searching partner for a apocalypse rp.

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  1. The basic of this rp is a apocalypse rp. After a nuclear war cities are ruined and a disease have spread which turns people into zombies/monsters. In the start you got sick because of the radiation, but now you have to be bitten, scratched or poisoned. But not only do you have to avoid radiation, zombies/monsters, but also so cannibals. There isn't a lot of food out there, so some people have turned to the easier prey, if they can find any. Your character wakes up with a memory loss. You meet my character who isn't excatly friendly, but helps you out as a crowd of zombies is trying to eat your brain.

    I'm seeking a after a partner that can play a male character. You can make your character as you want, as long he have a memory loss. Make up his past as you want.
    I'm a sucker for romance, so yeah a little romance there have to be in the story. The story doesn't have to be a sugar sweet love story. It can be, but it doesn't have too.
    Expect rough language, violence and blood.​
  2. Name: Unknown.

    Nickname: Red.

    Age: 18.

    Personallity: excellent with a gun. Okay with close combat. Cold, tough, have a kind and caring side. Have a hard time trusting people.

    Bio: Red as many others lost her family when the war fell. She was very young at the time and had to fight for her own survival. Red seems a bit cold at first, mostly because of all of the horrible things she have seen and gone through. She is a very smart you lady, but just because she is a girl, don't mistake. She won't give up. She have a iron will. The only one she really trust is her German shepherd named sam or sammy. She had him since he was a pup. Sam is very loyal to Red and together they make a incredible team. It's almost like sam understands what Red is saying to him.
  3. I make small profiles, but i like looong posts <3
  4. I CLAIM THIS XD PM me im up for it :0
  5. searching again.
  6. Sounds like my cup of tea, would I be a suitable partner? Cannot really ask that as we do not know each other, anyway.... would still be in the mood for an RP such as this.
  7. i would love to try and make this with you :3
    do you prefer private message or forum?
  8. I personally prefer to RP in private messages.
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