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I'm kinda bored so I created this Thread to search for a partner that can keep me away from boringness

Before I accepting partner, there's couple thing you must read

FIRST: What can you expect from me

1. I'm not gonna be a first liner
2. I usually post 3 to 5 paragraphs.
3. I will always use my Real Photo as a character
4. My grammar sometimes a bit broken (English is my 2nd language). But you can expect more from my range of word and spelling
5. I always posting more than 5 everyday
6. I open up to many plot and anything
7. I will always play Male
8. Only accepting F x M

SECOND : what I expect from you

1. Do not be a first liner
2. Use Real Photo (whether is your own photo or not it's up to you)
3. I accept mistake in Grammar
4. Try to post at least 3 times a day
5. You must play as a female.


1. Old student x Old-famous student
2. Costumer x Bartender
3. 1st year student x 2-5 year student
4. Transfer Student x Old Student
5. Rich Man/Woman x Normal Man/Women
6. Bodyguard x Boss Child (NOT ACCEPT ANYMORE)
7. Model x Fans
8. Best Friend x Best Friend

You can also submit your own Theme as long as the setting is modern and not fantasy or fandom
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I would love to do a bodyguard/Boss Child rp!

Just get back to me whenever you can do that we could work something out~
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I would love to do a boss child x bodyguard rp with you, that sounds excellent
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Ok I'll pm you in a bit I'm heading home from shopping today.