Searching for those of you who got strange kinks.

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  1. Hello peoples! I am a Nickboom and I am searching for partners! As massive swaves of my rps seemingly dropped pretty suddenly or the posts are just getting far too slow for me I have come searching for new eager partners who like to post maybe a few times a day, or a good post a day. I prefer playing male doms but I can be convinced to do a male sub with the right roleplay. Generally I want to do MxF again though, if you have a VERY good plot I could be convinced to do MxM but its pretty hard to get me to do that.

    Anywho, I got a little (im lying its fucking giant) list that contains my kinks. Just a note on that list. My nos are certain nos, please do not ask to do those. Maybes will take a bit of convincing but generally I'd do them. Yes, just ask about it and it'll happen. My faves are things I'd ALWAYS be willing to do and try to integrate whenever possible.

    On top of that I've been reading this thingy called Monster Girl Encyclopedia...those whom know what that is...will get what I'm saying. I've only read the first one's monsters. Working on the second. But if you want to do any of the race from the first book I'd be willing to do. (Though we might change around their behavior/lore a bit to fit whatever plot we come up with...)

    Anyways to close, I'm really in the market for any sort of wacky crazy plot you might have. Just suggest it to me and likely it'll get done. I'm incredibly open to ideas and kinks so really I can do anything. Well...thats all. Pm me or post here if you are interested :3
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  2. Still looking, got a few people who applied but I can still take on more. I'm really just trying to get some new interesting ideas going and meet new people...dont make me all sad now :(
  3. Why does this remind me of something...It is so familiar...

    Huh. Can't name it...

    Oh ya, I got it. I know we have two going, but I just wanted to say hi ^-^
  4. It worked for me :3
  5. yeah, guess my phone was messing up
  6. *Barely manages to appear from the massive amounts of requests all the sudden.* Thanks for the concern! Akumulosis if you wanna make another one just let me know...

    Anyways to everyone else! Still searching/accepting people. I wont stop until I drown in rps!
  7. Are you looking for a pure smut driven plot or will there be actual story/romance?
  8. I'm up for both. I do so love a good plot :3
  9. Cool. I'd love to work something out.
  10. i would love to see what we can put together!
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