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  1. Looking for a very active group... I don't really care what genre or whatever i just want to be apart of a group that posts pretty much daily.
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    Well, the RPs of this series are VERY VERY active. The casuals are slow-paced but fulfil your conditions.
  3. ..... No, I don't want to spread drama or anything but when i first came here some of them picked on me. So no i would rather eat a pile of nails then join them.
  4. I do have curiousity as to what had occured.

    Ah well, good luck. The RPs I have in store are currently unstarted and in hibernation.
  5. Yea, Really wish you would pick up the battle rp. :(
  6. The group is made up of a large amount of individuals and to paint the whole group based on a small few isn't very fair.

    But, in more on topic news, I do have a Walking Dead/Zombie RP if you may be interested. It's gotten much more active recently.
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Thread Status:
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