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Hi! I’m TigerJen_15, you can call me Jen, and I’m looking for a new roleplay! First come first serve, as I’m only looking for one or two RPs at most, which will all be over a PM thread.

Currently, I am looking for a fictional Roleplay; anything that falls under dystopian, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal or supernatural. I am a fan of many different book, tv and movie series as well; if you would be interested in specifics, please PM me or leave a response here! We can brainstorm a new idea or use an idea of yours or mine.

I am looking for a laid-back Roleplay that has no specific post demand. I, along with everyone else here, has a life away from the internet and this website. I’m a very busy person and do not have the time to get around to posting and checking Iwaku consistently throughout the day, every day. I will always try to post as often as I can, and I will try to make sure I let you know if I will not be able to post. Please just be patient with me and I can be patient with you.

A Few Rules Of Mine:
• When I post, I use paragraph format and prefer at least a paragraph in a post. However, I do not have a specific length that a post has to meet, because different parts of the storyline means some posts are shorter than others. Often times I will just match whatever my partners is writing in terms of length (but I am sometimes guilty of being the one to write a novel for a response. I promise I’m not as concise as these rules in my writing :silly:)


• Any OOC stuff shouldn’t happen directly in a post. Please use brackets!

• In regards to mature content (violence, gore, heavier romance, etc), as long as it can be handled properly and in a mature fashion, I will be comfortable with it in an RP. Please let me know if any kind of mature content is not for you, and we can make sure that the RP is kept at the right comfort level for both of us!

• Mature, sex-related scenes will *fade* into the next scene. I do not want to violate Iwaku’s policies of these scenes between minors and adults, so it’s just easier to not have the scenes at all.

• I am all for romance, however, it cannot be the sole focus of the plot, and like I said above, any sexy scenes will be skipped if things go that far.

• I make character skeletons before starting any roleplay. Please no anime pictures for appearances, or having overpowering characters, as the story will just not be as interesting.

If anyone is interested in creating something new, please leave a response here or PM me! I look forward to working with someone new!