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  1. Hi everyone, thank you for taking a look at my search thread! I'm Lilly or Sen, and 19yrs of age...soon to be 20. At the moment I'm currently craving some darker-themed, mature roleplays since I've been drowning in cute slice-of-life ones. xD As such, most of my plots are dark...but I'm still open to fluffier roleplays if you prefer them instead. I tend to lean most towards yaoi since I have the most experience in that, but might be convinced into doing a het rp? Please feel free to browse through my pairings and plots and see if something strikes your fancy ~ ^_^

    - I sadly tend to lean most toward the uke roles...or experimental sekes. u w u
    - I match whatever post length is given to me, but my average posts are about 2 paragraphs.
    - I'm NOT a grammar nazi! As long as I can understand you, that's all I ask for.
    - While I prefer third person past tense, I can adapt to any style.
    - Anime/drawn pics (or descriptions) only please ~ ?
    - I can rp in emails, threads, pm, and possibly even over wherever you prefer most!
    - I prefer plot over smut, but I'm honestly fine with either. xD A balance would be great ~
    - Feel free to ask about having more than one roleplay if you'd like!
    - I attend school full time and I also work, but I will always try my best to reply at least once a day!
    - If I will be away for a prolonged period of time, I will either let you know, or update my signature.
    - Ditcher-friendly, but a word or two would be nice if you've lost interest, especially if we've been RPing for a while.
    - I consider myself very chill, so please don't be scared to talk to me about anything you have on your mind!
    - Also, feel free to bring up your own ideas and plots with me, even if I thought of one already!
    - Or we can plot something new together ~ I just want the two of us to have fun! <3

    I ENJOY;
    Non-con | Toy play | Discipline/Punishments | Humiliation | Revenge | Abuse | Blackmail
    Drama/Angst | Bondage| Dom-Sub relationships | Sadists/Mean characters | Plot twists
    Stockholm Syndrome | Modern day reality | Introducing random side characters (if needed)

    I WON'T DO;
    Scat/Watersports/Vomit-related | Furries/Anthros | Mpreg | Yuri (I usually don't play females... ; u ;)
    Futas | Whatever else you won't do (please tell me your limits if you have any!)

    Fantasy/Magic roleplays | Supernatural creatures | Sci-fi roleplays | Arranged marriages | Het roleplays

    PAIRINGS; (bold = preferred role, striked out = not currently searching, star(*) = craving)
    *Older brother x Younger brother (has a plot)
    Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    Twin x Twin (has a plot)
    *Teacher x Delinquent student
    *Delinquent student x Disciplinary student (class rep, student council, etc.)
    Enemy x Enemy (has a plot)
    *Gang leader x Victim (has a plot)
    *Master x Butler (has a plot)
    *Prisoner x Guard
    Demon x Human
    Doctor x Patient
    Assassin x Target/Mistaken target
    Cop/Detective x Partner
    Cop/Detective x Criminal
    *Bodyguard x Guarded
    *Son x Adoptive father/Stepfather
    *High-ranking employee x Low-ranking employee (has a plot)
    Prince x Knight
    Jealous friend x Friend that's in a (new) relationship
    *Popular student x Outcast (has a plot)
    Best friend x Best friend (has a plot)
    Online predator x Target
    Bully x Victim
    Yandere x Person they desire (could be a stalker x stalked kind of thing?)
    Rising/Famous star x Fan/Anti-Fan
    Model x Manager
    *Master x Pet/Captive (has a plot)
    *Sociopath x Runaway (has a plot)
    Sex addict/Prostitute x Straight guy (in denial)
    *Ghost x Human
    *Brother's lover/enemy (or ex-lover/enemy) x Other brother (maybe a twin?)


