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  1. Cerina Sael
    Not again. I had been trying to move the stupid rock out of my way for a while now, yet kept failing. The control I had over my powers wasn't strong, but I felt like it would be strong enough for this at least. Apparently not.

    Taking a break, I sat back and looked up at the sky. Strange to imagine some air users were able to fly. If there were any left. After the world had been mostly destroyed by one all powerful elemental, there were only ruins and ashes. Even so, the armies that had served him still roamed to destroy those who had powers. Elementals had been rare when the world was at peace; they were almost non-existent now.

    However according to some rumours, there was a safe haven somewhere in the world. I had been following the rumours for some days now, but with barely any luck. Most people wouldn't talk, as elementals were hunted and people didn't want to be on the wrong end of a stick. Instead they were on the wrong end of my gun. They usually talked then.

    Standing up again, I decided to go around the rock instead of attempting to practice my powers. No point in wasting time where hunters could catch up to me. Not that I knew anyone was actually on my trail. It was highly unlikely but you couldn't be too careful, not in a world like this. I had been travelling on flat ground for the past few days however, and hadn't seen a single soul. Nor felt anything. Which was both a good and bad sign.

    Gritting my teeth, I hoisted my backpack up and began to carefully tread north. The rumours pointed there, and there I would go.
  2. Kai Arkose

    It had always been difficult to move in the suit, even with the claim that it heightened our abilities I always preferred being without it. I tried to sync my breathing with the footsteps around me, letting the hollow thudding be the only thing that echoed in my mind. I found it easier that way, to focus on something monotonous, something that stayed constant. Constant was all I've known for a while. Nothing ever changed anymore after him. Those with any sort of strength were forced to serve under him, to track and murder the weaker elementals. He called us his hunters - we were his army.

    I focused on my breathing again; I knew we were getting incredibly close. Our patrol had been tracking the same person for two months and even if he was good at covering his tracks, nothing alluded us forever. A small beeping sounded in my right ear and the red dot showed up on the screen. Silently we all split up, we've done it a hundred times before - we spread around, enclosing him in a large circle and made out way towards him. We didn't bother with stealth anymore, kicking up clouds of dust from the dry ground beneath us - at this point theres no escaping so with our guns raised we made our way towards him.

    I tried focusing on the footsteps again. It was harder this time to ignore my pounding heartbeat that interfered with the rhythm. When we were all shoulder to shoulder you could hear the small raise in pitch from the lasers charging up - the elemental had already given up, kneeling with a bowed head. I pressed my eyes shut and squeezed.

    It got louder

    and louder.

    It was loud.

    it was loud.

    it was loud.

    And then nothing.

    I kept my eyes closed and fell back into formation, ignoring the squelch of the new mud around us.

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  3. Cerina Sael
    Finally up ahead I could spot some hills to take cover in should the need come across. After days of walking on flat, dry land, seeing the green hills were a relief. It also meant nearby water, which was a good thing as I had almost run dry myself. A chance to take a break and relax would be a nice break to my usual routine. Stopping, I knelt down to press my fingertips firmly to the earth.

    There was water a couple of kilometres to the east of me. It felt like a small creek or stream. Either way it would suffice, so I headed there. The hills were a bit of a climb but nothing too difficult. Besides, I had been out and about for most of my life and so climbing things were almost a second nature.

    The water was close now, I could hear it. A bath was also in order, or something similar. Being dusty was not a good feeling, and I could feel the dirt sticking to my skin. Being clean was a luxury, and it was one I would take as soon as I was able to.

    The water came into view, and I almost sagged in relief. It was clean, which was a rarity in these times. Perhaps there was a water elemental keeping it clean nearby. I wouldn't disturb them if I didn't have to, but water was important. Rushing down to the banks, I opened all of my water bottles and filled them eagerly before taking a nice long drink of one of them. It really was clean. Cleaner than a natural stream. Glancing around to check that no one was around, I stripped before wading out into the middle of the water. It wasn't as deep as I had hoped, but it would suffice.
  4. Kai Arkose

    We headed back to the campsite and began disassembling the few tents we had up. A couple hours later we would begin our march back to the main base for maintenance on our suits and to refuel our weapons. We already had new information on the next person, an easy target this time. They've only recently appeared on our radar but they always moved north, it would only take us a few days to track them down.

    Our team consisted eight elementals, two of each. It wouldn't be that hard to overpower them - considering that my earth counterpart knew nothing about using the element. I could leave if I wanted to... I just couldn't get caught again. I don't think he would be very merciful to a traitor regardless of how useful my strength would be.

    This would be a good time to do it, the team would have their defence lowered if their tracking someone so weak but I needed to be certain about what I was going to do.

