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  1. Hi. I am an apt role player in search of someone to role play with.

    Well here's a few things I look for, do's and don'ts....

    Things I look for in a Partner
    • One who can deal with my on and on posts
    • One who won't mind when I get excited I have more spell fails I do not see
    • A person, I don't want a drone, not that there are any
    • A dedicated role player (I'm not always going to be on-line, and I don't expect you to be either but don't ditch please)
    • No one under the age of a teenager please...
    I think that's all. Oh, Grammar skills are needed

    Things I will definitely do without question
    1. Original Plots OCs and fun times
    2. some sexual themed content. Not pure smut please, I like a good character storyline
    3. Vampires (I am not a HUGE fan of these but I do do them, makes things slightly sexier in certain role plays)
    4. GOOD Stories, I like okay stories but a good one is where it's at!
    1. Fandom Sorry.. I don't I won't do it... I hate it. I can't do it.
    2. Slice of life (I only seem to do this in a group setting...)
    3. Smut (Uhhhh... I like my stories thanks.)
    4. Twilight type vampires, sorry hon, we don't sparkle.
    I thin kthat's it, if you have any questions post them! I'm always willing to make acceptions to SOME of the things I will not do, however number one is solid.

    Want a sample post? Okai!

    Sample Post (open)

    This is an RP Post between me and a REALLY close friend of mine, this is really deep into the story by this post and is basically just a HUGE plot twist for the Main characters Dawn Shigure and Jack Rowland Two star-crossed lovers that had been split due to Dawn’s oily scum father. (All characters backstories and information in this post is held by me, please no re-distribution. Thanks ~C.Z.DoubleU)
    Black opened his deep green eyes as soon as he thought it to be safe, he had not slept, maybe a little since Daphne lay silent beside him. He felt strange as he stretched wondering if her blush meant something, he could still feel he heart racing at that moment and the feel of the hot blood rushing to her cheeks. He blinked shaking himself, a bell suddenly jingled as he did, he looked down but saw nothing, more jiggling as he moved persisted until he ran from the room scared and shocked.
    "What in the hell!!?" He cursed out loud bolting down the hallway, this bell sound was preventing him from taking his human form, why what was it what was going on? He stopped suddenly when he saw Coyoty crossed armed Daphne right beside her, the smile sadistically laying on her face. "Sorry bout that mate," she laughed teasing him about where he chose to live. He hissed at her in pursuit trying still to take his human form.
    "It is not going to work." Coyoty continued noticing Dawn was cringing in pain. "And you should stop hurting your former fiancée." Black's green eyes jolted up to Daphne, what in the world was Coyoty thinking besides ruining any kind of relationship he might have with the red haired girl. "I have fashioned a collar the same curse depicted in the one miss Daphne has around your neck, oh and I added a bell, that was Dawn's idea however." Black hissed again his ears pulling back.
    "What kind of sick joke is this!? Get it off of me!!!!" He clawed at it, pulled and yanked but there was no way to remove it, Coyoty had successfully thought up a perfect if not fool proof replica of the curse. "Why did you do this to me!?" He hissed again ignoring the collar for now his vampire fangs even in this form surfacing from his cat teeth.
    "Ah, ah, ah, if you bite anyone in this room in that form you will change them no exceptions, that is why I forced you into this form in particular. Dawn is still human, and I have a way to get the collar off of Daphne if you successfully change Dawn I will remove the collar from Daphne. The catch is here that either way Dawn has to die to break the curse my father put on you, it works out in the end trust me, we will take good care of Dawn." Coyoty uncrossed her arms and a tiered crying Dawn stepped forward. Black's mind was swimming. He knew at some point he would have to change the girl, she was dying being attached to someone who was already dead, but why now?
    "The venom in Daphne will not work until the collar is removed so she will not change, however once it does she will change unless I have your expressed permission to remove the venom by any means necessary you have to decide who you want Black you cannot have both. But if you choose daphne over Dawn Jack here will take good care of her, after all as I do recall he loved her first." Black was faced with reality, the reason he was called black the reason Jack had his tattoo, complete with Black's favourite from, the cat. He closed his green eyes tightly not wanting to think about this. It was all just one painful memory after another.
    Dawn however stepped forward. "What are you saying?" She asked the sadistic vampire girl. Coyoty clapped her hands and jumped like a kid.
    "STORY TIME!" She yelled with glee and happiness,
    "Cut the crap and just tell her already, Coyoty," Black breathed without hissing. Jack looked down at his hands slightly.
    "Ah, well, story goes, sorry Daph- this takes a bit of time." Coyoty turned addressing Daphne "well you see Dawn we had a kinda mix up here, technically Jack is the boy you were dating before your father freaked out. You see, my father is a very sadistic man, and he was mad when your fishy father could not come up with his debt a single girl age due of conception with animal powers, he could not breed with me because I was a vampire and we age a little differently. Anyway, so he fashioned a clone of you to look like Jack and fashioned him with the name Black Jack like the jack of spades." Coyoty tossed Dawn a card in which she caught on reflex looking at it, on it was a cat in a spades for wearing a cape and holding a staff, the whole thing.
    "He had your memory wiped and fashioned different memories around your clone, so that you would not hesitate ever, then he attempted to wipe Jack's memories but they didn't work all too well, you see black over there was born a cat and because of that he loves cat forms, but he was changed into a vampire just like Jack at nearly the same time, too much to take in?" Black was furrowing his ears and shaking his body, he knew this whole story he had been told what to do who to be so who was he now? He never loved Dawn and dawn never really loved him, it was a sick and cruel thing Coyoty's father played. "So all that has to be done to undo this is your own clone changing you and the removal of Daphne's collar, perhaps a kiss might suffice, by the way, your collar is not set to hold you forever so you only has a few moments to decide, remind yourself Dawn will not remember any of this. And I can have it so Daphne goes home same condition she was in only without her collar," black breathed again not sure what to do, that was the reason he could remember his heart beating because dawn felt it every day, he was her clone built to look exactly like her one and true love.
    But he was not technically human at all, just a clone without anyone in the world to ever love him, how was this supposed to end? How was he supposed to know what was right? Dawn would not remember ever anything not ever and Jack would have his girl back. But Black would still have no one, he had someone his sister in basic terms someone who loved him. He dropped his ears at last unable to decide. "What am I supposed to do. Daphne- in these short days, I think..." He couldn't say it his own body Dawn herself they were both beginning to die but if he changed Dawn that would be all over but Daphne would be free if Dawn died, a kiss or not it was making sense. He would have to do what was right.
    "Daphne do you really wish-" he paused coughing like his shelf life was over. "Come on!" Coyoty yelled. "Such a buzz kill just. Daphne will you reclaim your undying love to Black or will he die? Plain and simply because if Dawn goes he will have no one, no I mean it, no one. And that is a sad place to be, believe me." Coyoty nearly teleported to the red haired girls side.
    "I have been there." She whispered her voice sounding sadistic as possible.
  2. Still looking for a rp partner?
  3. Yup. And even after I find one probably then too. XD I'm avid. I simply love to Role Play. What's on your mind?
  4. If you're still searching, I would be down to be your partner.
  5. Okay, what are your thoughts... like what do you like to RP and honestly why did you message me deciding I would be good enough to be your partner... there's gotta be that one thing that just clicked with you. @Crab Claws
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  6. Let's see, I typically love fantasy modern or not. Even if it's some virtual world a la Log Horizon or .hack as long as there is fantasy elements I love 'em. To be more specific, I enjoy high fantasy more than low level fantasy.

