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  1. Partners comfortable playing in the chatrooms!

    I want to use the Chatrooms and their Create-Your-Own-Room system for RP. My online hours are about 7pm-11pm/midnight UK time. While I'd like to be able to sit down and actually actively Chat RP for those 4-5 hours, I understand my timezone might not be ideal for that. Respond whenever you can and whenever you feel like it, and I'll be happy. If we can line up somehow and get some decent back-and-forth done I'll be over the moon ^^

    Need to know:

    I only play MxF pairings. I only play females. I only play submissives.
    So I need people happy to play dominant male characters.
    There's really no wiggle room with regards to any of that, sorry.

    You should check my information on my profile for more posting habits, preferences, kinks and limits, as this thread is going to be lengthy enough without me delving into everything here.


    Pirate x captive
    MC is the daughter of a family of nobles in a small seafront town. YC is one of (perhaps even the captain of) a crew of pirates. The pirates have been struggling somewhat recently as the military forces clamp down on piracy and are looking for an easy mark, for some fast cash. Whether that's to get them onto another big voyage or it's to get them out of the hot water for a while, it's what they're after. MC is kidnapped with surprising ease, and from there taken onto the ship. YC takes interest in her and starts to slowly corrupt her. Romance gradually builds as they journey to their next port, where she is meant to be returned to her parents.

    Kink expectations: Possibly some dubious consent and force at the start. Elements of BDSM (this is going to be a recurring thing in my pairings), for example restraints, pain play and D/s dynamics. Teasing and mild humiliation are massive weaknesses of mine for this sort of RP.

    Beauty and the Beast
    I'd like to see a shapeshifting beast. His shape alters based off his emotional state. Negativity, selfishness and rage manifest in a monstrous form that becomes more and more elaborate the more the emotions fester. Positivity towards others, kind behaviour and happiness will melt away the beast and return the handsome man he once was. You would play the role of the beast, struggling with the condition and trying anything possible to break his curse when MC stumbles into the estate. She's got no memory of her life, nowhere to go, nobody to turn to, and begs his hospitality. Maybe, just maybe, she can help break the curse. I anticipate this might be a slowish burn considering the shapeshifting situation.

    Kink expectations: Elements of BDSM (told you), possibly with touches of magic for things along the lines of restraints, enchanted items of clothing that denote ownership, pain play, definite D/s dynamics. Size differences are hugely encouraged (like, at least a foot is great for this!). Awkward romance and possible possessive streaks. Biting.

    Artist x model
    YC's usual art model has left the modelling scene in favour of starting in another direction, and so YC endeavours to find someone to take their place. Multiple interviews have taken place with various models from the internet, but his inspiration just hasn't quite seemed to spark. MC eventually responds to his request ad; upon meeting her YC finds his creative juices suddenly running rampant once more. The shots quickly escalate and the characters find themselves enjoying it rather more than anticipated and pretty soon the artist/model dynamic shatters.

    Kink expectations: Bondage and wax play. Could dip into sensation play in general. Definite possibility of exhibitionism and public scenes being a staple as the RP goes on.

    Vampire x human
    I have a stipulation here. I need to believe that your character is what they're meant to be, because I've seen too many 'vampires' that are just... humans who occasionally have a drink of blood. He becomes weak when he doesn't feed. He becomes obsessed when the hunger starts, the bloodlust insatiable to the point almost of controlling him completely. Does he power-trip when he feeds, enjoying the feeling of pinning his prey and taking what he needs? The rush of fear or the taste of excitement that comes from his prey when he feeds? Or does he actually despise his very nature every time he feeds, trying hard never to kill and getting lose in self-hatred on the rare occasion it happens? How will he react when he finds a human who is immune to his venom and seems not to suffer from the bloodloss when he feeds on her?

    Kink expectations: Biting is the big one here, obviously. Superhuman (vampiric) strength is an expectation I do have, which also means I'm anticipating MC to be physically restrained at some point. I feel like there might be some strange requests with regards to the feeding process if my mind has too long to work on this, so you're warned in advance!

    So if you're interested...

    Please PM me to chat about pairings and to get things set up!
    I will happily communicate in PMs with regards to initial setup and OOC discussion, but I'll take us out to the Chat for the RP itself.
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  2. Vampire x human

    totally capable of filling the stipulation
  3. Removed pairings that have been filled to avoid further requests for them!
  4. Which means I'm far far too late...

  5. I would appear to be having an extremely hard time setting up one of the ones I thought would be no problem. Looking for maybe one more.

    As a side note I'm quite willing to listen to pairing ideas and see what you have, as long as you're okay to work with my kinks, limits and the Need to Know section. Give me a PM if you've got anything else!
  6. Which one in particular are you having a hard time setting up?
  7. Beauty and Beast sounds somewhat like fun. I rather enjoy writing transformation especially ones that are varied and creative.
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