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  1. Hey looking for a one or two to start with at first!
    Romance RP!
    Haven't rp in a few years trying to get back into it!
    If you have a idea let me know!
    Rather play female but can do male if we double
    I just clicked on the ones that would apply I figure most click on lol
    Message me!
    Here some pairings
    Student x student
    Teacher x student
    Bestfriend x bestfriend
    Nerd x jock
    Shy x popular
    Kidnapper x victim
    Human x vampire
    Human x werewolf
    Demon x human
    Angel x demon
    Angel x human
    Rockstar x shy girl
    Princess x prince
    Prince x servant
    Royal x bodyguard
    Princess x knight
    Princess x servant

    I'm open to suggestions these are just some pairings I have come up with!

    Pm or post here!
  2. If your still looking I would like to do a thread with you.
  3. Pm ya

    :) still looking!
  4. I'd be interesting in doubling. I'm interested in angel x demon and werewolf x human
  5. Seems intersting. I'm up for demonxdemon
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  6. I'd be very interested in doubling Demon x human
  7. Still looking
  8. still looking
  9. Still looking
  10. Heyo, I'm interested ^-^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.