    Either way, I had a few hours to decide.

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  5. Cerina Sael
    When I finally felt clean, I waded back to the side of the river to dry off and put my clothes back on. My hair was going to be a bitch for sure. Wet hair was annoying to dry and I didn't want to catch a cold though I was likely going to anyway. Getting sick on the road really didn't help my plan for getting to the safe haven.

    Putting my clothes back on, I sat on a rock while waiting for my hair to dry. Perfect time to practice my powers. There were plenty of rocks nearby, and I couldn't sense anyone. Turning to face the rock next to me, I began to concentrate. It was heavy, which meant I needed more concentration. More energy. More everything, basically.

    My efforts were rewarded by the rock moving an inch upwards before falling back down. With a loud, angry sigh, I kicked the pebbles and shook my head. How was I so bad at this? I never had a tutor or anything even when the world hadn't gone to shit. I didn't even know I had elemental abilities until late however, so that could've been why. My brother had gotten his earlier, and so he was taught better. If he were here right now... I shook my head. He was probably dead. No point in thinking about it.

    Standing up, I grabbed my stuff and began to trek north once again. No rest for the wicked.
  6. Kai Arkose
    We had around an hour before we had to head out again and I hated being in the cramped bunks so I decided to head out. It'd be good to bust some frustration on some rocks anyway.

    It was nice to feel the sun on my skin, the temperature regulated suits always seemed to be set to low. I loved earth, it was a steady constant when everything else shifted - the only familiar thing I had left. I remember when I was younger and how difficult it used to be, it was second nature to me now and with small gestures of my hand I sent boulders to splinter into fragments.

    I don't think I could ever abandon the team. There would be no where to go even if I did manage to escape. Even so, I'd pack a small knife just in case.

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  7. Cerina Sael
    Just how far north did the rumours say it was again? The green hills slowly gave way to more desert, however the stream had turned into a river. I followed it as it wound its way up towards my destination, and water was always a handy companion. I was surprised to see no water elementals around, as a place like this was bound to be a hotspot for them. With such clean waters, it was unlikely there wasn't one.

    What if they had been killed? I shuddered at the thought. Hunters were still around, and they had no mercy for any elemental. If the water was this clean, and there were no water elementals around then... They could of course just be in hiding, but I didn't want to be too optimistic about it. Surely they would've recognised me to be one of them, right?

    There was no point in thinking about it. Worrying about it would only make things worse for me, and I wanted a less stressful journey than it had so far been. However letting my guard down was one thing I was wary about. It was easy to do, and easy to get killed once you do. Sure, I hadn't seen any hunters so far, but it only took one.

    The sun was beginning to set, so it was probably time to make camp. I began to scout the area for a good spot, being cautious of my time.
  8. Kai Arkose
    The elemental really knew nothing. Following the river is a good way to not get lost but not ideal if you're trying to hide from hunters. It'd be especially difficult to ditch the group now that there was a river nearby and the water elementals in the team could use that to their advantage. The knife kept digging into my waist, constantly reminding me that I never had any real plan.

    A beep. A red dot. Huh, it seems that they were closer than we expected but it was either now or later anyway. We spread out and began enclosing them - odd though we were in a rather flat area and our circle only surrounded the river. Still, the radar ensured us that a target was there meaning the elemental was buried somewhere under us. Even if we couldn't see anything, our lasers work just as well through water so we lifted our lasers and aimed. The pitch increased.

    It got louder

    and louder.

    It was loud.

    It was loud.

    It was loud.

    and then nothing.

    But this time it was different, the nothing wasn't as empty as the other times it was loud.

    It was loud.

    It was loud.

    It was loud.

    and it was dark.

    It took me a while to register what was happening. I never knew how to swim. The earth elemental we had been targeting wasn't who showed up on the radar - all of us were caught of guard when the river dragged us in. We should've probably seen it coming though, the water was way too clean.

    The tides were brutal but the suits were designed to survive in any situation so I had no choice but to wait and see where I wash up.

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  9. Cerina Sael
    There was a loud noise up ahead. It sounded like water, yet nothing I could think of could compare to the sound. Waterfalls didn't have the kind of metallic screeching I could hear from it... Did I want to go near it? What if someone needed my help? Or what if they were hunters and it was all a trap? Gritting my teeth, I tried to make a decision. The sound was slowly getting louder, almost as if it was screaming. That made up my mind. If there was someone hurt, it'd be better to help them then leave them in the fear of them being hunters.

    Scrambling over rocks, I hurried over to the commotion before stopping in my tracks. What the fuck was that? Some weird kind of metallic thing was in a whirlpool of water. The screeching had stopped, and the water was slowly dissipating. The metal humanoid lay in the stream, seemingly offline. What the hell was this? Did I want to go closer? Probably not, but curiosity got the better of me.

