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  1. Are you the "one"?
    Greetings fellow role-player! Thank you for clicking on my thread! I promise I won't be a waste of time.
    I am currently looking for one or maybe two partners that won't mind my slow-ass posting skills.

    What I'm looking for:
    • A minimum of grammatical errors.
    • Spelling and punctuation must be perfected.
    • Three paragraphs or more. More is appreciated.
    • Able to write about sensitive topics. (i.e. cutting, drug abuse, etc)
    • Confident when discussing about plot ideas.
    • I prefer digital art and realistic physique's. Not into anime but if it's a must, I'll do it.
    • Be aggressive! Be, be, aggressive!
    • Have patience when I have to take a small hiatus.
    Some of these plots were taken from Tumblr's most creative people. Credit goes to them.

    • Hades has been ruling over the underworld with a solid grip and his wife Persephone, by his side. However, his regime never pleased the Olympians. Over and over again they tried to strip Hades of his powers but failed each time. One day Zeus asked Circe for her help and together they created a powerful weapon called the Bermuda Box. It was supposed to be given to Hades as a gift but as soon as he’d open it, all his powers and memories would be trapped inside it, making him a common mortal. None existing spell could ever open the box again, once it’s been closed, what ever was inside, was locked forever. Zeus gave the box to Hermes and told him to bring it to the underworld. However, when he arrived, it was not Hades who greeted him but Persephone. Hermes, not aware of what power the box held, gave it to her and returned to the Olympus. As soon as she held the box in her hands, curiosities made her open it up and the damage was done. Persephone lost all her powers and memories, which made her a common mortal. That should’ve been the effect of the spell but it was much more powerful than that. With an empty mind, the spell replaced the blank spaces with new memories of a life Persephone never led and sends her down to earth to live them, now as Muse B. Hades, eventually finding out what happened to his lover, was enraged and promised war with the Olympians as soon as his wife returned home. He went down to earth to find her but to his surprised found out that he couldn’t restore her memories, the box was too powerful. The Olympians, not wanting another war, told Hades to bring Muses’ B memories back in a different way, by making her fall for him. So Hades took on the identity of Muse A and started a life among humans. As a god, it should’ve been easy to be part of their world but it turned out to be a hard task, especially because Muse B was not interested in any kind of interaction. However, the bigger risk was the fact that the longer Muse A stayed on earth and away from the underworld, the weaker he got. Nevertheless, he was never going to give up on Muse B.
    • Muse a is the daughter of a Duke, one who happens to be a close friend of the King. She is the same age as muse b, who is next in line for the throne. The two bond through their limited interactions as children, but circumstances prevent them from becoming too close. Fast forward ten years to when muse a becomes a lady-in-waiting to the Queen, who was recently married to muse b, the king. When the two reunite muse b or a begins to grow feelings for the other one.
    • Muse A and Muse B are two souls, bound together through the millennium, constantly being born and reborn over and over again to find each other over the ages. They have been Roman’s, Priests and Priestesses, Vikings and Shield Maidens. In every life they meet and find each other, gravitating towards each other. Sometimes as lovers, sometimes as team mates, sometimes as the closest of companions. They are Apollo and Artemis, Tristan and Isolde, Aphrodite and Ares. One day though Muse A is found by a Vampire (or other immortal) and turned the same day that he has meet and spoken to Muse B for the first time. Thinking nothing of it, he lives for centuries in an immortal form while Muse B is fated to be born, live and die over and over again without finding him, forming all of the tragedies of lonely lives over the life times. In modern times, Muse A has become one of the oldest and most powerful immortals, gaining power and wealth. One day he spots someone oh so familiar; the woman from his village, now and ancient memory. Muse B sits at a bar in her modern reincarnation with no memory of their past lives. Muse A can remember them from the life that they never really died in. How can this be? Is Muse A’s mind playing tricks? Intrigued they make it a point to seek and find out how the reincarnated Muse B can be there in the modern world with them.
      Will they figure out who the other is or will the cycle be forever disrupted and both of them left for eternity to seek out that which they can’t ever find?
    • Muse A is a well-known samurai in Japan. His infamous name eludes a frightening shiver down anyone's spine. He is known for his gruesome homicides of the nobles in Japan. There is no one who can up him, he was at the top of his game. One day he was given a numerous amount of money to capture one woman, Muse B. Muse B is a enticing geisha who is known for her charm and beauty, however, underneath the lovely spider lilies holds bones. Muse B has been charged for murdering twenty-five men, whom she have all charmed and stripped of their wealth. Her location is unknown along with the strength she wields. By that Muse A goes off hunting for Muse B. One night he finally finds Muse B. She was standing with blood stained kimono with a dagger spilling blood. In front of her is the dead Shogun. Quickly the two are reported as murderers and are hunted throughout the Northern part of Japan and soon the Southern part.
    • Model X Model*
    • Blind Sculpture X Muse
    • Savage Tribe Leader X Graceful Monarchy
    • Single Dad X Babysitter (BL)
    • Fencer X Fencer (Love-Hate relationship)
    • Short Girl/Boy X Tall Girl/Boy
    • Gangster X Cabaret Singer*
    • African American Slave X American Slave Owner
    • Witch X Knight
    • Intergalactic Convicts
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  2. I'd love to do something with you. However, I have a few questions before I dig any deeper. Is there a gender you prefer to play? Can you expand on what you mean by being aggressive? Would you mind if we collaborated together to form a decent plot rather than doing the ones above? To use someone else's plot ideas even if credit is given is not something I like to do. D:
  3. I have no preference on the matter. Either gender would work fine for me. What I mean when I say, aggressive, is that I would like my partner to be able to push the story forward; I wouldn't enjoy being the only one moving forward. I have no objections to a collaboration whatsoever. :)
  4. @Rambunctious Great! That's what I thought you meant but I just had to make sure. I'll send you a private message then and we can start brainstorming!
  5. All right looking forward to your PM.

    Okay I think I have time for one more partner! :>
  6. @Rambunctious Hi! I may very well be interested in doing an RP with you! I would like to play either Persephone or the piano teacher in your first and third plot idea! I am fine with either one you would prefer to do ^^ please get back to me! :D
  7. That's great to hear. :) Send me a PM and we shall decide on which plot we shall do.
  8. I would adore the Hades/Persephone one if you're still looking!
  9. Well, this makes my decision much more easier. PM me and we can discuss more there.
  10. OPEN
    In search of two partners that can satisfy my needs.
  11. How active would you say you are?
  12. Everyday, but I cannot promise a response everyday.
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