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  1. Hi, hi! Currently looking for some onexone roleplays. Here are some heads up:

    1. Replies. My replies may be inconsistent, possibly due to IR issues or the timezone difference. If you are wondering, my timezone would be Singapore. However, it would be appreciated if you reply daily.

    2. Karma. If I post in a paragraph, I expect it to be replied in a paragraph. Please try to type out at least a short paragraph.

    3. Literacy. I would like it if my partner be of at least the same level as me. Someone who is able spell correctly (typos are understandable we have edits so use it), as well as someone who knows which word to use in the sentence. eg. your and your, its and it's.

    4. Preference. I do both straight and yaoi. And I prefer playing the female character if it was a straight couple but I don't mind playing as a male. I'm a flexible person. If there's anything you'd like to discuss, feel free to PM me.

    5. Initiation. I hope you're reading this, I would really appreciate it if you dismd. To prove you did, please answer this question. What is your weapon of choice to seduce a person?

    Now, to the pairings and plots. I will mark which has been taken.

    Pairings- pairings may be overlapped but not taken by two. eg. vampire x werewolf only takes vampire x partner.

    -Alpha creature x omega creature
    -Captain x Soldier (bl only)
    -Elf x partner
    -Hunter x creature partner
    -Hunter x hunted creature
    -Merman/maid x partner
    -Prince x maid/knight/butler
    -Prince x kidnapper(bl only)
    -Princess x knight/butler
    -Vampire x partner
    -Vengeful God/demon x human
    -Werewolf x partner

    Modern Day
    -Arranged marriage
    -Celebrity x fan
    -Boss x employer
    -Cyborg/robot x owner
    -Gym instructor x partner
    -Mafia member/boss x partner
    -Soon to be married couples
    -Step siblings
    -Stripper x Club owner (bl only)
    -Teacher x student

    -Dragon Age
    -Fenris x Hawke
    -Elf x Qunari (original)

    -None at the moment.

    Last but not least, feel free to suggest others.
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