    Carefully making my way over rocks and other stuff, I hesitated once I was near the machine. It could be a hunter for all I knew, and it sure seemed like one. Who else would have this kind of technology in this day and age? Thinking that, I wanted to back away. Then the light from the fading sun struck the machine and I stopped.

    There was a girl in there. She didn't look too much older than I did. And her eyes were closed and it didn't look like she was breathing. I couldn't just let her die.

    Being extremely cautious, I headed over and knelt down next to it. For a few moments I fought with the helmet as I tried to get it off, eventually succeeding. Brushing her hair away from her face, I held my palm out in front of her nose. No air. Panicking, I ran a hand through my hair as I tried to figure out what to do. What if I woke her up and she tried to kill me? Did I want to take the risk?
  10. Kai Arkose
    I lost track of the time after a while. It was nice, I've forgotten the last time I had nothing to worry about - although I probably had even more to worry about now - it was nice to just drift. I could feel my clothes pressing against me, water must have worked its way into the suit and even though I knew it was probably freezing, my brain didn't register it. Nothing felt real. It was nice to just drift.

    I stopped at one point, stuck on a rock somewhere but I didn't want to open my eyes. It'd be nice to just stay here forever and pretend nothing existed. Of course though, I'm never allowed what I want.

    I felt my whole body pull back and tether to the earth again, sunlight poured through and I could feel the filter rip off. I tried to go back to the happy place again, maybe if I just stayed here things would go away. I tried to sync my breaths to the waves.

    It didn't work. It was hard to concentrate when someone kept prodding your face and messing with your hair. I accepted reality and reluctantly opened my eyes, there was a girl around my age leaning over, the sun creating a halo outline around her. I resisted the urge to smash her face into pieces, she probably thought she was being heroic or something - as if I need her help.

    I decided to ignore her, it was best to avoid attention if I could, maybe she would just go away. I needed to ditch the suit first. Groaning, i crawled out and smashed it a couple times with a giant rock before burying the whole thing in the dirt. I probably shouldn't have been using powers in front of the stranger - who I was certain was the weak elemental we had been targeting but I was too tired to care anymore. I'll find somewhere safe to rest and figure the rest out later - and hope the other elemental doesn't follow me.
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  11. Cerina Sael
    Oh she was awake. I leaned back, allowing her to get out of the suit. She seemed fine... If not a bit angry. Had I done something wrong? As if. I'd only tried to help her. Quite suddenly, a rock lifted into the air and smashed down onto suit. What the fuck, was she an earth user?

    Standing up, I began backing away. I had heard about him using other elementals to track down and kill members of their own kind. And that suit... It was simply way too high tech to be for a normal person. The obvious conclusion? The girl in front of me was a hunter. And a powerful one at that.

    "You're a hunter," I said accusingly. I didn't know what to expect after saying that, all I hoped for was a reaction that wasn't violent. If she used her powers against me, there wasn't much I could do. Better off trying to negotiate her not killing me. Though that probably wasn't the best start.

    However the other girl didn't appear to want anything to do with me. It was both a good and bad thing. Good, she wasn't going to kill me. Bad, she was simply going to find the rest of her group and then kill me. Speaking of which, what had happened here? A quick glance around revealed the surrounding area was very wet. Perhaps the water elemental residing near the river had done something? Wouldn't have been surprising. I was glad though, it separated the pack.

    Speaking of which, I should probably get going. Seeing as there was already one hunter here, there were bound to be others that wanted to kill me. Glancing down at the other female, I frowned. Should I just leave her here? She seemed capable enough to fend for herself, plus she probably didn't want my help. Shouldering my backpack, I turned to leave.
  12. Kai Arkose
    She wasn't exactly the brightest person I've met but at least she was standing back. Good, I won't have to deal with her again if things go my way - I ignored her and started making my way away from the river. I needed to find cover first. I turned around to check that she wasn't going to follow me - wait are you fucking me? Was she seriously going to keep following the river?

    God dammit things never go my way. She was going to attract more hunters and I don't want the anywhere near me. Great, now I'm going to have to babysit. Begrudgingly I turned back, making my way to her - I didn't mask my intentions much, she probably saw on my face how much I wanted to smash her to bits and quickened her pace. I caught up to her eventually though and dragging her by her backpack strap I pulled her away from the river. She better not do anything stupid.
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  13. Cerina Sael
    "What the fuck are you doing?" I shouted as I felt a hand grab the backpack and pull me away from my guide. "Get the fuck off me!" I tried to pull away but the other girl was a lot stronger than I thought. I let myself be pulled away from the river before violently pulling away from her.

