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  1. I need something to fill my time. I want to make something beautiful, without having it be confining. Let's build an RP together.

    I guess I might as well narrow the crowd a bit. I like romance. I also like girls, not guys. I always play a male, and I generally expect my partner to play female. I don't do libertine anything though.

    I also like action, although I don't need it. I can be a pacifist as easily as a cold-blooded killer.

    Lastly, I like talking. To you. My friend. When I hang out here on Iwaku, I submerge myself to a crowd I'm not used to. My comfort level falls short of, well...comfortable. I like hearing reactions, ideas, how your day went, etc. Stay in touch, and I'll do the same.

    Don't expect a solid schedule from me for this RP. Usually I'll post a few times a day, but this time is different. I want something I can come back to in a month or two (if it ever comes to that [which it shouldn't...ever]), and still find my partner willing to continue. If I ever plan on leaving an RP for good, I'll let you know. You have my word.

    Feel free to respond to this thread or leave me a PM.


    Bringing this back for reasons.

    Also, I'm digging fandom RP's right now. A few examples are Halo, Kingdom Hearts, and other stuff. More info in one of my blogs, yada yada yada.

    Also also! I can't say I won't be picky with who I chose, so please don't be disappointed if I don't RP with you. I know that sounds very stuck-up, but I just want to forewarn. :P

    Love you guys.
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  2. We should so rp X)
    We have the same expectations and everything XD
  3. If you'd allow it, I'd love to have a go at it!
  4. Minor bump for minor edit.
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