    *Master x Butler (Mainly based off the yaoi game Hadaka Shitsuji)
    MC (my character): Butler
    YC (your character): Master

    Show Spoiler
    YC has just recently become extremely wealthy and rich (the reason could be up to you) and decided to use their money to their advantage. MC was just fired from their job and has pretty much reached rock bottom. Then one day MC saw an ad that stated help was wanted as a butler, and that the pay would be extremely well. The only thing he has to do is follow any and all orders without fail, no matter what it is. Having no other choice, he goes to the place and they accept him right off the bat, but also one of the orders is that he has to live there for a month, in order for YC to determine if MC is worth keeping around. MC doesn't see any reason to refuse, so he accepts. But just what was he getting into? It's time for MC to get acquainted with YC and vice versa!
    -- OR PLOT 2 --
    MC has been working for YC for quite some time already and has been doing an extremely good job of it. MC helps YC in any way they can, obeying any order without any hesitation. But one day YC grows bored and decides it's time for a change. YC's personality starts to change and becomes more sadistic, and even his 'usual' orders start to change. With YC growing crueler by the day, able to do anything within his power, will MC refuse or will MC remain loyal to YC? (Could be a continuation of the first plot if you prefer)

    *High-ranking employee x Low-ranking employee (Mainly based off the yaoi game/manga Kichiku Megane)
    MC (my character): High-ranking employee
    YC (my character): Low-ranking employee

    Show Spoiler
    MC is the director of a big company while YC is a newly hired worker. MC is extremely prideful and arrogant, and since YC is a new recruit, MC often bullies or humiliates him. YC seems like a total pushover in the daytime who gets taken advantage of so he won't cause a huge scene during work, but once alone when everyone else is gone, YC's personality does a complete flip where YC becomes like a completely different person, and becomes much more manipulative and cruel. MC can't get a kick out of picking on him anymore when that happens, and might even get a little taste of his own medicine.

    *Brother x Brother
    MC (my character): Younger brother
    YC (your character): Older bother

    - If anyone's bothered by actual incest, then they could also be step-siblings or adopted?
    Show Spoiler
    MC has always admired YC. Since their parents were never around due to work, YC would always be the one to take care of and protect MC and YC was MC's hero who MC strove to my like. But one day everything changes. Whether YC starts avoiding MC for whatever reason, or whether MC becomes tired of constantly having to be defended, MC turns to a life of fighting in order to grow stronger and be acknowledged by YC. But that just puts a strain on the two's relationship, where they end up becoming more distant with one another. With MC getting more and more involved in bad things and people, what will become of their relationship? Will they somehow be able to work out their differences?

    *Popular student x Outcast
    MC (my character): Popular student
    YC (your character): Outcast

    Show Spoiler
    YC and MC were childhood friends and always stuck together up until highschool where their personalities started to differ. MC started getting all the attention and started becoming more popular than YC, and due to that, MC changes and becomes a huge jerk who mostly treats YC poorly, using YC as a stepping stone to heighten his popularity. But YC starts to grow jealous and starts having darker thoughts regarding MC and starts to act out on those thoughts. What will happen to their friendship?

    *Ghost x Human
    MC (my character): Human
    YC (your character): Ghost

    Show Spoiler
    MC has always tormented YC for about as long as he could remember. Whenever MC needed an outlet, he would always abuse or beat up YC. Then one day, everything changed (either MC could end up killing yours or YC could have killed himself because of MC's treatment towards him) which causes YC to turn into a vengeful spirit. He can materialize/gain a physical body or disappear at will, and after seeking MC out again, YC is determined to make MC pay for what he's done, one way or another.

    *Master x Pet/Captive
    MC (my character): Pet/Captive
    YC (your character): Master

    Show Spoiler
    MC has known YC since they were children and MC would constantly bully YC all the way up until junior high. When junior high arrived, YC was finally moved away, and was able to finally escape MC. YC grew up to be a very successful person but never had any friends and was constantly filled was hatred, especially towards people. He tried having different pets constantly to fill a certain void but YC could never get over his hatred for MC. Meanwhile, MC moved on with his life and after he becomes more of a decent person, he one day bumps into YC on the streets again. YC decides that to be the perfect chance to capture MC and turn him into his perfect pet, more or less treating him like a dog. Will MC submit and become the perfect pet?