    "The fuck is your problem?" I snarled, glaring at her despite the fact she could probably crush me where I stood. The look on her face probably wasn't helping my case either. But she had grabbed me first, and so she had some explaining to do.

    What the hell did she want? It wasn't like I'd done anything to her. Perhaps annoyed her a little, but she could deal with that. Unless her mission was to kill me, but wouldn't she have done that already? She obviously had the power to, what with crushing her suit and everything. Putting my hands on my hips, I waited for a response.
  14. Kai Arkose
    Oh my god. Ohhhhh my godd. You had to be fucking me. Are you serious? God fucking dammit her face would look so much prettier smashed to bits. Perhaps I should just kill her. It would make my life so much easier and we would drop off the Hunters radar as well.. Her stance was open, inviting even and while I would love the opportunity to pulp her pretty face I should probably go a little easy. Throwing weight behind my punch, I aimed for the place where the ribs meet. Let's see her be accusing without any air in her lungs.

    Next time I'll just knock her out and carry her on my shoulders.
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  15. Cerina Sael
    I hadn't been expecting her to punch me. Obviously I thought she was more civilised than that. Doubling over in pain, I stumbled back. It hurt a lot more than I thought and had knocked the wind out of me. What the hell had she done that for? Was she insane or something? Went crazy from working for him? Seemed to be the most likely answer for having punched someone out of the blue.

    A groan slipped from my lips as I tried to get my breath back. My hands were resting on my knees, trying to find strength somehow. She sure punched hard, for a girl anyway. I could feel the bruise forming at the spot already, and knew it would be sore for a while after. She better have an explanation for the punch. "What the fuck?!" I managed, shooting a glare at her from my position.
  16. Kai Arkose
    I hope she wasn't looking for an explanation. It's bad enough having to babysit. I returned her glare, resisted the urge to roundhouse kick her in the face and went to drag her again. We've wasted too long near the river and I wanted to be as far away as possible - besides it was getting dark. The other girl was spending too much time dragging her feet and it was bad enough that I was stuck with her, but now I was losing ground too. Bracing myself for some fist hammerings I fluidly hoisted her on my shoulders and kept walking. She was lighter than I expected but I was used to the weight of the suits.

    There, now we were getting somewhere.
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  17. Cerina Sael
    With a shriek, I was hoisted onto the other girl's shoulders. How fucking strong was she to just do that with ease? I wasn't that light. And I sure as hell wasn't going to put up with it.

    Beginning to hammer my fists into her back, I swore at her. "Let me down you stupid fucking cow! Let me down! I swear to god I will smash your face to a pulp! You bitch! What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I started kicking, trying to do some kind of injury though it probably wouldn't work very well. That and she could probably kill me with a thought.

    Staring intently at the ground, I tried to send some pebbles up at her. One worked, and smashed not very hard into the back of her head. Hopefully that would get her attention and would make her put me down. I had more pebbles at my disposal after all.
  18. Kai Arkose
    Okay so not only was she annoying but her insults weren't that creative either. Well alright if she wanted to be let down.. not too gently I threw her back onto the ground again - she could shower me with pebbles if she wanted to it wasn't like they were particularly effective shots anyway. I mustered as much self control as I had in me and decided to try out a calm approach.

    "Look man I'm just trying not to die so you can either behave or I can carry you unconscious. "

    I mean that was pretty friendly right? I wanted to make further ground before sunset, hopefully she would be cooperative.
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  19. Cerina Sael
    "You fucking bitch," I spat, picking myself up off the ground. The throw had hurt more than I cared to admit, but it didn't make me any less angry. Who the hell was she to think that she could just pick me up and do shit whenever she wanted?

    "I'm not your damn kid to tell when to behave. Maybe if you had actually talked like a normal human being then I might've actually listened to you? But no, you decide to just throw me over your shoulder and go for a walk! Piece of shit. Leave me alone and don't bother me again." I brushed off imaginary dirt (maybe not so imaginary) and turned away from her. I had places to be, and none of them was anywhere near her.
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  20. Kai Arkose
    Okay deep breaths. Counting to ten.

    She turned away to leave but I couldn't let her go back to the river, I reached a hand out to spin her around again.

    "Hey look I'm just trying to survive and I've been having a shit day so please please can we just get a little further before you start throwing a tantrum."

    God she was annoying, but I liked her attitude; she was an idiot of course but she questioned things and that was important.

    Besides she was pretty cute.

    " Im sorry if i hurt you, if it makes you feel any better you can punch me back "

    She looked kinda weak anyway.
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