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  1. Hey all, I'm Spectre.
    I'm an active [again] roleplayer looking for some roleplays coming up...Been around a bit, but when i started on this site i was getting married, buying a house etc in RL, so i had to duck out of all existing roleplays due to time constraints. But i'm back, have time, and would love to get in on some writing!

    Actually. I currently am building a Sci-Fi RP, but am unsure when and if it will take off, as I am unwilling to GM. I much prefer to create, and play, rather than GM. I've been a tabletop GM before, as well as GMed a few roleplays in my time. Where it's a different kind of fun- i still think i find it more fun to be a player. soooo:

    What I'm looking for: A group of roleplayers of around 5 people [give or take] that have an (intermediate+ writing requirement)roleplay established already. It doesn't have to have necessarily 'started' yet, but definitely ready to go and/or looking for someone.

    I am generally hyperactive during the day (posting several times a day, and often navigating the site), and moderately active in the evening. I am patient however, and can do 1-3 posts a week without a complaint!

    Genre's i'm looking to join:
    • Sci-Fi
    • Sci-Fantasy
    • Fantasy [modern, historical, low, high]
    • Play by post tabletop RPG's- if that's even a thing. [yep! I love Pathfinder, and would love to get into some 5e, or any of the F&D SW games :P]

    Genres i'll outright refuse:
    • School
    • Anime Girls, School, whatever.
    • Romance, etc
    • 1x1
    • slice of life
    • Fandoms that include canon characters

    Looking forward to hearing from some people, and if not- that's okay :). Much love, anyway!
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  2. Any interest in Modern Sci-fi with political intrigue and moral ambiguity? Plenty of action to be had if I can get players~
  3. @VerbalAbuse I'd like to hear more. Do you have a potential link? :)
  4. Links in my sig, take a look at your preferred version (redstar actually has interest rn if that helps)

    If you're on mobile and can't see sigs like myself right now, Regular and Redstar
  5. If you're interested my sister is looking to start an elaborate Zombie Survival based RP
    This isn't your normal Zombie Rp though...
    Can You Survive?
  6. howdy!

    you may be interested in my scifi RP, Contact! it's still in its developmental stages but it's open to comments and suggestions!
    ideally i want to have 4-6 players with multiple posts a day, starting as soon as i get enough people. i'm also considering adding low fantasy elements.

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  7. Hey thanks all for the updates.
    Sorry, I don't think this one's for me. I like the idea! But it seems something i'd love to read!

    Thanks for the invite to check it out! I'm just not big on Zombie Survival stuff these days. At least for the time being. Just not all that into the genre. Sorry!

    i think it looks interesting- though i'm a little hesitant- as I'm not sure i can keep up with multiple posts a day. I do have questions though. Like what sort of aliens are out there to play as [or if you're even being picky], and what sort of low magic you're introducing?
  8. don't stress too much about multiple posts a day! I meant it more as someone will likely post every day, not that you personally must post multiple times a day. sorry, should have been more clear!

    aliens are free reign! I'm not terribly picky about them. I haven't decided on what fantasy elements I'm adding yet, though I was thinking of having an object-based magic system, like charged stones that carry different types of magic in them that can be released and utilized. if you have any suggestions or objections, please feel free to let me know!
  9. Depending on your tastes, you might find the RP in my signature to your liking. The general focus is on high/plausible near-fi; with the original thrust of the RP arriving in a strange and unfamiliar 'world' parallel to, and devouring, our own. Highlight below for spoilers.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Elements of fantasy[/BCOLOR] are present after the inhabitants of the realm are encountered, and the plot is expected to take a science-fiction meets horror-fantasy. If you've ever watched Event Horizon, or played Shin Megami Tensei, you've got a good idea of what to expect. Another good comparison might Berserk, or, uh, whatever game-thing that incredibly cool guy in your sig is from. In space, that is.
    Anyhow, don't think I'll mind at all if it isn't your deal or you don't think you're interested at the time. Interest is a fickle thing, and hard to properly nail, for both players and storytellers. Good luck on your hunt!
  10. Hello!
    You can check out the new RP group I am trying to set up called Knights of Fiffle
    High level fantasy, I'm hoping to develop an in depth and interesting plot!
  11. Think i'm going to put a 'hold' on this for now! I'm watching about 3-4 threads at this point.

    Thank you all so much for thinking of me, and sending me info!
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