    Enemy x Enemy (Mainly based off the yaoi game/anime Togainu no Chi)
    Show Spoiler
    It's the year 2020 and the world fell into chaos. After a world war, governments crumbled and laws ceased to exist and everyone had to fend for themselves. Violence is constantly rampant where people have to fight in order to survive and MC is no exception. But when MC runs into YC who was their long time enemy, what will happen? Will they continue to fight and hate one another or will they band together in order to survive?

    Best friend x Best friend
    Show Spoiler
    MC and YC had always been childhood friends. They went through pretty much everything together and thought they were inseparable. But one day, MC/YC starts acting more distant for whatever reason and starts to push the other person away. It's up to that person to find out what's wrong. But it most likely won't be simple. Will their friendship be able to continue as they were before, or will it end just like that?
    -- OR PLOT 2 --
    MC and YC has been friends ever since they were little kids, doing everything together and being as close as if they were brothers. One day, character A ends up disappearing for years and was presumed dead, which of course devastates character B. But then after some years passed, character A reappears. Character B can't believe it, but he's extremely happy. The only thing is, character A is like a completely different person and can't remember anything. Character B will have to try and help him regain them. Will Character A be able to regain his memories, or is he even the same person B knew? What will happen once he does regain his memories, or what if A decides to make new memories? Can we safely say that A even forgot his memories, or is he purposely hiding them in order to protect B? And how will B feel throughout it all?

    Twin x Twin
    Show Spoiler
    MC and YC are twin brothers. They have the same face, same tastes, same voice, always thought the same as one another, and they were as close as can be. However, MC lived a more reckless life while YC lived a more modest one. One day, a few people that MC had messed with sought him out for revenge, but they ended up finding YC instead. When MC found out, he was too scared to do anything about it, so he could do nothing but watch. (It could be something as severe as the people YC while MC watched or something more subtle like just beating him up). From that day, the two lost contact with one another. That ended up becoming MC's biggest regret while YC felt the worse possible betrayal of all. After ten whole years, the two finally bump into one another on the streets again, and even though YC tried slightly changing his looks, the two instantly recognizes one another off the bat due to having the same face. They are now living their own lives, whether for better or for worse...but will they reconcile and make up, or will fate have different things in store for them?

    [ I prefer this picture to be used for the characters, but I'll be fine if you have another one you'd like to use instead! ]

    *Gang leader x Victim
    MC (my character): Victim
    YC (your character): Gang leader

    Show Spoiler
    MC is a bit of a street punk who enjoys getting picking fights with other people. But one day, he ends up picking a fight with the wrong group. After badly injuring some members from YC's gang, YC seeks MC out personally for revenge. YC ends up confronting MC, determined to make him pay for what he did, possibly even getting other members in the gang involved. At that time, YC will try forcing MC to be a part of the gang...but will it work? If so, will MC find a way to betray YC or will he submit his loyalty to him? (Maybe our characters can have some type of prior history together?)

    *Adoptive Father/Stepfather x Son
    MC (my character): Son
    YC (your character): Adoptive father/Stepfather

    Show Spoiler
    MC grew up in an orphanage and was adopted by YC, so naturally MC has a lot of respect for YC. He tries to be the ideal son and always does whatever is asked of him, but what will happen when YC starts feeling like he wants to become closer to him on a more intimate level? (Or maybe something can happen to YC where he ends up becoming more abusive?)

    *Sociopath x Runaway
    MC (my character): Runaway
    YC (your character): Sociopath

    Show Spoiler
    MC ran away from home for whatever reason and they don't intend on ever going back. They run into YC on the streets, who at first seems really nice and offers them to live with him. MC accepts and starts staying with him, growing attached in the process, but soon finds out that YC is a little insane. But since MC has nowhere else to go, what will happen then? Will MC end up falling for YC despite YC's personality and hobbies and continue to stay with him? Or will MC end up leaving again?

    And that's it ~ Thank you all for reading! If you're interested, please either post here, or more preferably shoot me a message! <3
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  2. If you want I can totally go for the Sociopath/Runaway.

  3. Hi there, thanks so much for the reply! Oh yay, I'd be more than happy to do that one with you... thanks for showing an interest! I'll send you a PM ~ ^_^
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