Searching long-term multi-paragraph partners (1 plot left)

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Historical, fantasy, magic, horror, supernatural, survival, vampires, demons, pirates, mutants, ghosts, romance (FxF, MxM, MxF) (Romance should be part of the plot and not the whole plot in itself), etc.
[fieldbox="Requirements:, blue, solid"]
- Partner should write in third person past tense and have decent grammar and spelling. (I do my fair share of mistakes since I'm not a native English speaker, just make sure there aren't any really annoying mistakes like writing your instead of you're, make sure that the sentences you write makes sense, and make sure to use spell check, then we should be fine.)

- Feel comfortable with writing at least 2-3 paragraphs per post. More is totally fine, but no one-liners or single paragraphs. I tend to have a hard time finding inspiration when the replies are that short.

- I will only write in threads. No skype, no e-mail, no PM, no chat, no google documents. Preferably PM for OOC chat, but making an OOC thread is also ok.

- Be a bit aggressive, take place, give your own ideas, throw in your own plot twists and characters.

- Depending on mood and real life events, I will reply between a few times a day to once a week and I expect at least one reply a week except when life is too hectic.

- No smut or sex scenes. Fade to black before they start doing their thing.

- I don't do character sheets for 1x1s, nor do I require them from my partner. [/fieldbox]

Note: Most of these ideas are written down fast and messily and certain ideas might not be fully developed or have confusing parts, thus we will have to work on them together (which can be done after the rp has started). Even if they seem finished, please contribute your own ideas to the plot.

[fieldbox="Plot one: Stalker x victim, red, solid"]
Character A is in love with B, but has decided that it's best to stay friends until they think B is ready to accept A’s love. But one day,character B becomes interested in character C, and as character A starts to see C as a threat, A does anything and everything to make sure those two doesn’t end up together. While more and more frightening events starts happening around B and C, no one suspects that A might have something to do with it. After all, A has been B’s friend since childhood, why would they do such horrible things?

-Romance/Slice of life/Mystery/Dark themes

-Triggering events such as kidnapping, threats, mental torture, physical torture, drugs and death will most likely occur. Implications of rape is also a possibility, but no details will be described as sex scenes aren’t my thing. This rp will be dark at times. If you feel uncomfortable with any type of dark theme, this is probably not your piece of cake.

-No mary/gary sues or damsels in distress. While your character shouldn't be a superhuman that can save themselves from every kind of situation, they shouldn't be a completely passive and defenseless person either.

-Character A, B and C can be any gender and sexuality. Any combination of sexes can be made. All female, all male, two females one male or one female two males in any order. If you want to play an accomplish to the stalker, that’s welcomed, but not a must.

- You will need to be able to play side characters, such as family members, police/detectives, friends/classmates when necessary. (I will do the same of course)

- I will play character A (The stalker) and character C (New love interest). [/fieldbox]

[Fieldbox="Plot two: In a foreign world, green, solid"]
One day a mysterious portal suddenly opened up. It took quite some time for people to notice it as it was opened in the middle of the Bermuda triangle, at the open sea. After many years of re-search, they finally sent the first human through the mysterious portal. What they found was a strange world filled with creatures taken straight out of the fairy tales. Dragons, elves, dwarfs, unicorns, fairies, anything you could imagine could be found on the other side. Of course when the people inhabiting that world got to know about the strange humans that came through the mysterious portal, they became frightened. Soon a war broke out.

First ten years later did the war end and both sides promised that no one would walk through that portal without permission from the authorities in both worlds. Fifty years passed and finally it was decided that they would try to strengthen the bond between the two dimensions that had been connected by the strange portal for so long. A young prince/ss was sent from our world as a representative to make a good first impression. S/he imagined it wouldn’t be a hard job, but seeing their world for the first time, s/he started to wonder if it would truly be so simple.

- MxM/FxM/FxF (can be whichever), Romance

- The normal world is pretty much our world as it is today, but with royal families still being a big thing in many countries. The other world is basically just a fantasy medieval world with magic and magical creatures. There are humans in that world too. The royal family on that side could be humans, elves, or any human sized/human like magical creature. Humans in this world does possess magical powers, though their powers are restricted. Some humans called magicians have more power than your average Joe and are often taken in as apprentices at a young age to make sure they can handle their powers properly while growing up.

-I would prefer to play the prince/ss from our world. (Of course I will take on secondary characters in the other world too.) The rp will basically be a romance between my main character and a prince/ss, ambassador, guard or maybe even a thief in that other world. (Though if you want it to be with someone from outside the palace, then we will first figure out how to make them meet and then keep meeting since the prince/ss won't abandon their duty to run off with a stranger.)

-Side stories with secondary characters are encouraged and plot can be discussed and broaden out. World building is also encouraged. ^^

-Could turn into an adventure/traveling rp eventually.

[fieldbox="Princesses and princes shit!, purple, solid"]
I am so done with titles xD

Two princesses have been friends since they were young, and both of them have developed deep feelings for one another. One wishes to obey traditions though and is ready to marry a man for her family while the other princess wants to break traditions and run away with her love.

- Characters: Fiance to princess #1, Princess #1(Aka. Obeys traditions), princess #2 (aka. Breaks traditions), Prince trying to court princess #2
(More characters will probably be added after we start, but those are the ones we know about. Character with underlines are mine.)

- Romance, possibly drama, lgbt, medieval, Love triangle/quartet (This doesn't have to be strictly historical medieval. Fantasy elements can be put in.)

- Just so we're clear. There is no set ending. This rp is not made with the intentions of the princesses ending up together or with the intentions for them to fall for the princes in the end. Just let things happen and maybe they will all end up happily in gay or straight relationships, or maybe they will end up in straight loveless relationships, or maybe someone will commit suicide along the way, or maybe someone will run away, maybe one princess marries a man and the other abdicates the throne and finds another love of their life that isn't a prince or a princess, etc. BE READY FOR THE ROMANCE TO GO ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE! [/fieldbox]

Interested? Then comment below or send a pm. I will write up when something has been taken. (I am not up for brainstorming new ideas. I am only craving these specific ideas at the moment.)
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