Searching For Superhero/Villian Partner (18+ Edition)

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  1. Hi there! For my comeback to Iwaku, I think I will search for a partner to do superhero sort of stuff with! Marvel, DC, Original superheroes, I'd be happy to do them all! I will be willing to do short story lines and longer story lines too. I'd be willing to do a group, but not with too many people. If I am playing women, it will most likely be a very sexy and hot roleplay.

    Males I will play:
    Bruce Wayne/Batman
    Green Arrow
    Green Lantern
    Robin/Tim Drake
    Luke Kage

    Women I'll Play:
    Black Cat
    Poison Ivvy
    Mary Jane Watson
    Harly Quinn
    Emma Frost
    Power Girl
    Lara Croft (Dunno if she is marvel or DC but I'll play her)
    Lady Deathstrike
    Black Canary
    Black Widdow
    Invisible Woman
    Wonder Woman
  2. Are you up for FxF?
  3. I'll Rp with you xD
  4. I've never tried FxF, but sure I'll try! Both of you should PM me if you're interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.