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  1. Libertine-style Chat RP, preferably both smut and romance heavy.

    So I've recently discovered I kind of prefer Charp-style RP to multipara. I like getting into my character and staying in character for hours, rather than responding in a 20 minute block and then leaving them alone entirely for a while. My investment and attachment to the characters builds faster and I actually get into the work of plotting in a way more timely manner.

    With that said, I have no idea how to find ChaRP partners, so I'm turning to this place!

    I'm looking for a partner who:

    Can be on for a while between either 6pm - midnight UK time weekdays OR noonish - 3am/4am UK time on weekends (or both, if you're free that often!)
    Can play in the Bordello or the Boudoir in quick back-and-forth, single-para posts (Maybe 100-150 words per para? and I'm open to Skype, but that has some ground rules!)

    Can play a dominant male character and doesn't mind constant kink in their smut (seriously, this is important; I can't stand writing vanilla now, I need some spice to stay interested)
    Doesn't mind writing predominantly smut until the plot bunnies breed! (I take a while to get into a pairing and start having ideas! Romance and smut are my preferred ways to get there; long game romance doesn't make me wanna keep writing, I get bored.)

    I'm into humans, elves, vampires, demons, shapeshifters (human form during smut, please) and kemonomimi characters from any reality or time, so I'm fairly open to anything involving any of those (Though depending on your setting preference you may need to do a lot of leading in terms of setting; my sci-fi game, for example, is hella weak, while my fantasy one is strong).

    Character bank.
    Some of them aren't available, but you get an idea of what I tend towards. If you're not interested in the ones waiting for partners, I'm definitely open to making new ones. I can't stop as it is.

    PM me if you're remotely interested and we'll figure out if we mesh well together! ​
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  2. So I have a few interested people and would like to give them a test run and see how we gel together before I look for more potential full-time ChaRP buddies!

    However, if you see me hanging out in any of the chats or the Adult OOC box and I'm not doubling yet, feel free to hit me up for a pairing or shenanigans!
Thread Status:
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