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    Hello I'm Bunny I just had a plot idea or possibly two.. They will be changing so yeah.
    I post about two paragraphs though I can do more..
    Also I do FxF MxM FxM

    I'll put orange for the character I want to be. If I do not care either way.. I will just leave it be.


    In a time where Shifters and Mages battle, one shifter gets captured. Taken by the mages he is toyed with to see if there is a better way to kill or disable the others. Amidst the pain of the torment he gets forced into a shift, but with the confines he ends up trapped half formed into the beast. A blind mage is living out in the woods, deep in the wilderness. One day she happens upon a wounded something (The shifter) and brings it to the home she has crafted herself.

    In a small town on the west coast of British Columbia an ex spy/ assassin lives. Running a bar now and living with out thoughts of that time. Though she couldn't fight her thoughts of the man that had made her run from the situation. The man she could never forget or forgive. (Your character can be what ever you like.)


    Librarian x College student
    Horse trainer X Boss
    Cowboy/girl x City being
    Mage x Dragon
    Student x Student
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  2. I'm interested in Your first two ideas, as well as the 4th pairing option!(Though I'm curious to how it would be carried out)
  3. Well.. pm me and we can figure it out.
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