Searching for specific odd pairings.

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  1. Hey all! Posting once again in this sub catagory lol. I have been craving a couple specific genres as of late. This one i'm picky on (but im picky anyway) so I don't suppose it much matters. Anywho, the two pairings i've been craving are Demi-god x human and God x human. Though the reason i'm picky, is because I would like to play the human, and heres where i'll lose most of you....but I play female....*watches people leave* I have no limits, and I hope to hear from some of you soon! XD
  2. Cool. XD I assume romance isn't an issue? and are there any specifics we need to go over?
  3. Well, romance is what I'm into, so its no issue. Plus you playing the girl just makes it easier for me. And what specifics did you want to go over? CX
  4. I don't really have any since I normally wing it. Though I would like to know if you'd start? Oh, and if you're playing a god, or a demi-god.
  5. Hmmmm, lets go with Demi- God :3 and I'm nt really the best on starting things right now X3
  6. I'll start then as long as you don't mind me using a pre made and already used on the site intro. People tell me it's a little hard to follow though but what it is is my charries father is a part of a drug cartel/mob boss.
  7. Its all good, I'll try to follow along as best I can. Plus, is this going to have any mature content?
  8. Mine usually do. Post in mature?
  9. Hmmm? In that case, sure. I don't want us to make a scene in the One-on-One and have to get it moved XD
  10. lol Sorry, I was handlimg things. Getting to it :3
  11. It's all good. Xd