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  1. Now that I am free from sending out resumes and school I'm bored and I want to rp.

    I have a few fandoms I like to rp and multiple pairings all I ask is that:

    1.Legible grammar, writing. I want to be asleep understand what you say and what you mean and no bloody text talk.

    2. I don't have a preferred post length but if you post a novel long reply prepare to wait about a month or longer cause when I write I have problems doing more then a paragraph but at random I can write multiple paragraphs....but that's rare

    3. Since I'm active on here a lot now I ask that you at least post once a week or day and PLEASE tell me when you will be unable to reply because I feel like I did horribly if you go quiet all of a sudden if something is wrong like if you don't like what happen. Tell me then be honest with me. If you hate it or want changes or ANYTHING let me know and we can figure out how to change it.

    4. OOC is needed I like to talk while I rp as well cause it gets boring just doing rp replies and there's nothing being said by the actual person behind the character.

    5. I only do FxM and I can play a female character I'm just bad at it.

    6. I'm also not good at playing cannon characters.

    Also: * means how much I want this fandom/pairing and the number means how many plots I have for it and plus means pairings but they usually are better if I'm writing but if you want to know pm me and I'll tell you
    Now for fandoms
    Xenoblade Chronicles X*** (1)
    RWBY***** (2) +
    Kingdom Hearts*** (2)
    Elsword** (1)+
    Maplestory * (1)+
    Sword Art Online*** (5)+
    Monster Hunter*** (1)
    Touhou**** (4)

    Normal pairings same rules apply from above
    Yandere X Male**** (1)
    Priestess X Shrine guardian spirit.* (2)
    Angel X human * (1)
    Demon X human * (1)
    Monster Girl X Human **** (3)

    Hope to have fun with whoever is interested soon
  2. hey :) I'd be interested in the monster girl x human one if you're still looking
  3. Yeah Im still looking PM me if you want to discuss ideas then
  4. I would love to do Priestess X Shrine guardian spirit if you're still looking ^_^
  5. Dang, these are all pretty cool ideas. I want to do something similar to SAO, I've onlt seen the first two episodes and a bunch of AMVs so I'm not all too comfy with actually roleplaying in that universe, but maybe something strongly based on it?
  6. Yes I am still looking and I would love to do the idea with you

    Thats fine we can come up with something based on it
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