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  1. I would like to try running a game-like roleplay where every single ones of the protagonists starts heavily disadvantaged and oppressed in a land where magic and dragons are commonplace. Will you lay down and become a scapegoat to those that hate you or will you rise as a tyrant? There is no hero for the character we will follow through this game called life in the world of Lumosia. Only effort, cunning and determination will separate the predator from the prey, and you will first be in charge of creating the most inconvenient character you can think of, in a great and dark underground prison where you will have to eventually escape to be truly free to become strong.

    I would like this to be hard but rewarding and full of suspense. A small group of six at most would be best, I think.
  2. So its characters who start off with something going against them, and have to rise to powerfro the bottom?
  3. Pretty much.
  4. I have a rogue I would like to include in this.
  5. Would be a good way to establish villains,who can always be reused later. Count me in.
  6. Interested
  7. I'm interested. Count me in, if it's ok.
  8. Just a question, what are we being oppressed by in particular?
  9. By game-like you mean we'll be using dice and stuff à la D&D? I'd be interested in something like this.
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