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  1. Hello all.

    So basically most of my rps have become almost 90% porn 10% plot and honestly its boring and I am looking for something more creative.

    Yes it is 18+ but that is mainly because there be a little sexy time stuff but I don't want it to be all the time.

    Writing skills wise I range from 3-8 sometimes more especially if into it. Not going to lie I give what I get. I mean why write five paragraphs to returned with one? Not trying to be a bitch but its painful to put in all that effort to barely get anything back.

    Posting wise I have practically no life. Sometimes I have no internet or I'm way to hungover but I'll post as soon as I get a reply.

    I have been roleplaying for eight years seems shocking when I think about it but I enjoy writing stories and characters and its like its becoming real.

    Rambling on sorry but basically I'd like to have some more partners help a girl out. :)

    I'll do mxf or fxf I haven't master mxm yet so I don't do it. I play both male or female characters even though I'm a girl. I can be dominant or submise so if your interested let me know.

    Some smiles because they're awesome:easterhorror:
  2. Pairings will be posted soon
  3. Following: Waiting for pairings but interested in brainstorming as well.

  4. Shoot me a pm for brainstorming ideas
  5. What kind of plots are you interested in? Fantasy, supernatural, historical, etc.?
  6. I'm up for anything really I was meant to put up a pairings list but forgot.
  7. I am interested if your still looking
  8. Sure am shoot me a pm
  9. Hello I am interested in roleplaying with you. We can do a master x slave. Like there is this girl that is given to the master for a gift, and what if , this girl was kidnapped and she was a princess but she was brainwashed for whoever kidnapped her and was given to the prince/master. The Royal Council finds out where she is and tells her the news. But that is awhile after she has been there a bit.
  10. Sounds interesting send me a pm and we can hash it out
  11. I am interested in roleplaying. Send me a PM and we can dish out ideas
  12. Teen Titans?
  13. What about them?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.