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  1. Oh boy.

    Hello! I am a space ship. <3 And I am looking for some steamy bits of roleplay material.

    Things I want from a Partner.

    A Fun person.


    You know, good grammer, punctuation, all that shit.

    Don't worry about that too much though

    Want these to be in PM chat.

    The Plots!

    Demon and Angel.

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    Muse A is a low ranked Demon alone in the Human world, completely seperate from the main flock of the Demonic Horde. But, they are mostly safe all the same. The Earth is a desolate waste land. Without a single living being on it. As the Demons had completely destroyed it.

    Muse B is of the polar opposite, an angel. And they are also drifting through the desolate world, until they encounter Muse A, and a conflict is sparked..

    There will be no biblical references in the roleplay, Demons and Angels are just forces that exist, opposite of each other. With Angels wanting to remove Demons from the world so that they can restart life, Demons obviously wanting the opposite.

    Either mxm or mxf

    Leashed Mage x Knight

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    In a Fantasy Medieval setting taken place on a Kingdom known as Muibach, magic is a force that is heralded with the worst of fears from the people.

    Anyone that holds potential magical ability is often leashed and tied to one of the knights in the land, to be used as a servant..

    My character is a newly discovered mage, young, timid, and frightened over the idea of being leashed to a knight. While, your character is a recently knighted individual, excited over the idea of having a mage in their holdings.

    This can be either mxm or mxf depending on what you want.

    Space Pirate x Captive

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    Muse A is the Captain of a pirate's crew, obsessed with the domination over captured crew members. And Muse B is an average merchant, traveling on a simple transport ship, before the space pirates come along and capture everyone on board.

    You can be creative with alien races for this one.

    And like the others, it could be either mxm or mxf.
  2. *raises hands for the sci-fi one* If you'd have me, I'd love to RP some space captains and captives!
  3. I'd like to do the Demon x Angel one if you don't mind :)
  4. I'd like to do the sci-fi or leashed Mage but I would only feel comfortable being a sub
  5. Hey there, if you're still interested in doing the Demon and Angel I would really like to work on it!
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