    As to why I chose you? To be honest I clicked the name of the thread because it reminded me of a song and I found nothing disagreeable with that you posted. It's probably not the most smartest of finding people but I do what I do. Momiji in a box also helped slightly.
  7. ~Shrugs~ It's like posting an ad in the personal section. Anyway, what were you thinking in the ways of Roleplay, got any ideas? I'm usually particularity open of course I could always send you a character list and you could choose from that and we go from there.
  8. Oooh choosing a character from a list sounds like it could be fun! Either that or I could think of something modern fantasy-like.
  9. All right.

    Well I'll have to break my list down and separate the characters but....

    for now this is what I have, and I have more I just haven't organised them yet ~Sweat drop~ The highlighted ones are actually roleplayable, the rest need personality checks...

  10. Hmm, its tough to choose from that list without knowing their personalities. Any on that list you are particularly dying to role play?
  11. No one has ever asked me that before.... XD
    She's not on the list (old list.. .XD) but I have a character named Aayame... she's number 20's daughter.... Her personality is sort of special... her species consists of a mutant wolf cat hybrid with a touch of vamprisim in there, which she hates so she refuses to feed.

    I actually had to think of this... O.O
  12. That totally sounds like something fantastical. Would you rather play her in a more modern setting or something more medieval?
  13. Well originally her character was formed in a modern setting but I have never tried her in a mid-evil setting, with her personality it would be... lets just say... fun!
  14. I'm up for some roleplay as well! Just a fair warning though: I try to answer once per day during the weekdays, but sometimes life gets in the way. But I'm sure to speed up to several posts on weekends. :)

    So, if you're still up for another roleplay partner, I'm game!
  15. I can have up to thirty or more at one time.

    As long as they're on separate sheets. CX I can take up to 10 on one sheet. But my 1,000 words have a tendency to take up pages.
  16. Phew, that's some crazy multitasking. o.o you're pretty awesome.

    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by sheets. Like 10 roleplays at one place?

    The more words the merrier! :D

    So, do you have any particular desires right now? I'm up for some twisted-type of plots~ As far as settings go, I'm thinking of some sort of fantasy-modern world. Or a modern world with an unknown fantasy side?
  17. Well Rini, most of my characters are fantasy based and so unless the RP depicts them to be otherwise. In reality though, they are as fake as describing peppermint without saying "Minty" or salt to "salty" Sorry the metaphors end here, I swear. I'm honestly down for it all.

    And yeah, sorry I see role playes as like sheets of cotton.... they once made are never ending... starting out as one small cotten ball they become a never ending story and that's how role play is... it... never... ends..

    Anyway. I mostly let my partner decide how things should go... but this time... I want a dark role play with lots of twists and secrets to each character we introduce within the role play... I want.... it all.
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