. They worked separately and never talked to one another. It's not as if they really ever needed to. Not until a villain arises that threatens their city. One that cannot be defeated alone. Will the two team up or continue to go their separate ways at the cost of their city?

The two have always been at war with one another. During one of the battles between angels and demons, a sudden light appeared and with that, an angel and a demon were transported by a mysterious entity to an unknown location where their abilities have dwindled, making escape difficult. The two, despite their dislike for one another, must learn to get along if they want to escape alive.

The two had been best friends but suddenly one of them was cast out. Everyone had believed that the angels had done something wrong hence he'd been casted out of heaven and fell to earth. It was decreed that no one would talk to him. After all, he was thought to be an angel who turned evil. Many years later, the guardian angel went to earth to do a job and the two happened to bump into each other. It turns out that the fallen angel was merely set up but he refuses to divulge any more than that. Would the guardian angel do what she can to find out the truth about her friend? Would she risk everything to help him? Or would she simply walk away?

]A hunter's family was killed by a certain demon. A demon prince, to be exact. The hunter goes to hunt for the demon but instead, the demon finds the hunter. Not to kill the hunter but to help out. Perhaps the demons wasn't as evil as the hunter originally thought and that there are greater powers in play for the demon's actions.

A detective has been looking for a well known assassin who was said to have a bloodlust that rivaled no other. To his surprise, all he found was someone who grew up learning the wrong things. The detective feels responsible for the person and does what he can to bring the person back to the right path.

An assassin was sent to kill a target for knowing a little to much. Although when the assassin sees who it is, the assassin saw his/her childhood friend. Now, torn the assassin not only has to keep his/her identity a secret but also to protect his/her childhood friend from other assassins. But it would seem that his/her friend not only knew but kept quite a secret.

A new but promising assassin was sent to kill a target without knowing that it was a veteran assassin. Instead of killing the newbie, the veteran decided to let the assassin live. The newbie assassin wants revenge and the veteran is more than willing to help. After all, they were both after the same person.

An assassin searches for the one who caused some tragedy in their life. Just like anyone else, this assassin attends school. Never did he/she think that his/her professor would be the assassin that killed his/her parents. And little did he/she know that this ex-assassin had been keeping watch of him/her all this time. Perhaps, the professor wasn't the evil killer that he/she originally thought. If it's the target version then I suppose the teacher would try to protect the student (sorry havent thought much about this version)

It would seem that two families promised to wed their first born. So what happens when the two first borns are both females or males? What also happens when the two have hated each other since childhood?

A knight has always been by the royal's side. They are the best of friends and practically inseparable. They both have feelings for one another but are afraid to tell in fear of rejection. So the two keep on hiding their feelings in order not to possibly lose their friendship.

I'm open to other ideas and pairings! These just came from a file of plots I've written before but never really went back to XD A lot of them are still kind of incomplete and half baked so I'd love to hear thoughts!


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Well your DemonXHunter sounds interesting, I'd be willing to discuss it with you.


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