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  1. Again I'm on the search for new partners!

    I want to develop characters and see how they change throughout the course of a roleplay.

    Let's go through a few things before we get onto any pairings or ideas!

    - If romance is involved I usually do MxM and play the submissive role, but I'm alright with switch too. I'll occasionally do something Liberteen, but of course only with teen members.

    - Romance does not have to be a part of this at all

    - I do enjoy darker themed plots, anything with tragic events or pasts, characters that obviously don't have or haven't had the best of lives.

    - I like character development, I like characters who have some depth to them or something different about them, but obviously your character is yours! Make them how you want! Just remember, everyone changes, even if just slightly.

    - I don't have any triggers and so I'm okay with anything, if you do have triggers then please do warn me beforehand!

    - I can write anything from a paragraph to ten depending on what my partner does. Don't worry about post length, I'll match you!

    - Let's plot together! It's good when we can both offer suggestions for plots or twists, and don't feel afraid to stick anything in whenever you want!

    Alright! Now, onto pairings!

    Step Brothers
    Abused x Abuser
    Abused x Saviour
    Best Friend x Best Friend
    Older Brother x Younger Brother
    x Kidnapper
    Demon x Human
    Serial Killer x Best Friend
    Master x Slave/Pet
    Vampire x Human
    Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
    Supernatural x Human
    Superhero x Villain
    Ghost x Human
    Amnesiac x Friend/Partner
    Stalker x Stalked
    Angel x Demon
    Angel x Human
    Prince x Knight
    Prince x Prince
    Prince x Commoner
    Mage x Human

    Anything else you can think of! I'm open to any sorts of pairings, so please just give it a shot!

    Now some other ideas that we could use!

    Human Experimentation
    High School
    Broken Family
    Troubled Teenagers
    Magic Society
    Dystopian Worlds
    Online Relationships

    Or anything else you can come up with!

    Thanks for viewing this! Go ahead and comment here or shoot me a PM if interested!
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  2. I'm interested in ghost x human!
  3. I would be interested in a outlaws RP! Perhaps we could combine it with some other ideas of yours!
  4. Awesome! I'll message you guys!
  5. I'm interested in Angel X Demon.
  6. Awesome! I'll message you!
  7. Still looking!
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