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  1. So, I have three days off in a row each week and I need more roleplay's to keep me going and give me something to do since I can only deep clean the apartment so many times. :)

    I don't have many 'rules' but I do have a few requests!
    1. Be willing to play male and/or have a double/two separate roleplay's going so we each play one male one female.
    2. Please be able to reply at least once a week, if you're going to take longer just let me know. I'm paitent I promise.
    3. Help me with the plot, it's our roleplay!
    4. Communication is key, I will have an OOC conversation with you and if you'd like to become friends as well, that's completely okay with me!
    5. I roleplay over PM, Thread, or Email. It doesn't matter to me which we do so just let me know!
    6. I can get detailed with smut but you would have to be 18+
    7. I can post anywhere from 2-8 paragraphs. All I ask is that you give me content and decent grammar with a minimum of two paragraphs so that the roleplay can move forward.

    Now for the part everyone's interested in. My interests:
    Fairy Tales
    Cop x Criminal
    Psychic Detective x Cop
    Journalist x Detective
    Princess x Knight
    Prince/ss x Commoner
    Princess x Sorceror
    Prince/ss x Foreign Prince/ss
    Arranged Marriage
    Teacher x Student
    Teacher x Student's Parent

    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings
    Anita Blake
    Throne of Glass
    Blue Exorcist

    So if you're interested please send me a PM or reply to this thread!
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  2. Hey there, I'm interested by roleplaying with you ^^

    I like:
    Princess x Knights (Prince)
    Cop x Criminal
    Gang Leader x Good Girl
    Vampire x Human
    Fairy Tales

    Can I pm you to discuss about it ?
  3. Yes please do!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.