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  1. [Scroll to the very bottom of this post for a summary so you don't have to read this whole hoopla.]


    Brief Insight

    You've learned to communicate; you've learned to co-exist; you've learned to survive.

    The date is November 8th, 2035, but you are unaware of those specifics. All you know is that it has been six years since the Earth you once lived upon was completely annihilated and a New World order emerged from the depths of Hell. You remember the mushroom clouds expanding half a thousand feet above the city of Brooklyn and the soldiers calling 'Martial Law' on the innocent civilians that merely desired to save themselves from the end. Tear gas filled the streets and explosions rang across the city in near-deafening waves. It was so hard to remember now though... You've been alone for so long and corrupted beyond all recognition. If someone from that past-life could see you now you were certain they wouldn't be able to recognize even a small, insignificant freckle.

    Crime was at it's highest, The Unuev System is being mass produced at this very moment -- all across the area, and you were simply scavenging the streets. Nobody could ever look into the future and see this being mankind's extinction.

    Nobody could escape this fate either.


    The Idea

    So this is a basic, post-apocalyptic New World where several factors have come up since the Annihilation of Earth and you are the main character in it all. This whole concept just popped up at the top of my head so let me just simplify my thoughts into a neat little bullet list.
    • All government officials, government run facilities, and or law enforcement type personnel have been eradicated completely. Some parts of Brooklyn have little factions with leaders, but whether you listen to them or not is up to you (the consequences of not doing so is a mystery for each group).
    • There are a total of eighteen drugs that have mass produced over the last six years -- each with it's own ability and even some with sub-abilities as well. These drugs have all been created by thousands of people after the Annihilation and where you buy your drugs slash whom you buy them from will determine how they work and etc. People are known to tinker with the original recipe so be weary.
    • This is set in the future, but honestly no scientist or presidential figure could create robots or incredible weapons. They sort of got nowhere (obviously) and any futuristic weapons or machinery that is seen have been created by the people living in the New World.
    • This area was Brooklyn before the Annihilation, but it's been beat to hell so nobody really remembers what it once was and yada yada. The government labeled it 'Section Skyscraper'. The people living here have all decided to name it 'Cloud 9.'
    • Last, but not least, the bullet where I humbly ask you to help me along in the concept as we start.

    Me, Myself, and I

    Let me introduce myself. The name used to be EMajyyks, but I decided for a fresh start so FLY is what I go by now. I've been a roleplayer for about five years now and have traveled all across the internet learning about it all. I'm usually on every day or every other day during the late hours of the night and my posts can range from seven a night or fifteen -- depending on how the story is going.

    Anyway, let me get back on track and explain exactly what I am looking for.

    This is obviously in the One x One section so yes, I am looking for one partner to test this idea out with me first and if it's a hit I would love to expand the idea into a Group setting. For this roleplay I will be asking for a Female x Male pairing since that's just a personal preference and I will also be listing down the potential triggers/rating of the roleplay as a whole. There will be mild sexual themes (18+), strong language, potential violence, graphic scenes, possible gore (dead bodies, etc.), drug usage, drug mention, and a whole lot of plot twists and mind-fuckery.


    1. Roleplay theme will be a Post-Apocalyptic World without the zombies. It is sort of nuclear.
    2. My character would be a female so if you can depict a male then this is the roleplay for you.
    3. This is just a small one-person idea so I'd love some ideas from you.
    4. This roleplay would be for 18+ because of such themes mentioned just a few lines above that Summary Title.
    5. I am looking for a type of relationship to form during the roleplay, but I will be focusing on the plot just as much -- actually more.
    6. I actually don't know what else to write so if you are interested please PM me and thank you so so much for reading all this!
  2. Hi, I'm Suzy ! I love your idea . But I'm only 16. Sorry!
  3. PM'd ya. :) Hope to hear from you soon!
  4. Are you still looking for someone to rp with? I am very interested in this.
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